Poe and finn meet fionna

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poe and finn meet fionna

Fionna and Finn!! I'm so happy it's finally done, considering blonde hair is a challenge for me xP I RECORDED THE PROCESS: dayline.info 6wCwO1H0vUw. Ossian is the narrator and purported author of a cycle of epic poems published by the Scottish Ossian is based on Oisín, son of Finn or Fionn mac Cumhaill, anglicised to Finn and Oscar's lover Malvina (like Fiona a name invented by Macpherson), who looks after Ossian in his old age. . For fear and melancholy meet;. Buy tickets, see upcoming sessions and read more about Bridge of Spies at Dendy Cinemas.

The other women turn into demons and ferociously tear apart the apple, and feed the shreds to what looks like miniature lub glubs in their hair, revealing what appears to be BONES. After the demonic girls are done feeding, they left behind an apple core with a dark suspiciously meaty looking center with bones coming out of it and some visible blood. The girls then chase after Finn and Jake, after seeing what happened to the apple, just imagine what would have happened to our heroes.

This one really takes Family-Unfriendly Death to a horrific extreme!

Finn and Jake meet Fionna and Cake

And regarding the monster It stays mostly in shadow, but we do see those GIANT hands, tentacles, and a diamond eye, and it just laughing Jake, using stretchy powers, acting out a disturbing scene of Finn strangling him in "Incendium. Finn raging after Flame Princess burns his pictures of PB, and screaming at her. Season 4 "Five Short Graybles".

Loud Enough to Hear - An Autistic Reviews Fiona Helbron from Elementary

PB and Pepbut actually killed a cute little jellyfish for the sake of making the greatest sandwich ever by cooking it. If you think about it, it died in a pretty awful way. The ending of "Web Weirdos", where Finn and Jake are buried under a mountain of baby spiders infinitely gushing out of their mother's backside. During the fade to black. Love like theirs will always find a way.

It'll crawl all up over you and drain your body fluids, poisoning you slowly until you pass out.

poe and finn meet fionna

Circle of life, Finn. Jake in "Return to the Nightosphere". He turned into some kind of gross demon for real: One of them looks like it had one side cut off. As they pan across the horizon to show us what the Nightosphere really looks like, the only sound effect that can be heard leaves him shaking in fear. It's a sound effect that sounds like an old woman dying a horrible, slow, painful death. And Marceline's Chaotic Evil form complete with creepy, modified voice. The cruel and bizarre punishments.

One demon was forced to eternally vomit bananas and bananas are considered to literally be shit in the Nightosphere, and one had his entire head turned into abdominal muscles. According to Andy Ristaino, they didn't get better, and their situation is probably far worse right now. A touch of Fridge Horror. One of the Nightosphere demons in the background looked almost exactly like Lemongrab. That's just too weird to be a coincidence. The fact that all of the mentally handicapped demons are all locked up in jail, left to either go insane or become even MORE insane.

Or even worse, they could've been horribly traumatized by the horrors of the Night-O-Sphere, which we never get to see. At the end of "In Your Footsteps", the Lich has returned and appears to be plotting something along the lines of vengeance. That scene at night where the bear is standing in front of the mirror, wearing Finn's clothes, imitating him.

This creeps Jake out, so he silently walks away, looking just as disturbed and confused as us. It's one of those scenes where it's hard to explain why it's unsettling, but it is. When Finn and Jake are having a nasty argument lots of shoutingBMO, who just got home from soccer, sits on the floor quietly, absentmindedly rolling his soccer ball back and forth.

This brings to mind the way a child reacts to his dysfunctional parent's arguing. The scene is pretty weird and mundane to the average person, but it probably caused countless fans, who grew up in dysfunctional households, to cringe or just feel disturbed.

After the climactic hug battle at the end of "Hug Wolf", Finn turns back into a normal boy, and the original hug wolf turns into a surprisingly beautiful woman. After Finn and the woman remark that they both feel like they don't need any more hugs, Jake goes up to the woman ask if he can get a hug, and she flashes a pained look at the ground before spontaneously turning into another Tree of Blightthere's there's a short cut to Jake screaming, and then the episode ends.

