Meet and greet one direction tumblr imagines

Guilty (1D) Pleasures

meet and greet one direction tumblr imagines

This is basically going to be imagines and preferences from tumblr. Everything You were lucky enough to win front row tickets to see One direction in concert. Pref #1: Meet and Greet Louis: You had saved up for this, borrowed money liam payne one direction preference one direction preferences. Imagine your little sister wins a tickets to the meet and greet Let's just and meets One Direction after entering a contest about a billion times.

As you stroll around town you peek into the windows to see anything that might interest you. You come across a pet shop and when you peer into the window, you see rows of various, adorable pets. Being your animal-loving self, you thought that it would be fun to just walk inside and look around for a bit, as you were desperate for some entertainment.

You opened the door and a bell rang as you stepped inside. An older woman greets you warmly as you make your way to one side of the store. You say hello and walk over to the reptiles. There were lizards, snakes, and some turtles. As you walked down the aisle of exotic animals, you bumped into a tall figure. You look up into his warm brown eyes and he smiles. You take it and slowly move your arm, not breaking your eye contact.

You say your goodbyes, but not before he give you his number. You had to spend yet another day in April working at the amusement park in order to pay for a ticket to a One Direction concert.

Today the park seemed oddly quiet. No running children, no chasing parents, and no mean, immature teenagers to ruin your day. You sat with your coworker, a boy of about age twenty who was constantly on his phone. For about ten minutes you waited, then you decided to get up and walk around for a bit.

As you strolled not even twenty feet when you saw five teenage boys wandering toward you with a tall man a few feet behind them. As they came closer, you recognized them as One Direction with Paul! You walked back to the umbrella near the roller coaster and sat down in your chair.

Not even a minute later, the boys came over to where you were seated. You were actually talking to One Direction, and there were no screaming girls around you to ruin the moment. Were you really going to go on a roller coaster with Louis Tomlinson?

The ride was over before you knew it, and you ended up having a fun rest of the day, too, with the boys, constantly teasing Harry about not going on.

One Direction - Meet & Greet Goals

Louis really enjoyed his day, so he gave you his number so you could maybe go out sometime, jut the two of you. Just the two of you, no parents, nothing. You were surprised when your parents agreed to let you go.

You two got into the hotel room, unpacked, and headed out for a night in the city, still wearing you clothes from the ride to London.

So the two of you tried on some outfits, took pictures, and left with nothing most of the time. Later in the evening you got hungry and noticed a Nandos nearby.

Pref #1: Meet and Greet

You pointed it out to your friend and walked over to it. After ordering, you two took a seat and talked for a bit while waiting for your food. All of a sudden, a person rushed into the restaurant and hid behind your table. Just after, a stampede of screaming girls ran past the quiet building. After the riot passed, the person behind your table stood and you stared in shock. You are going to be able to meet your idols and have the best day of your life! You look at your phone.

It is nearly time to leave for the meet and greet.

one direction meet and greet on Tumblr

You go into the bathroom and look at yourself in the mirror to double check everything is perfect. As you look into the mirror you see that your hair is placed into a neat bun with a braid on the side of your hair. The outfit that your are wearing is exactly how your wanted it.

Your little black dress complements the silver high heels that you are wearing. Once you have made the decision that you look ok, you head towards the front door, to your car.

meet and greet one direction tumblr imagines

The whole car trip you play One Direction songs, getting yourself even more hyped up for the meet and greet. As you park outside of the meet and greet building, your heart begins to beat faster. This is the moment you have been waiting for. A receptionist is looking over at you from her desk.

meet and greet one direction tumblr imagines

As you walk over towards her, your smile broadens. You are only seconds away from meeting your idols, your heroes. You walk through the door and you see all five of the One Direction boys standing there.

Their smiles directed at you. Shocked by who was standing in front of you. They are more beautiful in person! You walk over to them, leaving only a small distance between you and the boys. You see Nialls eyes widen and his cheeks blush. He leans over towards Harry and whispers something in his ear. You feel your face blushing. You can tell your cheeks are turning into the colour of a tomato.