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gh alexis and julian first meet quotes

'General Hospital's' Alexis and Julian- a tragc love story. Rate this title "Alexis met Julian one night when she was You may like Y&R. Explore Mark Bellew's board "Julian gh" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about General hospital, Soap and Hand soaps. Julian gh · Alexis & Julian! April 1st. Julian (As a Carly hater from the day that trollop got off the bus in PC, I cheered.) " Sweetheart, I never First tape, the Bacchanalia May Ned to Katherine: " Oh, by the way, I had the pleasure of meeting your housekeeper. Ah, Mrs. . Alexis to Sonny, at her sister Kristina's funeral in "I'm afraid we.

She was frantic as Sonny tried to get her to calm down and breathe.

Julian Jerome and Alexis Davis

She asked Sonny to promise not to tell anyone about Nathan's father. He confessed that he'd told Anna but thought that the former WSB agent could protect her. Maxie couldn't believe that he'd already blabbed, but Sonny insisted that he and Jason wouldn't tell another soul. Maxie related that she'd already gotten Spinelli to promise, as well. She was fearful about what would happen if Faison learned about his son and new grandchild.

Ned and Laura decided to run for mayor Tuesday, January 9, by CherylPD Franco received a delivery of his twins painting at General Hospital and argued in vain with the delivery man to take it back. Franco took the painting into his office. He continued to talk to it and said it was a "gruesome reminder" of pushing a kid down the stairs when he was young. He argued with himself and debated about telling Elizabeth. He was afraid she would react badly and turn to Jason.

He "apologized" to Drew. Kevin wandered in and took a look at the painting. He mentioned how much he loved it and the fact that he'd had a twin also. Kevin noted that his deceased twin had been a "tortured soul," but he'd made peace with it all. He felt at peace when he looked at Franco's painting. Franco admitted that he had different emotions, and he planned on putting the painting into storage.

Kevin suggested that he reconsider putting both the painting and his emotions into storage. Laura stopped at Elizabeth's house to deliver Christmas gifts to the boys. Elizabeth was sorry to have missed the wedding due to the weather and asked for details.

Elizabeth joked that she had no idea what Laura meant. Laura loved the way that Kevin looked at her and made her feel.

Laura thought that Kevin might be in the midst of printing out campaign material because he thought she could do anything. Her advice was to let go of what was safe and just go for it. Shortly after, Franco returned home with his painting in hand. Elizabeth greeted him with an embrace and a kiss.

She reminded Franco that they hadn't set a wedding date, and she didn't want to wait. She wanted to "rock the boat. She tried to think of a place but was distracted as she watched Franco chug a carton of milk. Franco decided to run out to buy more milk for the boys.

Alexis found herself at Charlie's Pub to ask for Julian's help. She was worried about Molly and her unsavory landlord. Julian promised to keep an eye out on the apartment building across the street from the pub, and while Alexis was grateful, she reminded him that they weren't getting back together. Molly and Alexis sat at a table together, and Alexis informed her daughter that Curtis hadn't obtained any useful information on the landlord yet.

Molly revealed that she and T. She thought a rent strike would be good too. Alexis ordered Molly not to do any of that, and Molly couldn't believe it. Alexis explained that she wanted to hear from Curtis first. Alexis left, and Julian advised Molly that her mother was right. Julian declared that Alexis was worried about Molly, but the young woman announced that she would call anyone else if she had any problems.

gh alexis and julian first meet quotes

She didn't want Julian anywhere near her. Jim Harvey from Niagara Equities walked in to see Julian. He handed Julian his card and announced that he wanted to buy the bar for more than what Julian had paid. Julian declined the offer and told him that Charlie's was "staying put. Julian pointed Jim out to her, and she walked over to his table.

gh alexis and julian first meet quotes

She wanted to speak to him about the redevelopment project on Charles Street, and she wondered how the children and families would benefit. Laura didn't agree and offered to take him on a tour. He declined and noted that the "struggling neighborhood can reach its full potential.

