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They also meet Queen Padme Amadala, who travels with them to the desert Tatooine and meets Anakin Skywalker, a chirpy little kid who will, somehow, Best scene: Han comes back to help Luke destroy the Death Star. Explore Karolina Karolina's board "Anakin and Padme" on Pinterest. I'll tell you all about it when I see you again - Anakin Skywalker & Obi-Wan Kenobi Find this Pin and more on Самые эффектные наряды в истории кино by Regina. . Needs a pic Anakin and Padmé getting married, near the top somewhere. "[Anakin] seriously spends two hours of the movie freaking out about his wife's Star Wars' answer to healthcare problems is "replace it with . This is all kinda depressing so I would like to once again say how good Somewhere in the U.S. today, a woman is dying from inadequate Ah! I see you had!.

He needed to see her again, see her beautiful face, and hear her lovely voice. He needed to feel her comforting presence, to hold her in his arms and feel completely content. After sprinting for about fifteen minutes, he came upon a glade, warm and sunny.

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The surroundings reminded Anakin of Padme's garden in Naboo. The smell of flowers drifted in the air. To the right of the clearing, a huge lake was spread out, like an enormous mirror. The water was calm and tranquil, and it sparkled in the morning sun. In the center of the glade, there was a stone bench, intricately carved.

And sitting on the bench, with her back to him, wearing the beautiful yellow dress that she had worn on that day when they had had a picnic in the meadow, was Padme. He stopped, panting from the tiring run. She stood, and then slowly turned around. She was as breathtaking as ever. Her long, chocolate brown curls tumbled down her back.

Her beautiful brown eyes stared, unblinkingly, into his. Her lips were as pink as a rose, and her cheeks were bright.

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Her form was as perfect as ever. She was an angel. They were both too shocked to move. They just stared at each other for a long second. Then, he stumbled forward, tears in his eyes. I am so, so, so sorry. They were running down her face, thick and fast. She sobbed into his shoulder, as Anakin held her as tight as he could without suffocating her. His tears were falling onto her hair as he held her, relishing the smell of her. They embraced for a long time, like the other was their lifeline.

Finally, they broke apart just enough to be able to look at each other. More than you can ever imagine. I can't believe you're here now. More tears leaked out of his eyes. I'm so sorry that I killed all of those Jedi. I'm so sorry that I didn't listen to you. I'm so sorry that I almost killed you. I'm so sorry you were forced to give birth to Luke and Leia without me to help you at all.

I'm so sorry that I killed all of those innocent people. I'm so sorry that I didn't raise Luke and Leia, and that they were forced to become orphans. I've done so many terrible things.

I don't know how you'll ever find it in your heart to forgive me. When I was dying by the river of lava, I only thought of you. Not a single day has past when I haven't thought of you. You are everything to me, Padme. When you died, I died as well. I can't live without you. You are the very thing that anchors me to the world. Without you, my life means nothing. I love you, Padme. This was her Ani, the one that she had married. This was the Ani that she had missed so much in the short time before her death.

I get just wanting to not think about things and just enjoy an experience for the experience. Why those people come in heavy and defensive that the very act of thinking about something critically is an attack on their personal ability to enjoy something unironically. I just don't get it. People were doing that with stethoscopes in the 19th century here. But oh, no, in a galaxy with medical tech so far advanced that we have an actual hover-droid delivering babies, nobody can lay their hands on a stethoscope.

Even if this needed to be the plot which, sighthere are better ways to do it. Anakin's turn to the Dark Side is not signalled by a sudden massacre of a bunch of Jedi children, but by the less-dramatic-but-much-more-plausible start of abuse during Padme's pregnancy.

We know in our galaxy that pregnancy is a high-risk time for domestic abuse to start or ramp up and there's no reason that should be different in this one, given that immature whiny rage-monsters are not that different either. So, maybe in this scenario, the Jedi back in their golden age were associated with the spread of modern medical knowledge and technology across the galaxy.

As part of the backlash against the Jedi, the things they're associated with, and seen as having control over, are also being criticised and attacked. There are a lot more conspiracy theories around - "oh yes, they'll tell you it's a vaccination programme, but really it's a midichlorian test - don't you know that Jedi steal children?

There's so many tempting conspiracy theories out there, and Anakin is fertile ground for conspiracy theories, especially about stuff the Jedi Don't Want You To Know. Palpatine probably has a whole collection of conspiracy-theory blogs across the extremist spectrum and an army of astroturf trolls for the comment sections of all the galactic media sources. Anakin gets more and more paranoid, more and more controlling. He doesn't want her working - it might hurt the baby.

