Meet and greet lebron james 2014 2015

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meet and greet lebron james 2014 2015

PUBLISHED: August 23, at am | UPDATED: April 27, at am. CLEVELAND — Kevin Love is finally teaming up with LeBron James. LeBron James leads NBA jersey sales for the sixth straight time. 5. Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls 6. Kyrie Irving, Cleveland Cavaliers 7. LeBron got to meet Michael Jordan while His Airness was still playing. . Kyrie Irving and LeBron James share a laugh on the bench during the Cavs preseason. LeBron James scored 51 points against his former club, and the Los and started his two-game reunion tour in sensational fashion. Heat: The last time Miami lost four straight at home was early in the season.

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But let us be very clear: James Blair had nothing, zero, zip, zilch, nadda to do with James returning to Cleveland. He received his 15 minutes of fame by breaking the rules of The Q.

meet and greet lebron james 2014 2015

He deserves nothing more. Disappointed in James Blair Returning to the Q.

meet and greet lebron james 2014 2015

Now, that's harsh, don't you think? I mean, it was an isolated incident by the young man.

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It's not like he flew to Miami in to attend the partying of James and his crew after they won the title just to be closer to the man in what amounts to a very creepy stalking incident that all of a sudden James is totally cool with, right?

From an ESPN feature: He has gone from a LeBron fan to the LeBron fan, reconciling Cleveland's pain of with the hope for And with that title of James' biggest fan comes responsibilities. Again, friends and family shake their heads when they hear him plotting … well, even Blair admits he doesn't know what might happen once he gets down there.

meet and greet lebron james 2014 2015

Nobody wants to pony up a few thousand dollars to accompany Blair on yet another LeBron chase. Besides, family members wonder, Blair's luck has to run out sometime, right?

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When he finds no takers in Cleveland, he floats his plan on Twitter, and Kenford Abrams, a year-old New Yorker who has become captivated by Blair's saga, wants in. After the Heat win Game 7, Blair and Abrams go to the team's championship party the next day. Blair, one floor below the Heat stars, wiggles his way closer. Apparently, Floss has been flown to Miami for the party.

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The next few moments will come together like a perfect pick-and-roll. Floss directs LeBron's gaze to the dance floor, where Blair is waving.

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LeBron smiles and salutes Blair. For the first time, they share a private moment. The Cavaliers undoubtedly interviewed Blair and will have an eye on him, security wise, when he's at the Q.

meet and greet lebron james 2014 2015

And with LeBron back in town, there are no reasons for stunts from Blair so it's probably not a big deal, especially since James himself is apparently cool with the guy. Josh Richardson got ejected in the fourth quarter after throwing one of his sneakers into the stands, upset about a call that he felt he didn't get moments earlier. Wayne Ellington scored 19 points for Miamiwhich is off to its second-worst start in the last 12 years.

The Heat were at this point of the season, the only other time they've been worse after 16 games in that span. They need some health, too.

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Goran Dragic missed the game for Miami because of a right knee problem, one that will be further evaluated Monday. Dwyane Wade remained on leave after the birth of his daughter, and may return to the Heat this week. Miami hasn't forgotten James, obviously — he still gets loud cheers when introduced in his former home arena — but just in case anyone in attendance needed a reminder of his game, he delivered.

meet and greet lebron james 2014 2015

He made eight of his first nine shots and had the whole arsenal working; dunks in transition, stepback 3-pointers, turnarounds from the baseline. Even with James' greatness, the biggest shot for the Lakers might have come from Brandon Ingram with 3: Miami had clawed within eight and the shot clock was about to expire on the Lakers, but Ingram connected on a long jumper from the left wing to make it The Lakers arrived Saturday night after playing in Orlando and aren't scheduled to fly to Cleveland until Tuesday.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope scored 19 points, Kuzma scored 15 and Ingram finished with