Jim got up and left, and Kevin walked in at the same time. He took one look at Laura's face and wondered what he had missed. Laura told her husband that Jim Harvey's project would be disastrous. She didn't think that anyone would be able to stop him. Kevin thought differently and told his wife that she'd be able to do just that. It would be her chance to be a champion.

Laura agreed to run for mayor. At the Metro Court, Michael found Carly "cleaning and organizing" the bar, and he asked her what was wrong. Carly was furious that Nelle had gotten a job with Ava. Michael agreed that he wasn't happy, either, but it had been Nelle's decision after he'd told her to get a job. Carly wanted him to end it, but Michael assured her that his eyes were open.

He was playing a game, just like Nelle, and he couldn't tell her what to do. He had to play along and make Nelle think that she was winning him over. Carly was concerned that he always just saw the good in people and would be vulnerable. Michael clarified that he had learned something from his own childhood experience in the "tug-of-war.

At a nearby table, Olivia tried to convince Ned to run for mayor, but he wanted no part of it. He spoke to Jim Harvey on the phone and advised him that he was no longer with ELQ, and the man would have to deal with Michael.

Just then, Michael wandered over, and Olivia excused herself. He advised Ned that their company's strength was derived from the fact that they were family, and he had really wanted Ned to work at ELQ.

Michael apologized for the previous misunderstanding and asked Ned to reconsider his decision. Ned was appreciative and impressed that Michael had decided to go along with his way of thinking.

Michael quickly advised him that the Charles Street project was off the table, but Michael wanted Nedhim to run the South American division. He wondered if Michael had been intimidated by him and wanted to get him out of the country. Ned thought that maybe he should be the one running ELQ. Olivia stopped to chat with Carly, who told her the latest about Nelle. The young woman had played the family previously and was about to be a part of the family, much to Carly's dismay.

Olivia offered her help with the "skeevy skank. She informed him that she needed a divorce because she and Drew had to get re-married. Their first marriage hadn't been legal, since she was technically still married to Jason. Sam advised him that it was important to her and her family, Sam advised him. Jason understood and said that he would sign the papers. Sam explained that they needed to have a reason for the divorce, and there were only certain terms that they could use.

Jason walked over and looked down at Sam's computer screen. Sam agreed and was sorry about New Year's Eve. She admitted that she wouldn't have changed the past if she'd known what would happen to them, and Jason felt the same way. He wanted to make her happy, though, so he had no problem with getting a divorce.

Sam thought it was strange to say thank you for ending the marriage, and she wanted him to know that he'd made her happy and had shown her the way to be whole. She would never be able to repay him. He was happy that she would be getting the life that he couldn't give her.

She also mentioned that she and Jason had kissed on New Year's Eve. Sam thought it felt like she'd gone back in time, but she had to let it go.

Alexis was willing to help with the divorce if it was for the right reasons. She thought that maybe Sam shouldn't remarry right away because her emotions were high.

She added that Sam should make peace about Jason before marrying Drew. Sam related that Jason was her first love, and she'd always love him.

She had chosen not to act on it. She wanted to marry Drew because she loved him and their life together. Alexis agreed to help. Olivia headed back to Ned's table. Ned informed her that Michael had reinforced his decision to leave ELQ. He and Michael wished each other well, and Michael mentioned that his door would always be open. He got up and left. Ned called him an "ice-cold shark. Ned thought that Olivia would make the perfect politician's wife, and he agreed to run.

Jason found Carly in the restaurant, and she was happy to see him.

gh alexis and julian first meet quotes

She thought that Jason would be the only person to be able to reason with Michael. She wondered where he'd been when she called, and Jason told her about Sam's request for a divorce. Carly felt that Sam was rushing into marriage. Carly added that Sam wanted Jason even if she didn't admit it, Carly added. She was worried about Sam, and Drew couldn't have a wife who loved someone else.