This isn't as random as it might seem. During the opening scene, the Alpha Hugwolf was hit with a piece of the exploding Tree of Blight. Evidently, this causing the victim to transform into another Tree of Blight, who will, presumably, be dealt with in the same way as the first one. The whole premise behind "Princess Monster Wife," which is essentially about Ice King stealing the princesses's body parts. The way PB tries to talk with most of her head missing. And of course the titular "Princess Monster Wife" in question The way the Princess sounds- three voices at once.

The combined Princess is alive PB's frazzled, exhausted, slightly unhinged appearance in "Goliad. Has she really lost it this time?! We all remember what happened the LAST time she tried making an heir to the throne. Knowing Adventure Time, this will not end well LG was an asshole, but PB's newest creation is completely evil and sociopathic. Goliad herself, a sociopathic, telepathic sphinx mutant whose entire premise is based off the alien children from Village of the Damned really easily obvious when Finn tries to keep his thoughts away from Goliad.

Especially the part with the bee She crushed the bee in her paws we saw blood, too! This made even PB frightened! Her disturbingly logical speech upon her turn to the Dark Sidedelivered in that perfect Creepy Child voice: Bee cares not for flower. If getting pollen hurts or kills flower, bee would not care. Bee is stronger than flower.

poe and finn meet fionna

Goliad is stronger than bee. Goliad is stronger than all And as long as we're here, how about a more realistic version of the battle? The children entering Jake through his eye sockets in an attempt to damage his brain.

And when Goliad mind-controls the kids to do the same thing later. Jake freaking out and yelling at the candy kids. The implication that, for all intents and purposes, Finn's son and PB's daughter are doomed to spend the rest of eternity in a meta-world, fighting each other, with no hope of ever coming back. Although, if Stormo inherited some of Finn's Blood Knight nature, he might be enjoying it Oh dear Glob, save us But it might not be that bad - Lemongrab has settled down with his clone, so maybe they'll rule the Candy Kingdom together?

Unfortunately, "Too Old" reveals that Lemongrab has become a sadistic tyrant who oppresses the lemon people and cannibalizes Lemongrab 2. The idea of a disturbed Lemongrab on the Candy throne is frightening enough, but a disturbed, unfettered, sociopathic Lemongrab is even worse! Considering Goliad, who was based on PB, became an evil sociopath bent on ruling the world with mind control, what does that say about her DNA?

It might not be PB's fault. During the scene that depicts what PB put in the formula, one can see Cinnamon Bun getting thrown in the mixture with candy biomass, and climbing out before she puts Algebra in. Cinnamon Bun may have a repressed evil side covered up by his klutzy and thoughtless nature.

Wouldn't be surprising if tiny shavings Candy Person Dandrift from him got in somehow. Or he sabotaged her from the beginning.

The fact that all this could have been avoided if PB hadn't played God is also pretty terrifying. What would happen if Stormo didn't want to fight her? They'd have been exactly as screwed as they already were, so hey whatta ya got to lose at that point? Fire with fire, or mad science as the case may be. Finn gets trapped in the Spirit World after touching a magic artifact, leaving him out-of-phase with the real world— he can see and hear Jake, not vice versa.

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It's a situation eerily similar to Transformers Prime 's Shadowzone, except that Finn lacks the convenience of being able to text Jake for help. The Spirit World is inhabited by a vast collection of bizarre, Lovecraftian creatures that drift about with no rhyme or reason, seemingly just there to creep us out.

This is because Fiona is in control of this situation, and for maybe the first time on television, a canonically autistic character has the floor to speak about her autism candidly, without interruption or edification.

Autistic and autistic-coded characters are usually one of these two extremes, but Fiona is a new and different take on interactions between autistics and neurotypicals. She is comfortable with her own strengths and weaknesses stating that she likes to make the code work, indicating she is an excellent coder, but later also admitting that she sometimes forgets social niceties while working.

Sherlock is not comfortable with his autistic-coded traits. He attributes his drug abuse, at least in part, to his overactive mind and his tendency to become over-stimulated. Despite his outward confidence, Sherlock has a lot of insecurity about his autistic traits. I think it will be really good for him to get know Fiona, and see how she deals with similar autistic traits in a much healthier manner.

THE BAD While I do believe that Fiona has a deeper, more complex side to her that we got a glimpse of in this episode, and will see more of in future episodes, her surface character is highly stereotypical. Again, looking at the character from a neurotypical point of view, I understand why the writers chose to go this route.

