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He is the main antagonist of The Lost and Damned. In , Billy was arrested for stealing a car or bike at age 16, which Johnny He supposedly ended his relationship with her because of her extreme drug habit. Grand Theft Auto V. For Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned on the Xbox , The relationship with Ashley also was poorly ended in my opinion and. You'll get right into the nitty-gritty of this mission almost immediately. Go visit your good friend Jim, who is waiting for you near the Lost.

But first, you have to survive the fight. Things will happen in very distinct waves, and if you fail the mission enough times, you'll learn that before long. The first wave of enemies you'll need to deal with are there automatically when you regain control after the cutscene. These enemies ride in circles on motorcycles while their passengers shoot at your location.

After you successfully do these enemies in, you can then expect the arrival of a trio of vans, one after the other, that will unload with enemies. With these vans, try to use explosives on them before they park so that all passengers are incinerated. Otherwise, you'll need to deal with these enemies one-on-one, which can take some time. When the vans have been dealt with, more motorcycles will show up on-scene.

This is when Jim in particular will begin to find himself in trouble, so keep an eye on him and help him when he needs it. If he dies, the mission will end automatically in failure. When you've finally felled both the vans and the new wave of motorcycles, the last remnants of Brian's secessionist movement will be seen to the side of the compound, jumping over the wall.

They are coming from a well-entrenched location, but some grenades and heavy gunfire will smoke them out really quick. Once this onslaught is nullified, we can move on to the next segment of the mission. Take a breather when all of the enemies are dead. You and your supporters are on foot while Brian's remaining supporters are on the bike.

Understanding they might have made the wrong choice, and that a Lost civil war has claimed many a life, Brian's movement attempts to escape on their bikes. Your bike, and the choppers of your crew are stashed nearby, so Johnny and company begin pursuing your new enemies shortly hereafter. You've chased-and-gunned before, and this exercise is certainly no different. Simply follow the enemy motorcycles which are represented, of course, by red dots on your HUDand when you get the opportunity, aim your gun of choice at the motorcyclist in front of you and do him in.

Repeat this process as you rove around Alderney. There doesn't seem to be a time limit affixed to this task, though you shouldn't get your hope too high for an absolute victory when all is said and done.

The story had so much potential but I guess it was pretty well done for an expansion. I just hope the next expansion fully explores the potential of the story. There should have been some arguing, some emotion, some explanation, some reason. Billy's motives for his decision to finger Johnny were not really that clear.

Sure the story tells you why, but you really couldn't feel the motives. I also felt the story moved too fast. I know it was supposed to be an expansion and all that, but if this is all rockstar has to work with. Then all I'm going to be expecting out of the Ballad of Gay Tony is the gameplay additions. That is how it's going to be if the story can't be quality due to restrictions. Which were really good in the lost and damned.

So knowing Rockstars excellent track record, that's one department I know I will not be disappointed in. One thing I can say though is I loved the final mission itself. The concept of breaking into a prison yard to silence a severe threat to your well being. It beats the hell out of intercepting an escort and driving him into a river.

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Overtaking a prison bus or scoping out a witness protection home. Lastly, I will say Johnny is not as interesting as say Malc or Niko. Niko was a better character than Johnny IMO. Even if Niko was sort of a hypocrite, he knew it and it wore heavy on his soul.

Malc is just one crazy, fun, and lively SOB. I love his character and I wish there is a GTA on him. I really doubt it will happen though.

I think the DLC should have focused on Niko more instead. But it's okay, maybe in BOGT your safehouse will not be such a mess.

When I saw the dirty water in the bathtub and the soda cans. Good thing GTA chars don't take showers. That's a damn good buy if you ask me. Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brother I hurt people User Info: Personally, I'd have liked it if the penultimate mission would have been the epic fight, ending with Johnny getting himself arrested. Then, courtesy of Stubbs, he could have been sent to Alderney State and the final mission would have been a very cinematic walk through the prison to where Billy Grey was unknowingly waiting.

I feel like that would have added to the somber feeling Johnny gets at the end of the game.

Billy Grey

Microsoft still hasn't paid me the money I requested for babysitting peoples children over xbox live for the last 3 years. N30Chaos N30Chaos 9 years ago 5 I agree. I finished this game in two days. It was that short. And they finished it off with another simple gunfight that I can have with the cops, only made easier because you get allies and free weapons, and an unsatisfying ending cutscene which isn't even a cutscene. Not a chase, or a badass ending.

Ultimately, Ashley was a waste of time. It seemed like they were planning on doing something relevant with Ashley and then they completely forgot about her until the end and then they half-assed it.