Girls meet world lucas and maya campfire

Campfire, a girl meets world fanfic | FanFiction

girls meet world lucas and maya campfire

Now that 'Girl Meets World' has made the Riley/Lucas/Maya love triangle Maya and Lucas' campfire conversation exposed a definite spark. Maya Hart sat a few feet from the campfire she and her friends has built behind the home of Lucas' Pappy Joe, staring intently at the flames. In Girl Meets Texas (Part 2), Riley tells Lucas that Maya likes him, and that she thinks that's why Maya Library (Lucas and Riley) or campfire (him and Maya).

They loved each other and she'd say yes to his proposal. Fuck, what if she didn't? What if she didn't want to marry him? Lucas shook his head to get the doubts to vanish. A lot of shit went down during that trip and she'd never forget it. Sometimes she still had a hard time believing that this man actually wanted to be with her. Is this actually happening? That okay with you? Maya, you mean everything to me. I can't imagine my life without your stupid nicknames - I actually love them now but don't hold it against me.

I'm just glad you were patient enough to let me catch up to everything and get my head out of my ass.

girls meet world lucas and maya campfire

Will you marry me? They started to kiss and were so caught up in the moment that neither noticed they had an audience. Then Cory cleared his throat. Maya and Lucas broke apart laughing as he placed her forehead on his.

You up for that? I'm proud of you both. Lucas and Maya dove in for another kiss as soon as everyone offered their congratulations and left.

Girl Meets Campfire, a girl meets world fanfic | FanFiction

Three years after the wedding, Maya and Lucas traveled to Texas for a short vacation by themselves they loved their family but needed a break from them. He hoped it was nothing serious and she'd tell him soon because he was starting to panic. Maya turned the burner off and went to stir the cheese in while Lucas started setting the table.

After they ate and she began washing the dishes, he headed down to get a fire going. She joined him about twenty minutes later.

  • Lucas and Maya

With Maya by his side, he was the happiest he had ever been. She looked down at the ground as fear coursed through her body. He'd be happy about this, the rational side of her knew, but the irrational part of Maya's brain wouldn't let her force the words out. She exhaled and decided to go for it.

Maya's hands shook but the words burst out of her anyway. So shocked he almost fell off the log she couldn't stop laughing at his reactionLucas recovered quickly and immediately placed his hand on her stomach. We're having a baby.

girls meet world lucas and maya campfire

You taking a little while to catch up there, Friar? He shook his head. I hope this kid's like you. I hope they're like you. I just can't believe I'm knocked up.

Then when I found out that I was gonna have a chance with you, well As soon as Maya says "Hurr-hurr", he instantly stops her with the kiss.

Disney Edited Out Lucas And Maya Campfire Kissing Scene | Move Girl Meets World To ABC Family!!

Maya pours her and Lucas' smoothie on his head when he starts to talk to her about helping delivering a baby horse, breaking the awkwardness. They go on their first date. Girl Meets Belief Maya asks Lucas how he and Riley can have faith in a higher power, and Lucas responds that most of his moments of faith come to him when it's quiet. Maya takes Lucas' words to heart, and when she finds a quiet moment at home, she says a prayer.

Maya admits she didn't hate when Lucas held her face and almost kissed her, meaning she liked it. Lucas gets a question that says "How would you describe your personality?: Lucas and Riley or campfire?

However he doesn't answer and eats his card. Maya gets a question that says "Is it possible to love two people at the same time? However she doesn't answer and, like Lucas. Maya then asks Lucas if she has ever said anything nice to him, to which he says no.

Maya then says, "Well, it's one minute to midnight, and I'm glad your standing here. That kinda makes up for everything.

girls meet world lucas and maya campfire

After the reveal and everyone has left, Maya walks over to the bench and sits down looking sad and confused. Riley then joins her with a sad look on her face as well and then Lucas joins them and sits in between them.

All three are awkward and things are left unclear between them.