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Shadow at the Water's Edge As the ryokan's newest guest, Nancy Drew, prepares to check in, Takae's favorite portrait of Kasumi falls and smashes to the floor. You know the puzzle where Nancy gets locked in one of the rooms Childhood relationship aside, they should've had a restraining order I always felt like the game ending did not deal with the seriousness of his actions. Shadow at the Water's Edge is the 23 installment in the Nancy Drew Along the way, she uncovers tangled family relationships that play a part in solving a . The ending to the game varies depending on what the player decides to do when.

Unable to resist a mystery, she works to discover the secrets behind the hauntings. Along the way, she uncovers tangled family relationships that play a part in solving a complicated puzzle left by the dead woman. Gameplay is also not limited just to the inn.

Players can navigate the complicated subway system of Kyoto to such places as a technology expo and a pachinko parlor. Nancy also has an in-game cellular phone, which can be used to call other characters, receive text messages, play games, and take photos. There are also two slightly different endings to the game that are determined by what the player decides to do when he or she catches the culprit. Characters Edit Nancy Drew: Nancy is an eighteen-year old amateur detective from the fictional town of River Heights in the United States.

She is the only playable character in the game, which means the player must solve the mystery from her perspective.

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Kasumi is a dead member of the family who owns the Ryokan Hiei. She drowned one night in the baths at the inn, and now her ghost supposedly haunts the ryokan. Though the player never meets her during the duration of the game, she is often mentioned by other characters.

Before her death, Kasumi created an elaborate puzzle hoping it would encourage her family to work together. Nancy finds letters written by Kasumi that contain clues towards solving this puzzle. Yumi is Kasumi's older daughter who runs a bento stand called Happy Bento in the inner city of Kyoto. As the oldest daughter, she is, by tradition, to inherit her family's ryokan, though she chooses to live a life in the city instead. She has a very strained relationship with her family and Rentaro, due, in part, to her unconventional views and over-bearing personality.

Players can meet and interact with Yumi at her bento stand by the Technology Expo in Kyoto. She also meets Bess and George at the expo, and they quickly become friends. Miwako is the receptionist at the Ryokan Hiei and is the younger daughter of Kasumi. She is devoted to the ryokan and her family heritage. However, being the younger daughter means she will not inherit the inn.

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She gets very upset when she hears anything about her dead mother, Kasumi. Her traditional views creates tension between herself and her older sister Yumi and her boyfriend Rentaro. Players can meet and interact with Miwako in the lobby of the ryokan. Longtime friend and neighbor of the Shimizu's, Rentaro is also Miwako's boyfriend and the ryokan's handyman.

Takae Nagai

Use the walkthrough as guide only and sleep if the time during the gameplay runs out. Actions can be done in any order some needs a trigger.

Look around Ryokan Hiei. A portrait falls to the floor when Nancy approaches the reception desk. The old lady is upset and says that "she" doesn't want Nancy here. Take the room 24 key. Learn about Suki the robotic cat. Tate command makes Suki sit up. Learn about the ryokan. Yumi her elder sister will take over the ryokan. The cultural classes are in room Note that the reception desk is open 7 am to 1 am. Check the board and see that there are 5 guests in the ryokan.

Turn to the right and check the table. Read the article about Rock Garden in the book. Learn about the different stones and their descriptions. At opposite corner, check the fire pit used for tea ceremony. See a fire burning in the pit. Turn left and read the Ghost Stories of Japan book at corner right of the door.

The ryokan has guest rooms at left and right wings. The garden and the front desk are at the center part of the building. Each side wing has 2 floors. Nancy's room and the bath are on the left wing while the cultural room where Takae is in is at the right wing. Go through the door left of the fire pit. Talk to Bess and George. Go upstairs and use the room key on the third door at right - Check the green box on the floor at left.

