Meet and greet games for family reunion

meet and greet games for family reunion

Check out the 30 best family reunion ideas, games, and activities for adults to meet relatives, share heirlooms, and hear—and record—family. These are perfect ice breaker party games for the family reunion. Who says that because you're family you'll know one another? It's just not so. Families grow. Family reunion games are a must-have element of family reunion planning! Without some good games in the mix, you will certainly finding the kids saying the .

Teams of 2 race from point A to point B, while keeping their egg on their spoon! Heavy duty rope, whistlered flag to designate the middle, and the strongest family members on your side! Divide the group into 2 teams and have them line up on their side of the rope. Select a referee who will watch the marker and call out the winning team. Best results when you have 3 racers at a time. Each racer will grab a bat, stand it up on the ground, press their forehead against the handle end, and spin, spin, spin!

In this game, you are the wheelbarrow! Have a partner grab your feet, while you use your arms to scurry to the finish! First team across the finish line wins! Bean bags, cornhole board. You can make one yourself or buy a set like this one!

meet and greet games for family reunion

Players attempt to toss their bean bags into the hole on the board. Getting the bean bag into hole earns 3 points, while landing it on the board but not in the hole earns 1 point.

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A bunch of hula hoops. Might I suggest Dollar Tree? Everyone gets a hula hoop. Round 2 is 20 seconds, Round 3 is 30 seconds. Anyone who makes it through Round 3 will battle it out to the death, or until someone drops their hula hoop. Lots of jump ropes. A contest of fitness.

Who can jump rope the longest? Toss in some double dutch or some sweet tricks! Pair up and toss a Frisbee back and forth at incremental distances. Groups that miss or drop the frisbee are out. See who can throw the farthest! Everyone will waddle to the finish line, holding an inflated balloon between their knees! Strips of fabric, 1 per team. Pair up with someone, preferably of even height. Tie your inner legs together to make a single leg and race the other hobbling pairs to the finish line!

A good pair of Nikes. Set the finish line and ready, set, GO! Whoever makes it there first is the winner, obviously. Make it fun by running a strip of streamers across the finish to break through. Playground ball, bases or something to designate as a base. Similar to baseball rules. This handy dandy flag football set! Same rules as football, but without tackling. Divide the group into 2 teams and give everyone on the team a colored flag to wear at their waist.

The object of the game is to work together as a team to score touchdowns. Players do this by moving the ball up the field by running or throwing the it to team members, and crossing the end zone line.

This way, anyone can participate without the fear of getting hurt. A volleyball net, a volleyball or beach ball. Perfect for a family reunion at the beach. Set up your volleyball net, or go someplace that already has one set up.

Divide the group into 2 teams, preferably 6 people each, making sure the best players are on your team. Then enjoy either a casual volley or an intense match to 25 points! A net, rackets, and birdies. If you have the net to play volleyball, than you have the net to play badminton. But be careful, hitting it out will give the advantage to the other team! First team to 21 wins! A ping pong table, paddles, and balls. Ping Pong, also called table tennis by stuffy people, is a great game to set up for casual gameplay while family is just hanging out.

Teams of two can enjoy simple back and forth play, or have a paddle battle, first to 11 points wins! Bats, wiffle ball, spray paint or markers to designate field boundaries.

meet and greet games for family reunion

Divide into 2 teams and try to knock the other one out by hitting them with a ball or catching one of their throws. Last person standing wins for their team! Prisoners can get out of prison by retrieving a ball passed by a team member, but they must stay within the prison at all times. The game is over when an entire team is imprisoned.

Soccer goals, field hockey balls, a hockey stick per player, safety gear if desired. Basic gameplay as hockey.

Use the hockey sticks to hit the ball towards the goal, but be careful, the other team will be trying to steal the ball and get it into theirs too. You can either choose to play timed periods with breaks inbetween or first team to a certain number of points wins.

Lacrosse sticks, balls, safety gear if desired. This is the perfect game to play if you have a large indoor or outdoor playing area, and a bunch of tough guys in your family! Divide the group into 2 teams of 10 each. Use your stick to catch, cradle, and toss the ball into the goal, all while keeping it away from the other team! Teams have 4 quarters to earn the most points! Everyone gets a turn at sliding!

A cameraman will be snapping funny pictures to show in a slideshow later on during the reunion. Twister game board, bubble bath. Set up a Twister board and wet it with water and bubble bath.

Have a blast quite literally with a family squirt gun battle! Water balloons, I highly suggest saving your time and fingers with magic water balloon makers! Water grenades, water balloons, whatever you want to call them. Prepare for an ultimate battle of water balloon carnage!

To make it even more fun, divide up into teams, giving each team a different team color with matching balloons and see who splashes who! If you plan on having hundreds of balloons, make sure you get volunteers to help clean up! If you want to use less water balloons, play tag with water balloons instead! To tag someone else, you hit them with the water balloon and splash! Even more water balloons!

Pair up and choose a balloon to toss. Each catch means you move back one step. Last pair standing wins!

