Nkotbsb meet and greet manila

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nkotbsb meet and greet manila

Backstreet Boys: Larger Than Life. Las Vegas, NV, US. Tickets. Sold Out. Feb. 08, Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood. Backstreet Boys: Larger Than Life. I braved the lines at SM Tickets one afternoon and before the NKOTB's Manila concert at Rizal Stadium was the first concert I ever. The combined “man band” christened themselves NKOTBSB. “We were at the meet-and-greet session in Manila and my mum went in first.

He asked me about my weight loss, told I was amazing and a Remix and the hugged me again and then stood there with his arm around me. Suddenly photos were snapped and it was time for us to leave. I stopped on the way and asked Donnie Wahlberg if I could have a hug. His hand was on the back of my head rubbing it in what I can only say was a very intimate touch to this 25 year fan. My heart was racing and things were going way too fast as I tried to lock each moment into my permanent memory.

He was a little amazed, and as I pointed out to him that the photo on the shirt was taken at their concert in and that he had actually noticed the shirts we were wearing that day from the stage he went in for a closer look. As Joe was talking to me, security guards were letting me know that I needed to get the heck out of dodge because our five minutes was up and it was time to get the line moving and get the next group of women in to meet the bad.

As we walked out of the meet and greet area I had a little mini Pandora moment were my body flailed around and I screeched and squealed like a little girl with excitement and announced that Jordan Knight had rubbed my head. Now let me let Deb talk about her experience: I was SO excited — my first time meeting the guy i teasingly tell my husband is the one guy i would cheat on him with sorry sweetie!

Anyway, talking to one of the other girls who had met Joey before, he was very sweet and engaging and i was looking forward to having a short talk with him. So our group gets to the front of the line and suddenly we are there!

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The guys are there! Beautiful blue eyes and all.

nkotbsb meet and greet manila

I gave him a hug and we took two pictures. I gave him a huge smile and said that i was so excited to meet him and…. Hilary, one of the girls in our group who had met him before, made a point to say again that this was my first time getting to meet him and again, he looked at me and gave me a slightly empty smile and that was it — we were being herded out for the next group to come in.

On one hand it was an experience i could now mark off my bucket list. On the other hand, it was a bit disappointing. But nope, not a single word was said.

I have experienced this before — the look, empty smile and quickly being forgotten as the cuter, smaller girl comes along.

nkotbsb meet and greet manila

So all in all — not an experience that I will do again. The experience I had was not worth the price I paid. I have spent over a month sitting on this deciding how I was going to write about it. Was there a weight bias here? As much as I hate to say yes, I think there was.

Diary of a New Kids On The Block stalker | Inquirer Lifestyle

At first, I wanted to convince myself that Deb and I had just done a really good job with my t-shirt and that it had done its job and gotten their attention. AJ and Brian are playing golf! We knew they would be staying at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel. But first, I re-dyed the ends of my faded hair a crazy shade of magenta. In my excitement, I completely forgot to wear gloves and my hair experiment left me with purple hands.

They were going to meet Barney. Trembling After about two hours, Jill stood up.

Diary of a New Kids On The Block stalker

They had brightly colored leis around their necks and were surrounded by guards. I spotted Jordan Knight. My hands fumbled to find my phone. I was trembling so much that my fingers kept slipping. I posted on Twitter: We spotted Howie D.

In the barely five minutes I was gone, Jonathan Knight had reappeared and Jill had taken his picture and asked him to sign her sketch from I tried to catch up but failed. He had left the hotel. But Jonathan returned to the hotel just minutes later. I grabbed my chance. I returned to our table giggly and giddy.

There was Howie D. But it turned out to be a bust—there were 14 of us and only 10 wristbands available. I decided to give up my slot and we left to drown our sorrows at Bistro Ravioli. We returned to the Arena a few hours later to see a massive crowd waiting to get in.

It felt like a reunion of sorts.

nkotbsb meet and greet manila

We were constantly running into people we knew and they looked just as excited as us. All around us people greeted friends, high-fived one another, pumped their fists in the air and stifled shrieks. We were in front, right by the stage, within spitting distance of the two boy bands. We spent the next two and a half hours screaming, singing, applauding, dancing and reliving our childhood. At one point during the show, Jonathan squeezed my hand and gave Jill a big hug.

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It felt more like to me but I knew exactly what he meant. It was an incredible concert. The concert was over but our adventures were not. We had plans for a quick getaway. We ran to the car, dodged the post-concert traffic and were soon on the road headed back to Edsa Shang to see the New Kids one last time.

What if they have an after party? But as we were about to make the turn into the hotel driveway, we saw someone standing by the side entrance. He spotted us, waved and smiled. He still had on the blue Adidas Philippines jacket he had worn onstage.