Kagura and kamui meet

kagura and kamui meet

Kagura and Kamui has switched roles here. Picture She brought him nothing but stress and unnecessary trouble ever since they first met. One-shot collections with the Sougo-Kagura-Kamui love triangle. The Sadist Meets The Queen and The Siscon Brother (Gintama, OkiKagu One- shot collections with the Sougo-Kagura-Kamui love triangle.

Kagura screams because it's filled with Tabasco sauce. Later on, Okita sits on the bench in the park waiting to be attacked but is instead met by Kagura. The two later realize that Kirie was a puppet for a gang to capture Okita and all 3 of them end up getting kidnapped. It's later revealed that Kiries dad was apart of the terrorist group but he was apart of it against his own will. Before she could find out about that, Kagura knocks her out with her head to Okitas confusion. She tells him it seemed like he was trying to protect something.

If this weren't Gintama I swear that scene would've took a different turn and the two would start telling each other their feelings. As Okita pretends to take a dump and Kagura ends up thinking it's real and barfs giant mosaics that get the terrorists slipping on her vomit. Kagura carries a knocked out Kirie on her back and Okita grabs his sword. All three of them escape. Though on the way out, Kagura is shot in the leg by a sniper and Okita tells her to hurry up and grabs Kirie off her back to carry her himself leaving Kagura behind.

The three of them hide behind a rock and decide that all three of them can't make it together so they tell each other to go ahead while the one staying holds off the terrorists They're stubborn. In the end, Kagura ends up carrying Kirie and runs away as she had gotten some time to heal her leg.

Turns out, Kirie was awake the whole time and was crying because Okita was trying so hard to keep the secret from her. What really got me was when Kagura started reassuring Kirie and telling her that he'd be happy if she would just try to kill him again.

Because for all this time if anyone knows him best, it'd be Kagura. At the end of the episode, Okita is shown to be buying the cakes again but asks them to top off all the cakes with Tabasco sauce. I'm sure that the cakes are meant for Kagura because in the beginning when he did this, he mentions that he forgot to tell the Baker to top it with mayonnaise but now he instead tells them to use the sauce.

Okita is now the head of the Shinsengumi and turned them all into some type of terrorist group, since their goal is to now take down the Shogun. Okita mentions that they need to first get rid of the Yorozuya before they can do anything since they'll get into their way. But in the manga She rests his head on her lap So later in the episode they say that two years never went by and it's actually just a wort virus that affects people with ambition.

Kaguras ambition is to become the ideal heroine while Okita to become the commander. He voluntarily started it too. The two also roll down a hill in a giant snowball together and are seen as an angel and a devil by Gintokibut as soon as it's said they both turn into some next dark thing and the whole snowball turns black.

Okita apologizes to Kagura in the second episode of the arc. Just so you know, the only other person Okita has apologized to was his now deceased sister, Mitsuba. Kagura accepts his apology though. Whats funny, is that he was apologizing to her because he didn't believe her when she said the Shogun smelt bad, and when he took a whiff of it, he started puking.

Hijikata even mentions how absurd it is for them to finally agree with each other now out of all times to do so. There's also this moment where Okita stabs Hijikata in his butt and tells him that he should watch his back, but then Kagura takes a stick and stabs Okita in his butt while telling him that he should play dead, and he infact does.

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Remember, his legs are apart. Kagura beats up Okita for no reason while he's frozen, Gintoki does the same, but to Hijikata.

kagura and kamui meet

Okita probably got lost in the moment and forgot that was Kagura but I'm pretty sure he knew. What more can I say, these moments are starting to get out of hand. Okita cracks out a proposal to Kagura and of course she's shocked by it but then he ends it off with words that breaks a fangirls heart. Later in the episode, Kagura jumps on Okitas shoulders and bites his head He pulls her off with one hand shortly after she hit her head He also watches her from afar when she's hugging Asaemon!!

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Kagura has a summer cold but makes it seem like she's dying as an attempt to get everyone's attention, which goes according to plan.

Though, at the end of episodeOkita shows up in a way that screams shoujo anime and the episode just ENDS with Kagura reacting to that. At the beginning of episodeOkita reassures everyone but it seems more as if he's reassuring himself stating, "She ain't gonna die until me and her settle things for good.

kagura and kamui meet

But somehow, Okita finds out that Kagura was faking it and plans her funeral. At the end of the arc, Okita and Soyo are shown to be standing far away from everyone else, watching on a hill stating how glad they are that she's okay. They have switched colours!! Now Kagura has a blue aura while Okita has a red one.