Really Cool Ice Breaker Games | Family Reunion Helper

Clear plastic cups, cooler. The game starts with each racer having a cup with holes poked in them. At the starting line is a cooler of water, and about 20 feet away, their targets, 1 cup per racer with a line drawn at the top. Each player must race back and forth to fill their target. First person to fill the target wins! A funny variation is to force everyone to carry their cups over their heads! Pool, or respectable body of water.

If you will be having a reunion at a beach or hotel, then Marco-Polo is an easy classic to play! The group chooses the first Marco. Fish Out of Water: Pool or respectable body of water. Hit up the local dollar store and stock up on fun pool toys. Then, set up an obstacle course for the kids to run through and around using them. Time it and award a prize for the fastest time! Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest: If you want to get all technical about it… Draw chalk line starting line and easy to reference chalk lines at 5, 10, and 15 feet.

Each spitter is given a watermelon wedge and 3 seeds to spit as far as they can. Farthest seed spitter wins. For even more spitting fun, try the accuracy variation. Hang 3 hula hoops from a branch of a tree.

From 5 feet away, spitters have to get their seeds through all 3 hoops. Distance from the hoops increases until there is 1 winner. My suggestion, stick with store bought pies.

Really Cool Ice Breaker Games

No one wants to roll out that many pie crusts! Pick your pies and see who can eat through it the fastest! Keep costs cheaper by having a cost of entry. Lots of paper plates, several cans of whipped cream. Pair up and sort out who gets to be on the receiving side of the cream pie. Standing a distance of feet, each team must try to hit their teammate in the face! First team with a successful splat across the face wins!

Winners can be chosen 1 of 2 ways, the person who eats their set number of hotdogs the fastest, or the person who eats the most hotdogs, in which case you should probably have some backup hotdogs just in case your family comes hungry!

Ice Cream Eating Contest: A whole lot of ice cream, various sundae toppings. Perfect for a hot, sunny day! Make huge ice cream sundaes and watch as everyone races the sun and each other to eat theirs first!

First one done wins! Everyone gets 1 cold stick of butter and 10 minutes to sculpt a farm animal. Who thinks they can be a pizza dough whirling pro? Wash up and grab your pizza dough. Whoever can successfully fling it highest without ripping the dough wins!

A large bowl of bite-size foods, such as grapes, mini marshmallows, gummy bears, you get the idea. Keep count as they are stuffed in the mouths of the players! Ask family members to bring their version of a dish. Offer families traveling from out a kitchen to cook their dishes. Pick the food and start a contest! Each family brings their own version of the dish, my choice is a good old fashioned BBQ smoke-off!

No matter what your family decides to cook, everyone will have lots of delicious food to taste and judge! Every family chooses a single participant who will be doing the tasting. One by one, participants are blindfolded and brought to a table with each food item. They try each item and guess what it is. The person who guesses the most correctly wins. If you want to keep points, divide into teams and pick one word and definition to read to the other team.

Each member of the guessing team has a chance to say "yes," that's the true meaning of the word, or "no," it's not. The reading team scores one point for every "no. Two Truths and a Lie Everyone writes three things about themselves on a piece of paper - two true statements and one lie.

Each person then reads their own statements and everyone else tries to guess which one is false. Two Truths and a Lie Variation Alter ice breaker activities as needed. For this variation, gather everyone's statements, which were written withOUT names attached.

Then read one card at a time, first guessing who wrote the statements and then guessing which statement is false. Human Bingo Give everyone a piece of paper with a series of questions on it, in bingo format squares. Guests must circulate and find someone who can answer "yes" to a question and sign their name in that square. No one can sign for two questions. Play until everyone or not gets a "bingo.

If they brought nothing to "show," participants simply "tell. Autographs Games that include collecting signatures make great ice breaker activities. Find the person's name on your list or in the family directory and get them to sign.

Who Am I Place nametags of other people on each person's back. Participants have to ask everyone else questions to figure out the name on their back.

When they find out who they are, participants can switch the nametag to the front. This game is often played with names of famous people. Only choose games that help your family members feel welcome and comfortable at your family reunion. License plate is a fun game that family members can work on as they arrive at your reunion and then can come together to share answers.

You can download a copy of the game and the answers by downloading this file license-plate-game. After writing down the state that each license plate comes from family members are given additional points for each state they have visited- 1 point, and 2 points if they were born in one of the states.

Participants must tell one thing about themselves for how many candies they have in their hands using the colors as their guide. They may also eat them as they share their information. Icebreakers are a great way to learn the names and interests of your relatives. Name in the center of your card.

Ice Breaker Activities and Fun Team Building Games for Families

In the upper left corner, write one thing that you like to do. In the upper right corner, write your favorite color. In the lower left corner, write your favorite hobby. In the lower right corner, write your favorite food. At some point in your reunion, ask family members to find someone in your family that likes the same color as they do, has the same hobby etc. You may also ask them to find the person they have the most in common with. They are asked to print their name on the upper portion of the name tag and then to draw four objects that represent who they are on the in each corner of the tag.

Each family group is given a large sheet of poster board and are asked to decorate it using magazine cutouts, stickers, markers, whatever! At various times during your reunion maybe before each mealask a couple of questions about family members and give small prizes to the first person to shout out the answer.

Everyone writes down on their paper three things about themselves, two that are true, one that is a lie.