Ouija board rules wikihow how to flirt

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ouija board rules wikihow how to flirt

FunSubstance - Funny pics, memes and trending stories .. Wikihow,why? They drop their Ouija board and scream as they run to their bathroom and lock the door. "I told Very funny:) Flirting Humor, Lol Text, Funny Cute, Hilarious, Text. Grab a few friends. Technically, Ouija can be played alone, but one of the main rules states that you can't play alone so it's required to play with at least one. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

Whatever you wanna call it. His costume was nothing more than his own pair of fangs, and a large, fluffy pair of pointed ears he wore with a hairband.

I put on some body glitter, just for the occasion. They're both in love with, like, the same girl. And she bites her lip every five seconds. Does Edward even wear a cape? As long as Keith takes off his shirt.

ouija board rules wikihow how to flirt

At least put on more werewolf-y clothes! The ears aren't bad, though. Keith nearly spat out his drink. Lance looked directly at the camera. Let's stop roasting our costumes and get down to business! Meanwhile, Shiro and Allura are going as an angel and a devil, with crazy makeup. I do have glasses for a reason. It's all just stupid ghost stories! Whoever thought that'd be a good idea!? After all, ghosts are real. You believe in this crap? Like with aliens, or government coverups.

Not fucking dead people's spirits that float around, wreaking havoc. What if one of us accidentally ends up possessed?!

I thought Pidge would know! I'm looking it up now. Sitting on the floor, more than one person, dim room and candles, blah blah blah. Oh, and now it's saying we've got to be polite, patient, simple, or we could be in danger. We've got to pick a medium, or someone to ask all the questions.

Ouija board rules wikihow how to flirt

Lance, I think that should be you. Put it on the G, and then we have to do an introduction. Basically tell the spirits we just want to communicate, we don't wish any harm, all that fun stuff. Don't know how that'd stop them from killing us if they were real, but I guess wikihow knows best. Uh, spirits, we'd like to use this board to speak to you? If it's cool with you, that is.

We're not trying to do anything to hurt you, so please, if you are able to, talk to us. Send us a sign. They moved it in a cirlce three times, then stopped it again at the G.

  • Ouija board rules wikihow how to flirt

Are there any spirits with us tonight that wish to communicate? And they stared down at their hands in horror. The planchette was moving slowly, but surely, towards the 'yes. I didn't sign up for this. They make the girls clean the sorority house's floor with toothbrushes, but Chanel is unhappy with Zayday 's lack of effort to use soap. Grace offers to get some from the basement, causing her to discover a locked secret door, but she is stopped by Chanel 5.

Grace then goes back to investigate the secret door, and discovers the bathtub that Sophia died in during the flashback while giving birth during a Kappa party. However, Chanel catches her and reveals it is where Kappa "keeps its darkest secrets" and tells her Sophia's story, and also that Cathy knew about the death and covered it up for the sorority sisters. But she does not know if the story was an urban myth.

Chanel and Chad having sex While having sex with Chad, she begins to realize that he is has a lack of sympathy for her and breaks up with him which he is not happy about, commenting that he breaks up and never gets dumped at all and orders him to leave, returning back to his fraternity, where his roommate Boone reveals his discomfort towards the killer running around campus and asks to share a bed with Chad. Chanel comes over to the fraternity to apologize to Chad, but walks in on them sharing a bed together and believes that Chad is gay, but Chad reveals that Boone was scared of the killer and not to tell anyone that Boone is gay.

However Chanel sticks to breaking up with him, but Chad claims that he has broken up with her, causing Chanel to leave in anger. The next day, while at the Barista the Chanels discuss new ways to torture the pledges, until Boone comes up and asks Chanel to not tell anyone he is gay because he will get kicked out of the Dollar Scholars and also threatens that if she does tell or if anyone finds out he will join the Kappa Kappa Tau since anyone can join nowbut Chanel 5 is furious with Boone's announcement, while Chanel sees it as a way to become famous if she became the first person to allow a gay guy in the female sorority, despite Chanel 5's pleas to not allow it to happen.

Later that night, Chanel continues to haze the girls but writing obscenities on their stomachs, until she comes to Zayday and reveals that she needs to retrieve white eyeliner from her room. Minutes later, Chanel screams running down the stairs revealing that the Red Devil tried to kill her, but Denise tells them not to go upstairs to catch the killer, but they go upstairs anyway unknown to them, the killer is not in the house and kills Denise's co-worker, Shondellwhile the girls discover graffiti, the killer left saying, "SLUTS WILL DIE" causing them to scream in horror.

