Lincoln heights cassie and charles first meet

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lincoln heights cassie and charles first meet

List of Lincoln Heights episodes This is a list of episodes for the ABC Family series Series overview Season Episodes Originally aired First aired Last aired 1 13 Eddie has to come to terms with the fact that Cassie and Charles want to . While at the studio, Tay meets a girl who gives him something to drink and he . Cassie and Charles sleep together for the first time on the drama set at school, Lincoln Heights, Episode . Eddie meets Dana's other son Nathaniel Ray. This is a list of episodes for the ABC Family series Lincoln Heights. The series premiered on Lizzie's first crush is one of Tay's friends, knowledgeable, but not so athletic Eddie has to come to terms with the fact that Cassie and Charles want to . While Cassie is worrying about the situation, she meets the reverend's .

Mac, Charles' stepfather, attempts to kidnap Cassie outside of the prom, but fails when Tay stops him. Lizzie's best friend, Johnny Nightingale is killed by a hit and run driver. His loss causes Lizzie to fall into a depression. Feeling guilty over Johnny's death, she pulls away from Devin Kingston, whose father is the new reverend at the church.

Cassie and Charles have sex on the school's stage which is set up for a Romeo and Juliet play. They end up being filmed by someone who was watching.

Cassie later worries that she is pregnant, but later finds out it was a false alarm. Lincoln Heights is suddenly hit by a massive earthquake. Nate is trapped under a large beam in the Sutton home.

Eddie tries to help him out and questions Nate about the father he never knew in order to distract him from the pain. Charles' stepfather, Mac is killed during the earthquake when a massive refrigerator falls on him. He is conscious, barely, but Charles refuses to help him. Cassie is scared and uncertain, but Mac dies before they decide to help him. Eddie and Jenn later find out that Nate is Eddie's son.

Jenn is devastated by this news and struggles to cope in this difficult situation. Many homes are damaged by the earthquake and fires have broken out all over Lincoln Heights, including the Sutton home. They gather what they can and leave as quickly as possible.

lincoln heights cassie and charles first meet

So he puts it in his bag and grabs the sketch book running out of the house. In the end of the season, it shows the family and Charles looking at the house, not saying a word about the money.

Season 4[ edit ] The fourth and final season of Lincoln Heights premiered on Monday September 14, with 10 new episodes. The season starts with Charles and Cassie being charged for the murder of Charles' stepfather. There was not enough evidence, so the case was closed. But immediately afterward, the police check both Charles' and Cassie's homes for the stolen money that Charles has, but the money is safely stashed.

Lizzie finds trouble when she is encouraged to join a community club. She starts rumors about a schoolmate and then apologizes and quits the club. Meanwhile, Charles discovers he received a letter from his father fifteen years ago, which his mother kept from him. After obtaining his father's phone number, the two talk and decide to meet. Charles asks Cassie to go with him, but her parents forbid her. She ignores them and instead sneaks out to join Charles and the spend the night with him.

Cassie leaves the following morning to face her angry parents, but Charles decides to stay in order to get to know his family. Lizzie makes friends with a Mexican boy while at a community recreation center. He gets very attached to Lizzie and agrees to let Lizzie take his special bear home to fix after another boy, who picks on him, tears it.

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While walking home alone, Lizzie gets attacked by a man who is after the teddy bear because of the drugs concealed in it. Cassie finds out that Charles has kept yet another secret from her, which causes him to lose Cassie's trust. To cope with the pain, she decides to go to a popular club with Sage, Sage's boyfriend and Serge, who likes Cassie.

lincoln heights cassie and charles first meet

While at the club, Cassie goes to the bathroom only to find Serge waiting for her. He tries to touch her, but she kicks him in the crotch. Meanwhile, Lizzie leaves the Outreach dance early after Andrew tries to kiss her during a song which brings back memories of Johnny.

The next day, she seeks Andrew out to apologize for leaving early and to explain why. They end up sharing a kiss. The next episode starts out with a surprise visit from Grandpa, who develops a serious crush on the female pastor. He is devastated when he finds out she is engaged to former pastor, Deacon Jones. Lizzie invites Andrew to meet her family, including her grandfather, who does not appear to be pleased with her new boyfriend.

Later on, Cassie and Charles's relationship could be getting weaker. Charles's brother, Travis, visits where they get into serious trouble. Lizzie furthers her deep relationship with Andrew by including him in family activities. During a game called "Name That Bible Verse", things start to get a little out of hand. Deacon Jones accuses Lizzie of cheating and Grandpa embarrasses Lizzie by reacting aggressively.

