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meet up and cam

All-in-One ConferenceCam with ° field of view and integrated audio, perfect for small conference and huddle rooms. MeetUp, Logitech's premier ConferenceCam, is perfect for huddle rooms video conferences. A super-wide field of vision ensures everyone in the room is seen. Buy a Logitech MeetUp All-in-One Conference Cam or other Conference Room Video at

You will also find a power cable, a remote, a 5-meter 16 feet 2. The Logitech MeetUp looks modern, and we are big fans of this look.

Logitech MeetUp Video Conference Camera for Huddle Rooms

The unit features two stereo speakers, which make it quite large compared to some of the other very small conference cameras. Is this a drawback? Not at all—if we consider that the MeetUp was made for large screens. The overall design is refined, and the finishing is impeccable. It perfectly fits any digital setting your conference room might be equipped with.

Initialization, installation The Logitech MeetUp can be installed either above or below the screen. Logitech offers a versatile TV mount via its website, which allows you to smoothly connect the camera to a variety of compatible screens.

At Kickle, we decided to set up the cam using the base included in the pack.

Logitech Meetup Conference Cam

Just keep in mind that the additional mount is indispensable to attach the cam below the screen. The initialization, as with most cameras on the market today, is fast and simple.

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The MeetUp requires no additional software. It is compatible with all videoconferencing operators or speech recognition providers Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber, Cortana, etc. Here at the office, we use our Kickle software which is a Skype Room System and much more, have a look if you want to know moreand everything worked smoothly with the MeetUp!

Image And so now we arrive at the heart of the matter! Frankly, we found the image quality to be quite stunning. We had the opportunity to conduct several tests in our lab using different screens and, yes, the rendering was solid. Wide angle does not necessarily mean fisheye.

We noticed a reduced fisheye effect compared to many other wide-angle cameras, however there is still a unavoidable thin distortion.

meet up and cam

Have a look at the pictures to see for yourself. We regularly use this camera to communicate with our clients and partners in Asia and Oceania, and we are happy with the smooth image with faces that are clear and never distorted. In low light, the image turns a bit darker but is still great. Image features You want options? This camera is motorized and the remote control it comes with allows you to position the lens in any direction you please—a specific section of your conference room, for example.

The remote also allows you to zoom in on any part of the room, such as on a colleague presenting her master plan for world domination on a whiteboard. You have the choice between three pre-set scenes. This is a really good point for quickly switching the angle during a meeting when attendants are on both sides of the room.

This means we can display our interactive whiteboard on the screen during a call, automatically shared on the screens of our remote collaborators. Zooming, in our case, is mostly useful when we want to frame the video on whoever is speaking. Please note that the USB cable provided with the camera is a 2. We recommend you buy a 3. As we said earlier, S4B is not compatible with 4K calls. The MeetUp impressed us—and our testers—right out of the box. Opening the camera remote and working out which way the batteries fit in was unnecessarily awkward, but the rest of the setup process was a matter of plug-and-play simplicity, and we went from box to video call in barely more than ten minutes.

Then it was on to the call. We mounted the camera on the conference table and then on a shelf at eye-level, and at both locations it comfortably brought the entire room into view.

The camera has a wall mount included and you can pay extra for a TV mount but it worked well just sitting on its own, which gives it added mobility. The zoom and pan features were responsive, but the team was more excited about not having to put it to much use, as everyone fit in the frame comfortably. And, thankfully, there was none of the fish-eye warping on the edges that has plagued other wide-angle huddle room cam attempts.

The crucial part of any camera test, however, is the basic visual and audio quality.

meet up and cam

Both the speakers and the microphones performed well at distances of around 20 feet from the camera, and if members of a team like this can be seen and heard clearly from any spot on the conference table it makes them very happy.

Overall, the feedback—both witnessed in real time and offered up after the meeting—was very positive.