He doesn't want her leaving Coruscant, it's not safe. He'd rather she didn't spend too much time with her friends. And, of course, he doesn't want her seeking out any antenatal care, either. As time goes on, it becomes clear that nobody's ever going to meet his standards.

Padme is worried, of course, but she's sure he'll get better soon: And when he's not raging at her, he's sending her links to blogs from the growing back-to-the-land fundamentalist movement, where people go entirely off-grid and have 14 babies with no medical assistance on a beautifully-photographed farm somewhere. She's not totally convinced, but it certainly seems like a more peaceful life than the one she's got right now.

And surely he'll come round soon, she loves him, he's not a bad guy By the time things start blowing up and she realises it's never going to get better, she's too busy trying to hold the galaxy together to think twice about her own health. In the end, the baby-delivering hover-droid correctly diagnoses that Padme's death is caused by Anakin force choking her in late pregnancy, which set off a series of reactions that ultimately killed her with the assistance of a treatable pregnancy complication she didn't even know she had.

Perhaps if they'd got to her earlier, perhaps if they'd had her records to hand, they could have done something Palpatine's tagged him in an article about how the medical establishment are covering up hover-droid-induced deaths.

After all she was fine before those medical droids got their hands on her. And wasn't everything better when she spent her time alone in her apartments sitting around pregnant in billowy clothes, just waiting for you to come back? Maybe we should just outlaw those droids altogether now we're in charge. What do you say? Uh, the article is not questioning the fact that space travel exists or wondering how it works. The article is questioning why, in a universe where space travel exists, women are dying in childbirth?

In a universe where someone can fall into lava and live, there's no pre-natal care? The article actually makes the point that it looked like there was no pre-natal healthcare at all, and Padme was a fairly wealthy woman.

There are things that we believe about every story: If it's a story about magic, then this is a universe where magic exists. If it's a movie about space, then this is a universe where space travel is possible. The disconnect is at the point where science has evolved enough to make space travel possible, but rich and powerful women are still dying in childbirth.

In the pioneer West, death in childbirth was common. It was like that everywhere all over the world since forever until modern medicine came along, not just in the pioneer west. This is why you can't apply medical science to them. They are magical and mysterious and not subject to your medical science! Also this is why they can get sad and kill you.

Or produce Anakin just for LOLs. In fact, male sperm actually has no value, all children are Force-created. But men don't want to admit this and women mostly humor them, except for Shmi who doesn't care. This is also why there are so few women. Their Force wombs are uncontrollable and they generally die of random Force accidents at a young age.

On the upside, women in that universe never have periods. Which is good because all that magical blood would cause problems.

Put it in a quintillion-ton space ship the size of a continent, just to be safe. Charged plasma containment system with nigh-infinite battery life, contained in a vessel the size of a coffee mug?

Hell yeah, man, it's a fucking laser ninja sword, back off. Quasi magical powers wielded by a shadowy religious group, including telekinetic manipulation, mind control, and the ability to exist outside of time and space?

Well, if the Jedi aren't going to keep the peace, who will? Coherent vision for reproductive health? But it's terribly written along certain very predictable axes, in particular, as the article points out, along the misogyny axis. I really enjoyed the article. This particular plot hole has annoyed me since I first saw the movie in the theater. I mean, you've got hyperspace and light swords but no basic stethoscopes to discover two fetal heartbeats, really? Accompanied Padme to every doctor's visit despite the danger of outing their secret relationship, pursued every risky technological option to thwart his vision-of-doom.

He could have tracked down dodgy treatment options for imaginary problems, sought out dangerous mystical remedies on Palpatine's recommendation, natch to avert bad luck, only to have Padme die despite the efforts. Maybe Obi-wan or Yoda, alarmed by Anakin's increasingly bizarre behavior would have intervened, thwarting his efforts, so Anakin blames them and the Jedi, sending him off the rails into a child-killing rage against the Jedi.

SVU and Criminal Minds--it's not an exotic or unusual trope. That kind of approach would have still centered the narrative on Anakin, rather than on Padme, keeping him front and center in the story, making it still all-about-him, thus countering any complaints that emphasizing Padme's pregnancy would change the focus of the movies.

A lot of the time, I can come up with a simple explanation that neatly covers the plot-hole and would be weird or a waste of time to show on screen. The closest I can get with this one is that prenatal care in the Star Wars universe is indeed terrible and everything about it's stupidity in the article is accurate. BUT, Anakin was always going to fall to the darkside, the only question was what was going to be the rationalization.

They can detect magic force microbes and fuck you Lucas for making talk about midi-chlorians again and measure them. If they couldn't diagnose what was wrong with Padme, it was out of purposeful ignorance.