Anyway, they charge at one other, destroying the bridge they were on. As we reach the second episode of the Soul Switch Arc we discover that. Kagura is in Elizabeth's body Elizabeth is in Okita's body Okita is in Katsura's body and Katsura is in Kagura's body Sorachi-sensei is completely aware of this ship.

Y'all know how close Katsura and Elizabeth are. Top notch bromance, well this comes into play. What's funny is that Kaguras is freaking out over them touching each other while Okita just doesn't care. Okita in Katsura's body refers to Kagura in Elizabeth's body as Elizaretch, Spewzabeth, and Bakagura-chan He kept the chan He never uses that to address her nomatterwhat Kagura in Elizabeth's body refers to Okita in Katsura's body as Trashura and Scumtsura Okita kept the Katsura gag going though.

The man misses his boo Okita fights Kamui Okita leaves 2 critical injuries but he's got a lot of injuries himself When it came time for Kagura to fight Kamui, she noticed the 2 injuries and aimed at those. Kamui commends her for aiming at an enemy's weakness, but then he realizes that the two of them must know each other as she doesn't point out one wound, but two. Because the Shogun was successfully assassinated and a new Shogun was appointed, the Shinsengumi disbanded and Kondo and Matsudaira were arrested and sentenced to death.

Katsura got arrested as well but that was for saving Gintoki from getting arrested. Okita lost hope and was on the verge of becoming a manslayer, but before he could do anything he could possibly regret, Kagura stopped him. She basically tracked him down because I don't think it's possible to end up in an alleyway at NIGHT while walking your dog.

Kagura always walks Sadaharu in the daytime. Either way, she ran into him when he got surrounded by Joui members in that same alley. You'd expect them to fight but nope, Kagura goes to Okita and talks some sense into him, reminding him of who he is and what the Shinsengumi are and he listened.

I liked the part where Okita made sure that the Joui heard what Kagura said and charged at them, with Kagura joining him only to stop simultaneously. Sometime later a plan later arose that the Shinsengumi and Joui were going to join forces to rescue their leaders.

Kagura was the one to share the news to Hijikata since she had been there with Okita when the rest of the Shinsengumi members met up to discuss their plan of action. At the island where Kondo, Matsudaira, and Katsura were at, Okita gets worried about the idea of Kagura climbing the cliff to let down a rope for everyone. After Yoshiwara in Flames arc.

Kagura decided to take action in her revenge against her idiotic older brother, Kamui. Though things didn't go well after something or rather someone happened to her. Kagura and Kamui has switched roles here. Picture Cover belongs to Anele from Zerochan!

So I was inspired by a picture I saw in Zerochan and decided to make a story about it. So here it is! Kamui and Kagura are OOC because they have switched roles. Also there will be curses. I don't own Gintama and the picture cover belongs to anele-san! Third Pov It was a fine and a peaceful morning in Edo. Our unbelievable protagonist, Kamui woke up by the sound of birds chirping.

He sat up slowly while yawning inside his close-…small room. He got out of his 'room' by crawling out like a worm. His blue pajamas had wrinkles and some parts of it has drools all over. Although his long vermillion hair has another story that's far worse than his clothes as usual.

Seeing that he always looks like a disaster first thing in the morning, he decided to go to the bathroom to fix his self. He checked himself and sighed, his hair was difficult to take care. Despite how much he longed to cut his hair short, he decided not to because mami had always love his hair and used to take care of it with love and care.

Of course, he didn't want to erase one of the things his mami loved about him. That's why he still kept it the same. Now you, readers know why Kamui tends to be too sensitive about his hair and easily gets pissed off when they mess with his hair.

He'll definitely get the taste of his wrath if they did but of course he won't 'kill' them. After combing it with a cheap brush for who knows how long, he started braiding it neatly. He was glad that his mami taught him how to braid his own hair or else he will look like someone who broke out of prison.

And so, his fixing activities continued until 30 minutes later. After fixing himself, he went outside wearing his usual Chinese clothes. Now that he looks fine and fresh, Kamui decided to do something fun outside.

