Meet and greets in chicago 2012

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meet and greets in chicago 2012

MPG Chicago is complete. Check out a full listing of all of our local meet ups here. "It is inspiring to know that there is a support group for. Greet at the WTTW Studios. WTTW Events | Chicago Tonight Meet & Greet at the WTTW Studios event date: Thursday, September 13, - pm. Home - VIP Nation premium concert ticket packages providing preferred seating, VIP treatment, and access to your favorite artists. Exclusive VIP ticket packages.

Heather also established her own independent production company in called Final Girl Films and is currently producing several independent genre films.

meet and greets in chicago 2012

A Chicago native, Heather is beyond thrilled to be co-hosting Flashback Weekend this year. He has co-produced two other feature films The Art of Pain and Squeal.

meet and greets in chicago 2012

Fitzgerald has appeared as an actor in numerous feature films and has recently portrayed Dracula in "Dracula's Orgy of the Damned". Ron has just completed his own film project, which he co-wrote and co-produced, with director Vincent Bilancio, titled "Dark Realm" which combines his acting abilities with his Gothic illusion show. Besides providing branding, art and websites for hundreds of haunted houses around the world, he manages a series of genre websites including ZombiePinups.

To learn more about Chad Savage and his work, visit SinisterVisions. Jim has been creating visually stimulating images professionally for over five years and his portrayals of the eerie and macabre has been described as disturbingly titillating. His work has been featured in numerous gallery shows including those at Horrorbles in Berwyn and the Gallery in Chicago. He is an internationally published artist whose magazine credits include features and covers of Gothic Noir Magazine, Dark Parlour- Magazine and others.

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To find out more about Jim and SnS-Photo, visit his website at www. She is diligently trying to master her Pilates short spine and cat stretch. International Experiential Travel Twitter: Megan got her first taste of international travel studying abroad. When she overslept on the morning of her first trip, missing her train and losing touch with her friends, she discovered the benefits of traveling alone.

Meet and Greet, Oct. 25, 2012

Since that fateful morning has completed two solo around-the-world trips, exploring 50 countries before she turned Although hard to decide, she admits her favorite places were the Wakhan Corridor in Tajikistan, Myanmar and Southern Ethiopia. She currently spends her time exploring Chicago by bike while dreaming about her next trip. After being downsized from Corporate America at the end ofLeora Krause spent four months travelling through Southeast Asia.

Her excursions took her to a Kung Fu camp in northern Thailand, an idyllic island retreat in Vietnam, a stint volunteering with Tibetan refugees in India, and culminated with a successful trek of the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. She took her first career break inquitting her day job and travelling to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, and several European countries for six months.

Restless Passport Elizabeth Rogers: Elizabeth first traveled around the world for almost a year with her husband Alex in Upon returning to the States, Elizabeth went back to the same corporate job she left and spent a few years with her nose to the grindstone working and getting her MBA at Chicago Booth. But always one to make time for travel, between classes she spent last summer in a hilltop culinary retreat in Bali, eating chili crabs in Singapore and drinking endless warm beers on a tour through China with 12 Aussies.

Alex and Elizabeth Twitter: Mike and Christine made the decision in to fulfill a long-time dream of traveling around the world. Newly married and broke, they had no choice but to wait and save save save.

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When they could hold it off no more, a departure date was set — a date that is etched in their minds as the start of their best adventure yet. Mike and Christine spent the next 11 months traveling to 18 countries spread across five continents.

Their travels led them into the jungle and mountains of South America, on an African safari, through temples in Southeast Asia, in and around New Zealand while living out of a van, and more. The decision to embark on this journey will easily remain as one of the best decisions ever made.

meet and greets in chicago 2012

Both started new endeavors upon their return and Christine works as a teacher while Mike is a filmmaker. Semesters abroad in Europe during their college days ignited an insatiable passion for travel but it was a year-long journey across South America that confirmed this wanderlust was here to stay.

meet and greets in chicago 2012

Dedicating three of the last 10 years to traversing the globe, their most recent adventure took them around the world on a month odyssey spanning six continents.

Round We Go Twitter: Derek and Kelly met on October 1st and have been together ever since. Now, several years later, they are both in their mid-twenties and have established, successful careers.

Kelly is in the business, and Derek does athletic strength and conditioning. They both dream to see the world and share a passion for learning about different cultures, photography, music, art, and exploring. Derek and Kelly spent the first 6 months offrom January-July, traveling and trekking throughout South America.

Chicago 2012

Now that they have returned to Chicago, they are both interested in helping others take a career break of their own, since they found out just how easy it can be. Inwhile studying abroad in Mexico, David Falsetti crossed paths with an inspiring guide that made him realize that his passion for travel could become a career.

Highlights include eating grasshopper salads in Oaxaca, smuggling people across borders and being cast as Santa Claus in a Taiwanese Christmas extravaganza.