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The Surprising Reason Prince Harry Is Wearing Two Rings

You Surprise Him During Tour (Preference) . Niall and Harry jumped in, and Louis and Zayn started a water fight. I was the only one that. Read You surprise him on tour from the story Harry Styles Imagines & One Shots green-eyed cutie imagine just do this: •comment. Read The meet & greet of love from the story Harry Styles Imagines & One Shots by She congratulated all of us: the boys as well as the crew for the amazing.

Draco is smoking a cigarette, which isn't all that out of character, but Ginny accepting it is a different story.

The two do look content together, keeping close contact through their walk. It's easy to imagine them walking around a wizarding college campus. They had an instant bond, and it was nearly unbreakable we've forgiven Ron for leaving during the horcrux hunt, right?

Ron didn't like Harry for his fame, and after living with the Dursleys for 12 years, a friend was exactly what Harry needed. Of course, some fans might hope for more between the two.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle surprise Jewish woman who wished them 'mazel tov'

This one comes from Rijsamurai on Tumblr. The artist actually has a whole series of reimagined Harry Potter characters on their page, including Hagrid and Ginny.

It makes sense; the Malfoys thought they were superior to everyone, but especially the wizarding families who sympathized with muggles. Arthur Weasley's fascination with the muggle world made him Lucius Malfoy's number one target, and Ron, Draco's. And yet, maybe Ron and Draco could've gotten along really well. Ron and Draco were both fierce Quidditch competitors.

Odds are that their kids would be the same way. Teddy Lupin and James Sirius Potter aren't technically related. Harry is only Teddy's godfather, but there's no blood relation. Teddy and James are actually a pretty popular pairing throughout the internet - together they're known as "Jeddy. That's where this artwork came about. The exact artist is unclear, since the piece was the face of the Jeddyfest account.

Teddy, with his blue hair thanks to the skills inherited from Tonks, appears to have James' Quidditch jersey on while James himself has grabbed Teddy's house sweatshirt. The boys look happy together, in what appears to be an apartment with enchanted plants.

They were carefree boys at school, who loved getting into mischief. They banter back and forth dramatically before breaking into laughs and helping each other.

20 Wild Fan Redesigns Of Unexpected Harry Potter Couples

For some fans, this signified a deeper bond between the two — one that could've been romantic once upon a time. You could say there was an animalistic connection between the two, considering one is a werewolf and the other's animagus is a dog.

The pairing has come to be known as Wolfstar, and this artwork came from the Tumblr account known as Everythings-Wolfstar. However, one DeviantArt user had another idea: Scorpius and Rose Granger-Weasley. She seems to be either confused or unaware of his feelings but it's still an interesting pairing to think about.

It's one that Ron wouldn't have been too pleased about though. They opted to pair Ron off with Luna. This rendering is actually a recreation of a scene from Order of the Phoenix where the gang is riding to the castle from the train.

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This was the moment where everyone was mostly terrified of "Luny" Lovegood, but it's an interesting couple to think about. Luna's oddities might help to make Ron a little more confident and open-minded. Growing up with Fred and George, Ron is well-equipped to handle surprises. His mother later remarried. And Harry grew up and has gone on to explore the rest of the world through his music tours.

But his relationship with his mother is extremely special. He makes sure to spend time with his mother, even though his schedule can get really packed. Once on a break from 1D touring, he took his mom out to dinner at Knutsford Wine Bar. And when she remarried, Harry Styles had been the best man at the wedding!

That kind of devotion is rather admirable. As the old adage goes, a man who treats his mother well is a very good man to be around. Most people would agree with him. Would Harry scream and jump into a chair if he was surprised by snake?

Maybe if it was a big snake like a boa constrictor. We know that Harry is rolling in the other kind of dough now as a famous singer, but his first job had been actually rolling dough to make bread.

Harry Styles - The cutest moments with fans 💜Part two💜

The job had been minimum wage at a bakery located in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England. Just remember that Harry Styles had been a regular teenage boy before he auditioned for X Factor and ended up as a team member in One Direction.

Punctuality ranks pretty high on his list. He actually prefers to be early rather than on time.