Kiss vip meet and greet package

KISS - END OF THE ROAD Tour | Rogers Arena

kiss vip meet and greet package

KISS Meet & Greet Experiences will be available beginning Tuesday, October. KISS VIP Packages. KISS Captains Lounge VIP Meet & Greet Package. Package Includes: • Meet & Greet with KISS • Personal Photo Opportunity with KISS. Find and buy TK99 presents KISS: End of the Road World Tour tickets at the Very limited KISS Captains Lounge VIP Meet & Greet packages.

12 VIP experiences actually worth the money

Museum You love the American Museum of National History's great Fossil Halls, the Earth and space section covering the universe's billion-year history and those fascinating human origins dioramas. But you'd love it even more without all those other humans milling around.

kiss vip meet and greet package

Take it from Ben Stiller and Robin Willia Then, when all the regular guests arrive, you get pre-seating at the Space Show, IMAX viewing and access to special exhibits. Tough to come up with a sequel as good as that. Sitting front row at any of these upcoming summer concert tours, attending a pre-show party and doing a meet-and-greet photo op with some of these stars means a trip to VIP Nation. The preferred concert seating company, specializing in premium VIP packages and rare access to your favorite musical artists, can probably help you get that special moment with Gene Simmons you've been waiting for all these years.

Dining You can get the "private room" VIP treatment with great city views at any lofty restaurant worth its African salt-crusted sea bass. Events in the Sky But for the real gravity-defying haute dining experience you have to lose the walls, the floor and the windows and do Dinner in the Sky -- a singular multicourse dining adventure that seats you and your closest 21 VIP friends or business associates at a table suspended up to 18 stories high by a specialized crane and equipment.

Developed by Europe-based Events in the Sky, the U. Still miss the Rainbow Room?

kiss vip meet and greet package

Tennis Can you believe it? The World Series is just two months away and the Super Bowl is in less than half a year! Welcome to the sports doldrums of late August and early September. Is there a classic American sporting event happening somewhere at this time worth dropping a bundle on to experience in the most pampered manner possible?


There are four basic ways to experience the greatest Grand Slam tournament if you're not British, French or Australian in racquet sports. Not at all 2. In your living room, on ESPN 3.

In the nosebleeds watching Serena Williams -- or is that Roger Federer? Open Event Card for each guest. Do any -- or all -- of these syllables spell a brilliant time in Vegas to you?

KISS: End of the Road | Target Center

But it was great seeing them out of character and simply being themselves. They joked in between songs, threw picks out to the crowd and performed a handful of classics, including the three below: Trying to be as quick on my feet as possible, I got all four band members to autograph LPs of the two albums this lineup has created together so far — Sonic Boom and Monster — as well as the limited edition 40th anniversary poster that came with the meet and greet package.

kiss vip meet and greet package

I was also lucky enough to get photos with Paul and Gene out of makeup. Spending quality time with the Starchild: The front of my new KISS baseball shirt.

kiss vip meet and greet package

While I had to leave before Def Leppard finished its set so I could go backstage for the Paul Stanley guitar meet and greet, everything I saw them perform — especially the terrific acoustic set — was excellent. They are a band every rock fan should see at least once.

kiss vip meet and greet package

Going backstage to meet Paul Stanley was the highlight of the evening for me for several reasons. I was also fortunate enough to be the first person to ever receive a silver version of his Starfire Washburn guitar, which, as you can see from the photo above, is a beautiful instrument. He spoke to Dina of how great the band was and how he wished she and her mother would one day get the chance to see and meet the band.

Knowing this, I decided to bring Dina backstage with me instead of Chris. Paul Stanley and Dina posing with a photo of her recently deceased father.

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Then, a few minutes later Paul entered the room and he and Dina started talking about a variety of things. He took it from her, examined it carefully and paid attention to every word she said.

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Paul was also kind enough to pose for multiple photos with Dina and autograph her tour book. Me interviewing Paul Stanley. The rest of the meet and greet consisted of me having Paul autograph his autobiography for me, and I got to fulfill a dream by interviewing him one-on-one.

Of course, it was a brief interview but I was able to get in a few questions. Decaf coffee, half and half, a couple of Equals. If you were to write a second book, what would it be about? We have Face The Music. How about Deface The Music?