She compared the situation to her love for Jax and Sonny and reminded Jason that Sam had been happy with him in the past, along with Danny. After Franco left, the doorbell rang. Elizabeth answered it, and it was Jim Harvey, who wanted to speak to Franco.

He handed her a card and revealed that he thought he had known Franco in the past when he had gone by the name of Bobby Frank. He admired Elizabeth's home. Franco returned and saw Jim. Elizabeth made the introductions. He mentioned that he thought he had known Franco as a kid, though he'd gone by the name of Bobby Frank then.

Franco arrived home from the store, and Jim exclaimed, "Man, have you grown! Franco stated that he didn't know Jim. Elizabeth teased Franco for arriving home with milk and Champagne, and she told Jim that they had just begun to plan their wedding. She invited Jim into the house.

He added that he still kept in touch with Franco's mother, Betsy, who was very proud of her son. Franco was annoyed and asked if his mother had sent Jim. He thought that trait made Franco a great artist.

He spied the twin painting and asked about Franco's inspiration. Franco replied that life was his inspiration. Jim announced that he wanted to buy Franco's art studio, as well as the additional storage areas.

It was a prime location, and he would make a generous offer. Franco responded that he liked his studio, and Elizabeth added that Franco felt inspired there. Jim challenged their answers, noting that Franco's recent art show had only displayed old works. He thought that a new location would go hand in hand with a new name and a wedding. Again, Franco declared that he liked his space. Jim handed him a card with an amount written down, and he left.

Sarcastically, Franco said that his mother had kissed a lot of frogs, but he didn't remember Jim, though he appeared to know Franco. He ripped up the card and noted that he wouldn't do business with anyone who called him Bobby. He was ready to celebrate and set a wedding date. At a table at the Metro Court, Olivia convinced Ned to run for mayor. Ned thought that she would make the perfect politician's wife.

She knew that the man she'd married could do anything, and she would be his campaign manager. She didn't think that anything could stop them. The couple had a Champagne toast. Ned thought that there might be more candidates, but Olivia thought that he'd be the best one with his pedigree. Also, Jim Harvey would need an ally, she added. Olivia thought it would be a good idea to set up a "buzz" at "Ground Zero," so they headed off to Charles Street.

At Charlie's Pub, Kevin successfully convinced Laura to run for mayor, though she had realized on her own that someone would need to "push back" against Jim Harvey. Just then, Nina and Charlotte arrived, and the little girl was excited to see her grandmother. She showed off her new skating costume and mentioned that Nina had made her return the costume she'd received from Cassandra. Laura stuttered a bit and suggested that maybe that costume hadn't fit properly. Nina stated that it had been inappropriate and from a nice lady who hadn't been nice.

She took Charlotte off to get some hot chocolate.

Laura and Kevin were confused. Kevin wondered if they should tell Charlotte that her grandmother would be running for mayor. She admitted that the "weight of responsibility" had hit her, and it was all about making Port Charles a better place for their children and grandchildren. Laura thought that they would have to work fast before Jim found a corporate partner.

At their nearby table, Charlotte asked why Nina seemed to be mad at Cassandra. Nina had a flashback to her run-in with Cassandra at the Metro Court and told Charlotte that she wasn't mad. She added that Cassandra would no longer be a problem. After Nina spotted a cop and grew jumpy, she and Charlotte quickly left the pub.

Kevin and Laura were surprised to see Ned and Olivia arrive. Laura asked about the redevelopment and ELQ and was happy to hear that Ned no longer worked for his family's company. Ned announced that he was running for mayor, and he asked for Laura's endorsement. She quickly advised him that it wasn't possible because she planned on running for mayor, also.

Coincidentally, Laura and Ned said the exact same words in unison. They were both running for mayor "because I love Port Charles, and I want to do what's best for everyone who lives here. Laura declared that she wanted to fight the redevelopment while Ned vowed to take the community into the 21st century. Laura promised to run a clean campaign, and Ned said it would be a fair fight.