But before that, he went to his poor-excuse-of-a-boss, Gintoki's office to tell him. As expected, Gintoki sat on the couch and read his beloved 'Jump'. I'm heading outside now! To his surprise, he saw money flying towards his face but he caught it with ease. He was a skilled fighter but only second to his younger sister, Kagura.

Gintoki gave him a glance before returning to reading his Jump. And my hair is not PINK! He couldn't believe Gintoki gave him enough money to buy not only Jump but food for his black whole of a stomach as well.

As he walked in the streets of Edo, he didn't notice a pair of similar eyes watching him intently from a dark alleyway. Of all places that Baka-nii can live in, he chose a place where I can easily find him.

He's still idiotic as ever…," said a young girl with medium vermillion hair that's tied in a high Chinese bun on the right side and ocean blue eyes. She wore a Red sleeveless Cheongsam that reached above her knees, black cardigan, brown short, black stockings, and brown boots. The man seems to look like he didn't want to get involved but he was dragged by her anyways leading him to having no choice at all.

kagura and kamui meet

Why was he stuck with an easily angered and greedy girl of a captain of the 7th Harusame squad in the first place? She brought him nothing but stress and unnecessary trouble ever since they first met.

He swore that if it was anyone else, they could have died along the way. The unbelievable young villain and younger sister of Kamui, Kagura slowly turned to him with her usual scowl on her pretty face. If she wasn't angry or happily bloodthirsty, she would wear an expressionless face.

Abuto, her powerful unfortunate subordinate would always thank Kami if Kagura gets emotionless because she wouldn't say mean comments or do something without thinking.

Stopping her from doing unnecessary actions was one of his job after all. She showed Abuto who was just plainly bored, the back and lower part of her head that has no hair in it. In other words, she's a bit bald temporarily as of right now and it was all thanks to Kamui who lost control of his Yato blood during his fight with Abuto.

kagura and kamui meet

It will grow sooner or later," was his reply by the sight of his angry dancho's small bald part. Like Kamui, Kagura was the same with her hair but unlike Kamui, she'll kill them without hesitate because of her hair. I'll cut off your other arm for this aru," she said quietly with a dead angry look. Abuto could have sworn that she looks like a predator ready to kill his prey but he wasn't a typical prey so he managed to survive for this long.

How dare she makes Kamui a fucking main character? Doesn't she realize that she's hurting my feelings! They'll pay for this aru," Kagura ranted. I'll show you what experiment is, once I'm done with Kamui! You're not supposed to be part of this story aru! And it became quiet, very quiet. That was a little harsh for someone who you didn't know until 35 seconds ago, don't you think? As if I care…I'm off then aru," Kagura said as she disappeared in a blink of an eye leaving Abuto to do what he needed to do alone.

Guess we'll have to stay here for a few days. I might as well book a room for us," Abuto said to himself with a sigh. Two 'families' sat on each side of the table. The left was the Shinsengumi, included with Kondo, Hijikata and Yamazaki, who was forced to come along.

While the Yorozuya was consisted with five members one was a dog, but he deserves more attention. The atmosphere was tense, it felt like a negotiation between two countries during war.

To clear off the suffocating atmosphere, Yamazaki spoke first. However, it seemed like only Yamazaki and Shinpachi was bothered by it. The rest of them kept their poker face on. Our boy has finally found love! Suddenly, he noticed the huge amount of killing intent coming from the other side of the table as he leaned in and whispered nervously "W-Why is Umibozou here? And who is that boy next to him? Umibozou coughed to get their attention, he glared over Kondo, who twitched in fear at his piercing gaze.

Umibozou inhaled deeply, like he was preparing for a big speech, but it was just a brief, short statement. And Sougo is a good boy! Shinpachi turned to him instantly, his eyes screamed out 'why did you say that? And he failed…as always. The ash tray was sent flying and hit him right in the middle of his glasses a. The luck of a straight man couldn't get any worse.

Or so he thought, suddenly he was grabbed by the legs and pulled up violently, his head kept hitting against something hard. Then, Shinpachi realized that he was mercilessly used as a weapon by Kamui to fight against Hijikata who used Yamazaki.

How can I be his mother in any perspective?! The two of them continued their human-weapon battle, exchanged a few words in process. You are stealing my role! I supposed to fight with him using Shinpachi's glasses stand!