How did spongebob and sandy first meet

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how did spongebob and sandy first meet

Series creator Stephen Hillenburg denies that SpongeBob and Sandy like each other as Their first karate moment is "Karate Choppers. As the series progressed, they did less karate, and do science instead. .. Spongebob meeting sandy. on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Spongebob, Spongebob and sandy and Sponge bob. When I was little and Spongebob first came The real question is how does Sandy play the trombone? << .. During a long meet Sandy Cheeks, Spongebob Squarepants, Spongebob Memes, Gymnastics Problems,. Sandy. In this episode, SpongeBob meets Sandy Cheeks. . Sandy's tail is missing throughout the first season when she is in her water protection suit, wanted water, he should have asked, even though SpongeBob did tell Sandy he wanted water.

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SpongeBob and Patrick then make fun of the state. She is offended by them mocking Texas, and thus she chases both of them down and brutally attacks Patrick. She has also been shown to have a strong competitive streak and a high opinion of herself. In " Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm ," she completely ignores SpongeBob's warnings about the Alaskan Bull Worm and tells him that she is "too Texas tough," only to discover the hard way that the Bull Worm is indeed too much for her to handle.

In " Pressure ," she continuously brags that land creatures are better than sea creatures and nearly drowns herself in an attempt to "prove" it. In "Survival of the Idiots," Sandy is shown during her hibernation as an obese, monstrous version of herself since prior to going into hibernation, animals must have tremendous amounts of body fat and energy reserves to survive the winter.

how did spongebob and sandy first meet

SpongeBob and Patrick enter her snow-filled treedome and disturb her sleep, and the semi-conscious Sandy viciously attacks them, believing them to be Dirty Dan and Pinhead Larrytwo outlaws from her dreams.

Antagonistic side In "Texas," she chases and tries to beat up SpongeBob and Patrick for "taking the name of Texas in vain. She even refuses to let them take a break. In "Survival of the Idiots," Sandy beats up SpongeBob and Patrick whenever they wake her up, because they are interrupting her necessary hibernation and she is very cranky. She is also extremely mad at SpongeBob and Patrick when they took away her all of her fur and she uses them as bikinis.

In " Kenny the Cat ," Sandy frequently talks badly about Kenny and accuses him of fraud. Once Kenny is helped by SpongeBob, she reveals in front of all Kenny's fans that Kenny is a fraud, humiliating him. Later in the episode, while Kenny is conversing with SpongeBob on how to regain his celebrity status, Sandy kicks Kenny up to the surface before he can figure out how to be "special" again. This shows Sandy's narcissistic side.

Abilities and talents Sandy sings while playing her guitar. Sandy is smart, athletic, and talented, and therefore has many skills, such as: Out of all the characters in the show who practice karate, Sandy is the best at it; she has green karate gear.

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Sandy has shown to have a vast knowledge of science: As the series progressed, she did more and more science. Sandy is a very good singer; the episode "Texas" marks the first time she is shown singing. Sandy has played guitar while singing several times. Also, in the episode " Band Geeks ," she is the lead guitarist of the band. In Battle for Bikini Bottom, Sandy can use her lasso to glide.

Sandy is seen giving a math lesson to intelligent Patrick in " Patrick SmartPants. Sandy has been seen holding her breath for long periods of time in many episodes. However, after a while, she has to find an air supply for herself.

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In the episode " To Save a Squirrel ," Sandy is shown to drive a boatmobile with the style of a jeep. Sandy is shown to have good survival skills in "To Save a Squirrel.

how did spongebob and sandy first meet

While what SpongeBob said was wrong, using violence against him was not a good way to respond. Sandy is arrested in a deleted scene from the episode for doing this. She also engages in a fight started by Patrick in " Band Geeks. In " Prehibernation Week ," Sandy takes SpongeBob along with her to perform dangerous stunts and activities against his will, with no concern for his health. In " Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy ," she goes out in public in just her bra and bikini, since Plankton stole her fur coat.

This leads to her arrest. In " Squirrel Jelly ," Sandy got carried away with her competitive side and caused major destruction in Jellyfish Fields with her rocket boots. Near-death experiences Sandy rarely gets injured in the show. She is sometimes injured by her science inventions that go wrong.

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Tea at the Treedome: Wrestles a hungry giant clam which tries to eat her. Almost drowns due to removing her helmet and suit. Shortly after, he spots somebody wrestling a giant clam. He takes out his field guide book, and identifies her as a 'land squirrel'.

SpongeBob thinks she is in trouble, and goes to wrestle the clam himself. The squirrel manages to escape the clam, but SpongeBob ends up inside of it. The squirrel then rescues SpongeBob, and throws the clam out of the area. The squirrel introduces herself as Sandy Cheeks. SpongeBob inquires about the helmet she wears, and Sandy tells him that it is her air helmet. SpongeBob does not know what air is, but claims to love it to impress her.

Sandy then invites him to her Treedome for "Texas tea" and cookies. SpongeBob quickly runs over to Patrick and tells him everything that happened. He tells SpongeBob that 'putting on airs' is fancy talk. Patrick tells SpongeBob to hold his pinky finger up high if he wants to be fancy. SpongeBob later arrives at Sandy's Treedome, and the water level drops. He panics and tells Sandy that there is no water. She tells him that there is only air.

SpongeBob lies about him having no problem, and he tries hard to breathe. He does not realize that sea creatures breathe water to survive.

Sandy gives SpongeBob a tour of her Treedome, showing him her oak tree house, a bird bath, among other things.