Meet midway and slice

月舟宗胡 Gesshū Sōko ()

meet midway and slice

The blue slice is yearly expenditures. The green slice is yearly revenue. If you look at the sidebyside from last year, you see the green is up and the red is down. Meet midway and slice. The void in aimless flight Thus I return to the source. THIS is the Kamikaze ritual celebrated before the last flight. Get a halfway point between 2 addresses and find restaurants, cafes, or any other point of interest to help plan your next meeting. Get fair driving directions.

My spirit instantly advanced and ripped apart my previous doubt; it was like suddenly awakening from a dream, or remembering something forgotten. I began to dance in a way I had never learned, and there are no words to convey my great joy. This time, his satori was acknowledged. Tao-che Ch'ao-yuan, of the Obaku sect.

meet midway and slice

He led a quiet life, writing poetry about his solitary contentment: Searching for praise and honor keeps mankind restlessly moving, But in the warm sun and peaceful wind, things renew themselves naturally. Needing no human control, the spring brightness is both pale and deep; In the mountains of endless rest, there is a single tranquil man.

meet midway and slice

Inat the request of the feudal lord Itakura of Suo present-day Yamaguchi. The problems both monks faced were the same; not only was the populace increasingly mate- rialistic, but the shogunate often interfered in Buddhist matters.

Temples became part of the official bureaucracy of the Tokugawa government. They served as census bureaus because all Japanese were required to register at the local temples. Furthermore, since Buddhist monks of most sects were allowed to marry, monks were able to inherit their positions rather than to earn them, which tended to make religion a profession rather than a calling. As a result, Buddhist training became increasingly perfunctory.

Furthermore, he would not use a fan, even when mosquitoes and sand flies bit him until his blood flowed. His mastery of Chinese-style verse is matched by the vigor of his brushwork, as in his ichijikan large, single-character calligraphy of Moon.

meet midway and slice

The main character, which in standard script is depicted in four strokes of the brush, is here rendered in two bold strokes.

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Do you have an app for iPhone or Android? White Wolf dashed towards the distorted men around, slashing them to pieces with his sword. The sounds of men screaming and flesh ripping apart filled the room. Gunfire flicker in the room, but none of it hitting their intended target. As the lights flickered on, the three remaining Kurokaze members stood in abject horror, seeing sixteen of their fellows on the ground, dead or dying. As one, they looked up at the demon that caused the carnage.

White Wolf stood, umbrella ready to strike again. He simply looked at the syndicate's members, who threw down their weapons. All of them plop onto the floor in their own pool of blood. He readies his sword and opens the door. Inside the man, Kotomine Tokiomi, lies rolled in a ball atop of a leather couch.

Theft against oyabun and information gathering for a rival clan. The thief's head tumbles off his neck and rolled onto the floor. Kazuo takes a hold of the decapitated head and makes his way out of the safe house. White Wolf steps back out into the contaminated night, leaping back up to the rooftops and running towards the warehouse where the stolen spaceship resides.

He runs and jumps over the roofs, making steady progress and confounding any pursuers he may have attracted. He'd almost reached the warehouse when his communicator beeped. Moto-sama will try to get out of it, but if he doesn't then he's the one with glasses.

meet midway and slice

Please leave him alive and kill the other two. He looks down and notices a group of five guards in front of the warehouse. He leaps forward off the roof towards them, umbrella extended. As he feels it bite into flesh, he lets go and draws his shikomizue and wakizashi, taking off two more heads as he drew.

Two flashes of the blades end the final two members' lives, and he sheathes his swords. White Wolf reached into his robe and takes a four-prong grappling hook latched onto a chain. He swings it several times before launching it onto the open windows above. With a single tug the hook pierces through the metal frame as the assassin climbs his way to the top, clinging tightly to the chains so he won't slip from the acidic rain lubricating the links. White Wolf takes a sneak peek inside. Looking around he spots a total of eight guards walking around the vicinity.

All equipped with the same shotguns that tried to end him before. Heavily guarded he said Enough to guard against a pack of dogs. The cargo inside wasn't as impressive as he predicted. Most of it was firearms, ranging from sniper rifles to launchers, some of them illegally modified.

The rest was just the typical stolen goods.

Gesshū Sōko - Wikipedia

A sleek design similar to a stealth ship with a glass hour build. Painted in chrome blue with white stripes wrapped around the edges of the ship's wings. Such a shame it withers away in a boxed up hangar. With all the information gathered, White Wolf makes his move. He enters the building slowly and silently. His feet lay upon the concrete floor, but doesn't make a sound as he dashes behind a cargo of preserved roses.

White Wolf was right on the money, the guard was making his routine route around the vicinity. The assassin slowly unsheathes his blade. Like a wolf hunting in the snowy caps, he makes his move. White Wolf charges at the guard with blinding speed. The guard didn't have time to react as he felt the blade pierce through his chest cavity. His deathly screams fall on deaf ears from steel grip of the assassin's hand. White Wolf carefully lays the guard's corpse against the cargo frame with steady hands before pulling out his blade slowly.

White Wolf made quick work of the guards inside. One by one, they silently fell upon his ebony blade. As the final guard slumps onto the floor, his head rolling in another direction, White Wolf cleans his blade of the filth's blood before sheathing it back in.

He then makes his way towards his target: The assassin enters a few keys in the pass code, unlocking the ships hangar door. Pressurized air steamed from inside the ship as the hangar door slowly unfolds. White Wolf then enters the ship and heads for the main control.

Even before he got information on the ship's location his employers were already planning his demise, but that was nothing new. One less degenerate polluting this world. However, the mission itself He thought working as an assassin for the yakuza would give him worthy opponents to fight, something to challenge him both physically and mentally. Except, the missions he taken so far have been oh too similar. The enemy was now turning into butter, so easy to cut.

How long will it take before he becomes a full fledge killer? How long will it take before someone asks him to kill something as feeble as a child? With all these thoughts swirling around his head, White Wolf had no time to collect his thought. Right now, he needed to return the ship and give his employers the proper reward they deserve.

White Wolf stopped in front of the steering console, slightly taken aback. So each wheel rotates one of the three planes of movement. This will be an The sounds of the acid rain had ceased, so he presses a few buttons to open the warehouse and fly out, rising out of the polluted clouds and heading towards the space station. He takes the opportunity to take off his HAZENV suit; he'd paid a fortune to make it compatible with his assassination activities, but it was still far more restricting than the simple kimono he put on.

Akio, Jirou-kun, accompany me and a few guards to meet with the assassin.

Meet in the middle!

You feeling okay, Akio-kun? You'd have normally caught that. I've been excessively tired lately," Akio says, smiling warmly, "I will go find my kohai. He should be here. As he exits the room, his smile turns malicious. Come, let's discuss the reward you The guards bring their rifles up to shoot, but he opens the canopy, deflecting the bullets. The guards steadily aim their rifles at the assassin. My men were bred for this moment.

It is you who are the fool. However, the men remained utterly still, not even flexing a single muscle. He turns to see Moto was the one laughing behind his back.

Kurosawa's eyes widen in shock.

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Kurosawa gripped his fist angrily. Kurosawa turns around to see White Wolf staring back at him. His red eyes burning with killing intent. He then unsheathes his katana holstered by his side. Kazuo and Kurosawa, warriors trapped in time that never was their own, now began a practice lost many centuries ago. A duel of blades.

Kurosawa yells at the top of his lungs as he charges at his opponent with great speed. The assassin quickly follow suits.

meet midway and slice

Now inches apart from each other, the elderly wakagashira raises his blade with blinding speed and prepares to strike the assassin before he can unsheathe his blade.