How did joel and clementine meet

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how did joel and clementine meet

What does Clementine sniff on the train, near the beginning? . dream Clem is just a figment of Joel's imagination, how does she know to meet him in Montauk?. Because Joel is in his own memory, he is able to do what he wants with it, and the Clementine in his memory also knows because she is his. what does Montauk signify? when did Clementine tell Joel to leave?.

Although they do not realize it, they are former lovers, now separated after having dated for two years.

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Upon discovering this from his friends Rob and Carrie, Joel had been saddened and decided to undergo the procedure himself, a process that took place while he slept. The narrative subsequently takes place in Joel's mind, during this memory erasure procedure. Joel finds himself revisiting his memories of Clementine in reverse and experiencing their slow erasure from existence, starting from the downfall of their relationship.

As he comes across happier memories of Clementine early in his relationship, he decides to preserve at least some memory of her and his love for her, trying to evade the procedure by taking his idealized memory of Clementine into memories not linked to herand then attempting to wake up and stop the process.

Despite his efforts, the technicians steadily erase his memories. Joel comes to the last remaining memory of Clementine, the day he had first met her at a beach house in Montauk. As the memory disintegrates around them, she tells him to meet her in Montauk. This leads to both Joel and Clementine traveling to Montauk without understanding why they feel the need to, where they subsequently meet on the train.

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A separate story arc revolves around the employees of Lacuna during Joel's memory erasure. Patrick, one of the Lacuna technicians performing the erasure, uses Joel's memories and mannerisms to attempt to seduce and date the memory-erased Clementine.

Mary, the Lacuna receptionist, is dating another technician, Stan, but has feelings for Dr. Howard Mierzwiak, a married doctor and the head of Lacuna. During Joel's memory wipe, Mary discovers she had previously had an affair with Dr. Mierzwiak, and agreed to have the affair erased from her memory after Dr. Mierzwiak's wife found out. Devastated by this discovery and by the power of the procedure, Mary then quits her job and steals the company's records, mailing all of Lacuna's clients the tapes of each client recounting their memories to be erased.

The film returns to the present after Joel and Clementine have met at the train station of Montauk. Eager to begin what appears to be a new and exciting relationship, they both find their Lacuna records mailed to them by Mary, and are shocked and disturbed by the bitter memories they have of each other.

Clementine attempts to leave, saying that the relationship could end up going the same way it did in the tapes.

However, Joel pleads with her, sensing their deep connection, and despite knowing it could go wrong they decide to try again. Cast[ edit ] Top to bottom: The two instantly attract, as tends to be the case with opposites. From that point, the film instantly jumps forward only to start moving backward. Joel learns that Clementine hired a company that erases memories to delete him from her brain, and in an act of retaliation, he signs up for the same treatment.

How many times did Joel and Clementine meet in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?

The core of the film is then spent watching the downward spiral of their relationship as it retreats in time. We see how their instant chemistry ended in mutual disappointment, the personality traits that clashed, and eventually, the love they maintained for one another despite it all.

When Clementine and Joel first met, her hair is an acidic shade of green. Green is the color of life, of renewal, of nature. Some viewers take the literal POV that it's impossible for the "real" Clem to be present in Joel's dream and that it's just a dream.

Others say that the character in the "dream" sequences is really the character of Clem.

how did joel and clementine meet

The character of Clem, as we know her by the end of the movie, is developed more during the dream sequences than anywhere else. That's where Kaufman and Gondry and Winslet put the largest part of their efforts, simply because it's the largest part of the movie. If you say that Dream Clem isn't really Clem, then the next question is "where's the real Clem? Clem whispered "meet me in Montauk.

They then both acted on the memory, though for both it was subconscious. This is a very theatrical view of the movie.

How did Joel and Clementine first meeting really go (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)?

In other words, this view says the movie is not supposed to represent events which are possible in the real world, but to tell about characters and about our own emotions and about the human condition. Compare it with Hamlet, that all-time epitome of non-action theater. We don't insist on a realistic explanation for the appearance of the ghost of Hamlet's father. It's just a theatrical convention. Then for almost four hours, nothing happens, and yet many consider it the greatest play ever written.

The character of Hamlet is the play. A lot of the difference of opinion on this is a difference between people who are interested in watching movies for the events and people who are interested in watching for the characters. Both are valid ways to watch movies, and some movies cater to one or the other. Clearly Eternal Sunshine draws both kinds of people, hence the ambiguities and the differences of opinion, and also hence a lot of the charm and draw of the film.

In any case, Clem in Joel's mind is far more than his memories, as she is saying things and doing things which she clearly never did in real life. This is the "superimposed time line" discussed in another entry. Even if you believe that this is "only" in Joel's mind, it's more than memory. And it's still Clem's character as we know it through the movie.

Where are Montauk, Rockville Centre, and "the frozen Charles"? It's just a few miles east of the easternmost road leaving Long Island.

how did joel and clementine meet

Joel's apartment is about 0. Montauk Point State Park is at the very tip, and the town of Montauk is adjacent.

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The train ride would be about two and a half to three hours. The Charles River is in Boston Massachusetts. It's all on freeways, but the traffic is heavy. Thus a trip to the Charles River in Boston from Rockville Centre is a major drive, about 7 hours round trip, minimum.