Both looked to the community to decide. Kevin advised Laura that their next stop would be the mayor's mansion, while Jim Harvey showed up and declared his support for Ned.

At Anna's house, Finn advised Anna that he didn't need to stay there because he didn't need a babysitter. Anna showed him the flowers she'd bought because she wanted a redo of New Year's Eve. She said that they would be able to say a "proper farewell to our partnership.

They chatted about their childhoods, and they both raised their hands meekly in admitting to sleeping naked. They teased each other a lot. Anna rose from her chair, and Finn grabbed her hand as she walked by.

He pulled her into a passionate kiss, and they started to remove each other's clothing. Suddenly, Anna spotted her clock on the floor under the table, and she ran to pick it up. The time on the stopped clock proved that the wrong man was in jail, she told Finn. She put on her coat and grabbed her gun. She questioned Finn about New Year's Eve, though she was aware that he'd been drugged and had a lapse in memory.

Finn was in disarray and disbelief as Anna headed for the door. She promised to return soon and asked him to stay. Valentin was at Wyndemere and about to look at a laptop when his doorbell sounded. He shoved the laptop out of sight and answered the door. It was Jordan, who said that she wanted to "tie up some loose ends.

Valentin ran down a list of Eric's bad deeds and informed Jordan that he'd wanted to look Eric in the eye; he'd told him to enjoy prison and mentioned that he'd be waiting for him. Jordan thought that Eric had confessed rather quickly, and she felt that either the man had been feeling guilty or he'd had something to gain. She thought it possible that someone had paid him off. Valentin reminded Jordan that he'd agreed to help Anna with the case.

After Jordan had gone, Valentin retrieved the laptop and looked at the photo of Claudette that Cassandra had shown him previously. He was interrupted again when Anna walked in.

She showed him the clock and said that she wanted the truth. She said that the clock had been on her foyer table, and Finn didn't remember what had happened after he'd been drugged. The clock had obviously fallen off the table during a struggle, though there'd been no signs of a struggle. The time had stopped at Eric had been with Anna and Valentin at that time, but she believed that Valentin had gone into her house and wiped it down after she had taken Finn to the hospital.

Valentin denied that that was a possibility. Nina and Charlotte arrived home, and Charlotte excitedly showed her father her new skating costume. Nina glared at Valentin and Anna as Valentin spoke to his daughter in French and sent her off to bed.

Nina followed Charlotte without uttering a word. Valentin asked Anna if they were finished, and he asked if she thought that Finn had been the one to put Cassandra into a coma. She replied that the case had been closed. They both laughed and agreed that it had been "a pleasure doing business with you," though it was a strange thought. Jordan went to Anna's house but found Finn instead. She told him that Cassandra's laptop was missing, and Finn suggested that Eric had destroyed it.

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Jordan advised him that with everything on the cloud, they would find the information eventually. She commented on the fake relationship between Finn and Anna and suggested that after all of the excitement, things would return to whatever was normal. They would find out that they didn't know much about each other. Jordan was familiar with the same scenario, but she hoped things would be different for Anna and Finn. Anna arrived home and called out for Finn. She found a note instead that advised her that he and Roxy had moved to a suite at the Metro Court, and things were back to normal, whatever that was.

Anna was clearly disappointed. Nina gasped and had a flashback. She recalled searching for Valentin and knocking on Anna's door. The front door had been unlocked, and Nina had wandered inside. She had encountered Cassandra, who had been holding a syringe. The drug queen had announced that she was ready to kill Nina and her daughter, and the two women had begun to struggle. They had crashed into the table, a lamp, and the walls.

The syringe had landed in Cassandra, who'd fallen to the floor, unconscious.

Valentin reminded Nina that the nightmare was over. Valentin had found Nina at the Metro Court and had been very happy to see her. He'd said he never wanted to let go.

