Meet and greet il divo 2014

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meet and greet il divo 2014

Rosalinda L. Orosa (The Philippine Star) - January 20, - am. MANILA 23; see for more details, including VIP Meet & Greet packages.). [10/03/] Progressive Metal Collection available at PULP HQ! [11/12/] Metal Collection available at PULP HQ! IL DIVO MEET AND GREET PHOTOS . The world tour, which begins in February in Japan and travels at am; see for more details, including VIP Meet & Greet.

What inspired you to do an entire album of Spanish tunes? It was not an idea to do a whole album in Spanish.

meet and greet il divo 2014

Probably can share the creative process throughout all the albums? They were picked by songs.

meet and greet il divo 2014

How are we going to combine these in an album? So that was the starting point, we kind of want to gather what we think are the greatest songs from the whole music theatre repertoire, which is about a century of repertoire as well.

Il Divo is a certain musical entity in the music business and music world and we know what we do. In the beginning it was much more searching for an identity to the first few albums. The way the music scene and music business work these days [is] that live shows [become] the interesting thing for the artist and the audience, because record artists are available anytime and anywhere for anybody with Spotify and everything. The live [show] is what would count these days.

meet and greet il divo 2014

We stand on stage and we sing because we love nothing more than doing that. If you see people scream, see people completely letting go and enjoying themselves in whatever way, that is just an amazing feeling, an amazing experience for you as an artist. Together with your audience, you create that dynamic and create that energy. What made you willing to give up your career then to embark on a new adventure? The exciting thing is that nobody had a concrete idea of what it was going to look like.

Carlos, David, and Sebastien and I go into the studio and sing together. That in the beginning to not have a vision, we just worked together and just started somewhere. Just the perspective of travelling to London, going to studios, singing, and starting to make something new is just an exciting project. I just took it and never regretted it since.

To work together, to getting to learn each other, to respect each other, accept each other the way we all are. Just learning to make use of all the possible things that are out there in all the four of us and bundle them together to make something even bigger and stronger and to just get over all the negatives that may be in there which are in all of us of course.

Anything else you wish to achieve?

IL DIVO Timeless Concert Lytham 22-7-2018

Or other possibilities to explore? We always have managed so far to find new challenges musically, to find new repertoire that is interesting that brings us just a step further but does not completely lead us away from what Il Divo. That was kind of mediocre. Many people must have been surprised by the fact David and Urs actually ride motorbikes! The special feature of the formation is that classically trained voices present pop songs accompanied by a large orchestra.

Their fans are a mix of old and young, opera lovers and now probably even musical fans.

Singing Sensations

How did it come to this collaboration? Barbra then had the plan for a farewell tour and asked us.

meet and greet il divo 2014

That was very great for us and a great honor. The great thing was that it has integrated us into their show. To stand as a young group with such an icon on stage was actually incredible.

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As the songs have been selected for their musical CD? Together with management, record label and friends, we have compiled a large list. This we then concentrated to 15 to 20 pieces and then went into the studio. We also wanted to make a bit of a cross section through the period of musicals and have not only all of the last 20 years.

So is something of "Camelot" or "Carousel". I've met a lot of beautiful music that I did not know. Is there a favorite song from the actual show? I like the older pieces very well.