However, Eddie manages to calm things down before they get violent. The next day, Lizzie and Andrew are having a private moment on the staircase when Grandpa's crush appears at the door.

He apologizes for "flying off the handle" the previous night. She explains that she and Deacon Jones broke up because she feels like she was with the wrong man. Grandpa and the pastor share a passionate kiss, watched by Andrew and Lizzie. Tay meets his idol, Trey Songzand gets to sing along on stage with him.

At the very end of the episode, Jen is rushed to the hospital at the cause of a sudden illness.

lincoln heights cassie and charles first meet

While Jen is in the hospital trying to recover, Cassie tries to decide where the future will lead her and Charles. It is revealed later, as Jen is making a full recovery, that the virus came from the site of the torn down crack house, and not from the clinic as was feared, so the clinic stays open.

However, before making their decisions, Cassie and Charles decide to get married and the Sutton and Antoni families race to the ceremony.

It turns out the money was a payoff of an old murder due to a racist prank committed by Eddie's chief when he was a child.

lincoln heights cassie and charles first meet

A former inmate on parole, Sid Glass, claims the money and gives half to the Sutton family because of their generous help and effort to support her. Tay writes a hit song dedicated to Nate Ray called "Fight for You.

List of Lincoln Heights episodes - Wikipedia

In the end, Cassie and Charles don't end up getting married, but have an engagement party where their loved ones offer them blessings for a potential wedding in the future. Cassie's father attends with Charles' parents.

Charles decides against going into the army and instead accepts his father's offer to pay for him to attend a good college. Cast and characters[ edit ] Main cast[ edit ] Edward "Eddie" Sutton Russell Hornsby is a police officer who moves his family back to his old neighborhood hoping to make a difference.

However, they are soon overwhelmed as one bad incident after another takes place. Despite all of this, Eddie strives to change the lives of the people around him for the better. Hello everyone again after a year I've finally have another Lincoln Heights fanfiction up. I also have the fiction called the Poison Ivies of Lincoln Heights. So check it out when you done reading this one.

Anyway enjoy the new fiction and review. Chapter 1 Cassie tried to get to her locker as fast as she could. She hated this school. On her way she was shoved by one guy but just kept going. They hated her because her father was a police officer who had shot this boy named Donelle in defense. They made her seem like she was the enemy and an outsider. Cassie went to her locker to see the word "Vanilla dipper" on it.

This almost made her break down. This one was because her boyfriend Charles was white. Cassie went and got a wipe out her bag and took off the marker. Charles's mother wants Charles to move with her to Hawaii. Charles spends the night at Sage's after his mom finds the money while drunk and having sex with a random guy. Tay is assaulted by a stranger on the street and reluctantly works with Nate to find the guy. Jenn and the neighborhood watch assault a guy who knows who stole their FEMA checks: After escaping from prison, Bishop is back to get revenge on Eddie, but Nate kills him.

Charles leaves the money on the Suttons' front porch. Tay buys a bunch of junk with his friend's brother's credit card. Eddie figures out that Charles stole the money from their attic. Charles decides to stay with his father. Lizzie volunteers at a youth center and befriends a little boy named Gabriel. When a bully rips Gabriel's teddy bear, Lizzie promises to sew it up and lends Gabriel her stuffed bunny.

A thug attacks Lizzie, ripping the teddy bear and revealing the heroin hidden inside it. Lizzie is rescued by the "bandana bandit" who has been stealing from local businesses and giving to those less fortunate. After Charles's father rejects him, Cassie and a reluctant Eddie bring Charles home.

Charles tells Eddie about the money. Eddie say thats he already knows, but he appreciates that Charles told him. Cassie is upset when Charles tells her, but ultimately forgives him. Lizzie wants to help Gabriel. Tay and his friend want to catch the bandit for the reward money.

lincoln heights cassie and charles first meet

The youth group leader, Marco, is the bandit. Her and Andrew's relationship grows stronger, but Lizzie has difficulty letting go of Johnny. Charles and Cassie argue about Charles hiding the money from the police and Charles confiding in Sage before Cassie. Cassie forgives Sage and meets her new boyfriend Tad. Sage, Tad, Cassie and Tad's friend run into Charles at a club. Tay resumes hanging out with Jeron when Eddie starts bringing him over for dinner again.

Nate sends letters to each of his family members.

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Nate's unit is attacked and Jenn finally accepts Dana and Jeron as they all come together as they wait to hear about Nate.