After he'd heard what she'd been through, he had wanted to call the police. He said it had been self-defense, but Nina had begged him not to call them. She had been in a mental institution and was afraid that would be used against her. He had told her that he would take care of everything, and they'd gone back to Anna's house. Nina had waited outside while Valentin had gone inside to check that the coast was clear.

Cassandra had still been on the floor and barely alive. No one else had been there. Valentin had cleaned up the place to remove signs of the struggle, and he'd put some things in a trash bag. He'd picked up Cassandra, and they'd left. He had regretted his past, but he'd had certain skills. He would always protect Nina. After Nina left the room, Valentin once again retrieved the laptop. This time, he successfully deleted the photo of Claudette holding the recent newspaper.

Jason suggested that they use Faison's son to draw the criminal out. Diane entered to get Jason so they could finalize his divorce from Sam. Jason just wanted to give Sam whatever she wanted. She intended to safeguard Jason's best interest. Sam and Drew made a date for the approaching weekend and shared a kiss just as Alexis entered. Alexis summoned Sam to the courthouse, which Sam thought would just be signing paperwork.

Curtis arrived just as Alexis and Sam left. Curtis informed Drew that he'd found something for Drew. He revealed that Drew had graduated from high school in Sawyer, NY, and he produced a yearbook from when Drew had been in school. He'd flagged important pages for Drew to look through. Drew opened to his class picture, and he remarked on how much he'd looked like Jason.

Curtis revealed that Drew had been a leader academically, athletically, and in student government. Drew realized that both he and Jason had run track, and Curtis marveled over how similar twins were, even when they'd been separated.

Speaking of separation, Drew confided that Sam and Jason were finalizing their divorce so that Drew and Sam could remarry. Curtis congratulated Drew, and Drew made sure that Curtis would be there as his "one true friend. Curtis got a text, and he said it was about another case. Before leaving, he told Drew that answers from the past hardly seemed to matter, since Drew and Sam had a "wonderful future lined up.

Sam was frustrated that Alexis seemed to be sending her mixed signals, but Alexis insisted that she only wanted Sam to be happy. Jason and Diane arrived, and they sat at the table.

A few minutes later, Diane argued for Jason to keep the penthouse, but Jason wanted Sam to keep it. Sam wanted her and Drew to find somewhere else to live, and Alexis suggested six months for them to find a new home.

Both Sam and Jason thought about some of the good memories they'd had in the penthouse. Diane revealed that Jason wouldn't contest his ELQ stocks, and that Drew and Sam would pay Jason back for Aurora, including interest, in exchange for full ownership.

Sam agreed, but Jason refused payment. Alexis reminded him that giving Aurora as a gift would cause scrutiny from the SEC. Jason and Diane agreed to waive the interest. Diane continued that all of Jason's offshore accounts, holdings, and properties would remain his, as well as his half ownership of Corinthos coffee and his Quartermaine trusts.

Sam and Alexis agreed. Julian caught Alexis staring at him, so he headed over to her and took the seat next to her. Julian bought Alexis some more drinks and asked her if she wanted to go outside for some air. Alexis found Julian to be a very nice person.

They went for a walk outside together, but it was very cold, so they headed to Julian's car. They kissed and got into the backseat of his car. Julian and Alexis then had sex, conceiving Sam. It was Alexis' first time. Julian dropped Alexis back off at school later that night. Alexis did not know she was pregnant for a very long time. She went to the nurse because she was feeling sick. They found out she was pregnant and notified Mikkos, who came to get her.

The nurse was paid off and Alexis' pregnancy covered up. He then insisted that Alexis give Sam up for adoption. Alexis didn't see Julian for years after the night. He never even knew she was pregnant. After Sam was born and given up, Alexis went back to school. Three years later, Mikkos forged papers to make it look like Sam died in a car accident so that Alexis would never go looking for her daughter. However, inAlexis finally found Sam and mother and daughter got to know one another over the following years.

