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Glen did 52 flights during 6 days of training at Paratour. This was back in when I meet Eric Dufour and asked him to teach me this sport "Hello PPG'ers. From tonight's meet and greet in Houston #PARATOUR, on Instagram. https://thetacom/s/dMwHc3HLi2iazRl7tuTmDWUmO. thetacom. Elisabeth steadily repairing and inspecting wings in her Paratour USA shop # theta

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My arms got really cold. Our next area of the store was the storage closet completely dark. There was a monitor recording the closet area. Our guide went in first and said hello.

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It's polite to say hello. We could see her on the monitor. She had a flashlight that she had placed on the ground. Robert was next to go in and it was just the guide and I. Well the fan cord started to spin a perfect circle which caused us both to gasp. On the monitor orbs began flying around the closet. All different sizes we could see on the monitor.

Paraglider repairs at Paratour's Glider Shop

The flashlight had turned ON by itself then went off. So many orbs flying around and the meters spiking red constantly. The guide said it was probably the kids in the store. We stayed there watching the orbs on the monitor. Kind of scary but it was fascinating. We moved back out to the main store.

The guide put the flashlight on the counter which began to move back and forth. No movement from us made it move. Then it happened again.

I ended up with a total of 47 flights in my 10 days with Eric! Earlier I mentioned the benefit of having the glider shop right there. On my 42nd flight the winds were the highest they had been to date mph breeze and I had a little mishap. I throttled back a little too much after the wing came overhead and it fell back. I cut one line and nicked 3 others.

Elisabeth said she would put a rush on it and have my wing ready to go by the next flying day two days later. Sure enough, my lines were replaced and I was ready to go!

I got in five more flights before I left for home and had a great time doing it! Had it not been for the glider shop right there I would have had to settle for 42 flights, still not bad but 47 is better! I highly recommend to anyone who wants to get into powered paragliding to give Eric a call.

Eric and Elisabeth are wonderful people and very skilled in what they do. I hope to get back down to Florida real soon. Happy and safe flying everyone! In that brief amount of time, I managed to get 64 flights under my belt: Upon arriving in Christmas, FL, I knew very little about the sport of powered paragliding and my mechanical knowledge was lacking to say the least. Every part of the training process was customized to my needs and my equipment. Eric has a wonderful understanding of his students, and knows just how hard to push them so that they can make the transition into pilots.