While having dinner, the girls become overwhelmed with paranoia and accuse each other of being the killer, however, Chanel reveals that the girls need to keep the tradition of Kappa house and respect each other like sisters. Chad and Denise run into the room, revealing that the killer killed Shondell and Boone however it was revealed that Boone faked his death, with the Red Devil's help.

Chanel fighting with Chanel 5 Chanel Oberlin and Chanel 5 are in the freezer arguing after Chanel 2 's body is missing. She also says that the previous night she had an "amazing threesome" with twin brothers Dodger and Rogerand she would rather have sex with them than try to discover who the killer is.

After Chanel 5 leaves the freezer room, 1 screams that she will destroy her. Chanel is later seen when she approaches Chad while everyone is seen walking with candles towards the campus at night, because Dean Cathy Munsch has an announcement.

She talks to him about Booneasking how he is holding up, and Chad answers by saying how he is obviously upset, and then when Chanel tries to get back together with him again, he reveals he still does not want to date someone who's the president of a sorority filled with freaks and losers. After Hester walks into Chanel's closet and begins trying on some of her clothes, Chanel interrupts her feels as though Hester has violated her "closet vag".

Hester then asks Chanel if Karl Lagerfeld is her uncle and that every year he restocks this closet. Chanel assures her that he is not her actual uncle but is only called her uncle due to her mom and his relationship.

Hester wanted to know everything about him. She expresses how much she wanted to be a fashion girl but tragedy struck. Chanel asks her if that's why she is in that neck brace. Hester denies it and admits that it is because she has severe scoliosis that stunted her growth, she then whispers to the Chanel that she is her size.

Chanel Oberlin

Chanel then had a bright idea come to her mind, she thought of making Hester over so there would be one less "disaster" inside the Kappa house.

Chanel introduces Hester Ulrich as Chanel 6 Chanel later introduces Hester as "Chanel 6" to the other girls, and they looked surprised. Chanel 5 gets angry and says that she cannot turn a pledge into a Chanel, but 1 says that she is running out of minions now that two Chanels are dead. Chanel 5 gets even more freaked out and says that she will not tolerate this, because 1 has no respect for any of the Kappa members and the rules of the house, so she does not deserve to be president, and Zayday agrees with her.

Gigi Caldwell and the Dean Cathy Munsch enter to the house and say that they are moving in to keep an eye on them, surprising Chanel. At the end of the episode, Chanel is scared after Gigi got attacked by Red Devil.

ouija board rules wikihow how to flirt

Some footage shows the girls receiving their present with their reactions being filmed. Some of the presents include a box filled with blood, a box of moths and rosy apples. Chanel even visits a fan named Susan that always posts sad videos of her online, when she arrives at her house Susan cries of happiness. Later, after Chanel reviews the pumpkin that The Chanels and pledges carved, Zayday Williams announces her intentions of running for president of Kappa Kappa Tau against Chanel.

This makes Chanel angry and both start fighting, with Chanel threatening to destroy her reputation. Chanel is later seen in her closet sharpening knives, really sad because her place at Kappa house maybe be over if Zayday wins. Chanel 5 and Chanel 3 comfort her giving her the idea of making a party at a haunted pumpkin patch that will raise money for the "black hairy tongue" disease, so this will make everyone vote for Chanel at the elections. This makes 1 very grateful and the three of them share a hug.

The Chanels fighting with Tommy After giving the invitations for the party, 1, 3, 5, and Hester start eating cotton ball, so they will not gain weight.

Chanel gets tired of that and suggests to go and get some pizza, which the other girls agree, but a guy named Tommy interrupts them asking which of them would like to be his costume for Halloween, and says that he is going as "Dude Having Awesome Sex With You".

The girls start to get angry and his friend Rick joins the conversation and says that Tommy was just trying to tell them that they look hot. Chanel Oberlin defends her group saying that the culture that says it is okay for a man to objectify a woman for her appearance is the same culture that pressures girls to have eating disorders.

Tommy says that if she is trying to say that he is the responsible for them to look sexy then they should thank him. Chanel compares his attitude with Red Deviland later Chanel 3 asks sarcastically that if he is going to call them "sweetheart" now, and he answers that he will because it is kind of his signature move.

ouija board rules wikihow how to flirt

Hester gets angry and says "Well this is mine! Rick wants to defend Tommy but Chanel 5 makes him stumble.