Meet and greet ideas for sales

meet and greet ideas for sales

Healthcare marketing teams can empower their sales teams with healthcare 12 Ideas for Sales Meeting Content With Hospitals or Doctors. Unique activities and celebrations outside of the office are a great way to punctuate the typical sales quarter with some fun. You owe it to yourself and your team to run sales meetings they will be In each meeting, if you provide your team with just one idea, strategy.

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However, there are contests that could generate camaraderie. Tasteful costume contests i. Healthy eating to encourage good habits. Education is a great way to grow as a team.

meet and greet ideas for sales

Click To Tweet There are two primary venues to take when going about it—work-related or interest-based learning.

If you run a sales team, it could be morale-boosting to watch a cutting edge webinar in the field and then have an idea generation and discussion period to implement and plan strategies to increase qualified appointments and customer acquisition. Or, you could do something unrelated to work, like buy everyone a Bonsai tree and have a class on how to take care of it.

Get Physical Promoting health and wellness in the office is fast becoming a recruiting technique.

meet and greet ideas for sales

Millennials want an employer that genuinely cares for them and organizations that need talent are scrambling to figure out how to prove their level of care. Eat Food Again Ok, so you eat lunch in the office occasionally.

Rent out a room, acknowledge accomplishments, or have a brief recap of the previous quarter.

meet and greet ideas for sales

But make sure you have fun. Or go to the park and grill some burgers bring a frisby? Just leave the office and eat somewhere. Swag is something that tech and software companies love. How many Volkswagens have you spotted with an Apple sticker? Hoodies, headphones, or the traditional pens and stickers—give it away to your people. You know, those places that lock you in a room with a bunch of props until you figure out how to leave?

Show your sales reps what the primary costs, waste, losses, etc that affect the prospects buying decision. Differentiation How do your sales reps differentiate themselves from your competitors? From dress, style and image to providing case studies, you have many options to work with here. Use sales meetings to list out your differential advantages and how they can leverage those things for winning against the competition.

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Closing sales Yes, you need to role-play the right words to finalize the transaction. Your sales reps words, gestures, responses and confidence all must work together to facilitate the close of a sales process. Use the time in your sales meetings to pair up sales reps and practice this critical step of the sale.

Look for confident, controlled execution. Be prepared to provide feedback to ensure they execute this step properly. Pre-call planning How much prep work should your sales rep do prior to a sales call? What should they prepare? Where should they look? The struggle is in the details.

meet and greet ideas for sales

I like a good checklist to help sales reps become more deliberate in their pre-call planning. You might want to create one and have them use it for awhile to develop their prep skills.

Understanding personality styles Your sales reps sell to different types of buyers. Educate them on the different personality styles.

Ask them to identify the personality styles of their existing customers. Find out which styles they sell to most easily.

Find out which one's are most difficult. Role-play modifying personality styles to improve their skill at identifying and modifying based on the style of the buyer.

20 Sales Meeting Ideas

Weinberg also suggests limiting the goals set after a meeting to just a few. We know actions are important, but a simple and clear message to focus on in the takeaway helps your reps to do more.

Ensure there is great clarity of mission and that there is no question about priorities. Takeaways present you with the perfect opportunity to flare up the passion of your reps and unite them in pursuing a single, meaningful goal. Stoking the competitive fires of your reps at the close of a meeting will help you nudge results forward, especially when your fired-up sales team is focused on one practical takeaway after your minute meeting is finished.

Time-Saving hack Tactic 3: Be Smart About Scheduling Salespeople often have several journeys a week to make by car or train as they hustle between the office and leads. As a result, a lot of time tends to get wasted in transit. Scattering meetings throughout the week only adds to the time your team needs to spend in cars and trains to make it to the office.

Try and allocate certain days of the week or times i. Not only does this reduce time spent commuting, it also helps reps plan more face-to-face time with prospects. Speaking of prospects, client meetings can also be scheduled smartly. Encourage your sales team to arrange their client meetings according to location. This translates into more clients, less time traveling, and lower fuel costs save the environment!