Read the student bios and grade the assignment on the back folder. Use the stamps on the left to mark the answers check or X and then add a mark beside the name of the student face or star. If you grade enough assignments, you might get an award. Check the cards with Japanese script in the box Ryokan folder: Open the brown folder at right. Read the information paper. Learn that the hot springs - bath is across room 7. Misawa is the train station near here. The pachinko parlor is in Kure and the Exposition Center is in Matsue.

A Fasca train ticket is needed to ride the train. The front desk is open 7am to 1 am. Check the envelopes on the left side. You will need it later. Turn left and open the closet ahead. Bath - hot springs: Exit the room and go down to the first floor. Turn to the hallway at left. See a blue curtain at right at end of hallway and across room 7. Try to go through the blue curtain and meet Rentaro.

Learn that red curtain means the bath is open for women only while blue banner means it is men only. Turn right and forward to hallway. Go left to the main lobby. Enter through the door left of the front desk and be at the garden.

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Go forward to the large stone lantern that is in the water. Use the stone path in front of the Cherry tree or the wooden bridge to cut across to the other side. Beside the maple tree close to the wooden bridge is a bamboo - water structure that makes a knocking sound. Go the back wall and around to the other side. The left way goes to the bath hallway. Go right and enter the shed at right. Learn about the ghost. He gives a puzzle book that you can play. He is making a robotic dog, the Rentaro Open the puzzle book in inventory.

This can be done anytime during gameplay. The puzzles can be done all at once or one at a time as you go through the game. Read how to play nonogram.

Do the nonogram puzzle at next page. Click on a square to darken it. Clear at right restarts the puzzle. Talk to Rentaro to return the book. He will give it back and then you can read and play sudoku.

There should be horizontally, vertically and in a box. Click on a number to select it and then click on a square to enter that number. When a mistake is done, click on erase and then the number that you want removed. A number is grayed out when that number is completed in the puzzle. Do the square or the row or the column that has the least blank areas first.

He will give it back and then you can read and play renogram. At start, click on a number and enter it in a selected blank square connected horizontally, vertically or diagonally to a previous number.

From then on the number is attached to the cursor. After finishing the renogram, talk to Rentaro. If you do a lot of puzzles in the book and then return the book; you might get an award. If it is time to sleep or you want to do something that can only be done at a specified time; go to your room and use the cell phone clock. Select menu and then clock. Change the time to 7 PM to move to the next day or after 1AM if you want to move around when the front desk is closed.

Then click on 'set alarm'. Nancy teaches during the day from 5 - 7; so there is no gameplay during the day. Be sure to check the green box in her room to grade the assignments. Go down to the lobby and you might hear a client complaining at the front desk. Check the board and see that there are only 2 guests left. Cultural Room - Takae: From the garden, go forward to the back area. Go right and enter the hallway at far right.

Or use the hallway right of the front desk and go forward and left to the hallway. Enter room 18, first door at left.

See the sign - Cultural Room. The hours are 7 to Talk to Takae, the grandmother. She teaches how to write Nancy's name in Japanese. Click to take the brush at top right. Click-hold the brush inside the line and do the script in one stroke only.

Stay within the lines and fill the inside area. It does not matter if the line is shaky like mine. Start at wide end and do the script following the number order. If a mistake is done, take a new paper from the top of the screen. Open the top drawer of the chest on the left. Read about Writing Japanese - calligraphy. Hot Springs - bath: Go to the other wing at first floor. Check if the bath room curtain is red. If so, enter to check the bath. Check the baskets at right of room.

Take the Pachinko card from upright basket at bottom shelf. Read the Haunted Tours paper found in upright basket at left end of middle shelf. Learn that numbers 4 and 9 are unlucky. Don't write the name in red.

Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge (Part Three)

Something bad will happen if you do. Look at the mirror and see the ghost. Enter through the glass doors left of the sink. Look close at the colored tiles on the shower wall. Jump in the hot springs and have a nice soak. Good for bad back.