He had previously been presumed dead after a gun fight with Duke Lavery inbut in actuality he was given an alias and put into the witness protection program by the World Security Bureau, in exchange for information. Around the same time, Alexis and Sam were looking for a bone marrow donor for Sam's son Dannywho had leukemia. Sam asked Alexis about her father and if he would be a possible donor for Danny.

Alexis recounted the story of how she was conceived to Sam, but admitted that she never knew the name of the man who got her pregnant. Alexis decided to seek help from Dr.

Collins to hypnotize her so she could remember more about Sam's father. During the session, she remembers that Sam's father's name is Julian. Alexis and Julian later ran into each other for the first time in years at Jake's bar, although they did not remember one another. Julian introduced himself as Derek Wells and they shared a flirtation, remarking to each other that the other seemed familiar.

Sam first met Julian when she went to Crimson's offices to ask Kate Howard to run a story about the bone marrow donor drive they were holding in order to find a match for Danny. Sam found Julian in place of Kate, but he agreed to run the story about the donor drive on the front page of the paper.

Unfortunately a story about ELQ took precedence, and to make it up to Sam and Alexis, Julian showed up at the drive to get tested. Sam and Alexis were elated to learn that Julian was a match. When he arrived at the hospital, they excitedly shared the news with him and he agreed to donate his bone marrow to Danny.

A relieved Alexis then shares a quiet moment with Julian where she tells him about Sam's father, and it was at that moment that Julian realized who Alexis was and that he was Sam's father. He wanted to tell them both, but his sister Ava Jerome dissuaded him from doing so, stating that it would interfere in their plans to take their father's mob territory back from Sonny Corinthos.

Julian visited Alexis, Sam and Danny in the hospital often and spent time getting to know them. Everyone is relieved when Danny's bone marrow transplant is a success and he starts to recover. With Danny on the road to recovery, Sam starts to encourage her mother to date "Derek" but Alexis does not want to rush into a relationship. Instead, she continues to search for Sam's father, just for her own piece of mind. She goes to Duke Lavery, who tells Alexis that Julian Jerome was indeed in New Hampshire attending college at the same time Alexis was in boarding school.

Alexis starts to put the pieces together and suspects that Julian Jerome is her "Julian," the father of her child, but she needs more concrete proof. She goes to Carly Jacks and asks her for a favor.

Alexis asked Carly to contact her and Lucas' mother, Bobbie Spencerbecause she wanted Bobbie to ask Lucas if he would agree to send a DNA sample to test against Sam's and find out if they are related. While at the hospital, she encountered Sam and was finally forced to admit that she was looking for Sam's father. Sam was initially upset at being kept out of the loop, but quickly understood Alexis's stance and they waited for the DNA results together.

The results came back and they were a match which meant, Sam and Lucas were half-siblings. Julian Jerome was their father, however at this time Sam and Alexis still believed that Julian was dead. Julian's true identity finally came out at an art show, hosted by Ava and featuring the work of Franco. Most of the town was in attendance and the show was packed with drama. Then once that was over, Sonny outed Derek as Julian Jerome. Alexis and Sam were both shocked at the revelation.

Julian tells Sam that Sonny has someone outside waiting to kill him, and Sam asks Sonny not to hurt Julian because Danny may need more bone marrow in the future. Sonny accused Julian of hiding behind Danny, which Sam seemed to believed.

Sam asked Julian if he would go to the hospital to store some of his bone marrow in an experimental procedure in case Danny needed more marrow in the future. Julian declined to take part in the experimental procedure to store his marrow, because he didn't want Sonny to kill him if his marrow was already banked.

Nevertheless he assured Sam that he would donate again in a heart beat if Danny ever needed more bone marrow in the future. Sam was dissatisfied with this answer and also accused her father of hiding behind Danny before she left the gallery angrily.

Once everyone else had also left, Alexis confronted Julian for his lies and unwillingness to bank his marrow.