The writers were introducing a canon autistic character, who will eventually become the love interest for Sherlock.

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They needed the audience to become invested in Fiona, to like her. The best and easiest way to do this, for a mostly neurotypical audience, is to make her fit the autism stereotypes, at least for the time being. It is a similar principle to the new Star Wars characters.

The writers for The Force Awakens knew that they needed to very careful in how they introduced three strange and new characters into a much beloved universe. So, they made the characters have strong parallels to the original trio. However, when you look at the characters on a deeper level, it is obvious that Rey, Poe, and Finn are very much their own characters, and are not just copies of the original trio.

It was a technique in order to get the audience invested in these new characters quickly, so that the rest of the movie could play out effectively. I think the Elementary writers were doing the same thing with Fiona. They made her stereotypical on the surface, because neurotypicals can recognize that, and will feel like they can understand the character.

As time goes on, we will see a more nuanced side to her character. But, I do feel that, in some ways, the writers became so stereotypical with the character that it was inaccurate.

I can lie when I feel it is necessary. My initial response is to simply tell the truth. I feel uncomfortable with lying mainly because I do not understand it; lying just confuses a situation unnecessarily in my opinion. I would be confused as to why they wanted me to do that, but I could do it, and I think most autistic people could. Fiona is portrayed as someone who can lie when necessary, but is very uncomfortable with the prospect.

However, both Sherlock and Phil state that it is essentially impossible for Fiona to lie, and that she cannot hurt people. Of course, not all autistic people have trouble with eye contact or breaking the rules, or info-dump all the time. But, a majority of them do.

poe and finn meet fionna

The name Fingal or Fionnghall means "white stranger". Macpherson published these translations during the next few years, culminating in a collected edition, The Works of Ossian, in The most famous of these Ossianic poems was Fingal, written in The supposed original poems are translated into poetic prose, with short and simple sentences.

The mood is epicbut there is no single narrative, although the same characters reappear. The main characters are Ossian himself, relating the stories when old and blind, his father Fingal very loosely based on the Irish hero Fionn mac Cumhaillhis dead son Oscar also with an Irish counterpartand Oscar's lover Malvina like Fiona a name invented by Macphersonwho looks after Ossian in his old age. Though the stories "are of endless battles and unhappy loves", the enemies and causes of strife are given little explanation and context.

There is very little information given on the religion, culture or society of the characters, and buildings are hardly mentioned. The landscape "is more real than the people who inhabit it. Drowned in eternal mist, illuminated by a decrepit sun or by emphemeral meteors, it is a world of greyness.

Napoleon and Diderot were great admirers, and Voltaire wrote parodies of them. Many writers were influenced by the works, including Walter Scottand painters and composers chose Ossianic subjects. One poem was translated into French inand by the whole corpus. Complete Danish translations were made inand Swedish ones in — In Scandinavia and Germany the Celtic nature of the setting was ignored or not understood, and Ossian was regarded as a Nordic or Germanic figure who became a symbol for nationalist aspirations.

Melchiore Cesarotti was an Italian clergyman whose translation into Italian is said by many to improve on the original, and was a tireless promoter of the poems, in Vienna and Warsaw as well as Italy.

It was his translation that Napoleon especially admired, [9] and among others it influenced Ugo Foscolo who was Cesarotti's pupil in the University of Padua. The most influential Russian version of Ossian was the translation by Ermil Kostrovwho based his work on Pierre Le Tourneur's translation from the original. The poems also exerted an influence on the burgeoning of Romantic musicand Franz Schubert in particular composed Lieder setting many of Ossian's poems.

His friend Niels Gade devoted his first published work, the concert overture Efterklange af Ossian "Echoes of Ossian" written into the same subject. He went so far as to write a poem entitled Homer and Ossian, of which the first verse reads: Oh where are you Hellenes and Celts? Already you have vanished, like Two cities drowning In the waters of the deep. Only the tips of towers stand out from the water, Two tips of towers: Likewise, William Wordsworth was evidently positively impressed by Macpherson's text when he wrote his poem Glen-Almain, the Narrow Glen: He sang of battles, and the breath Of stormy war, and violent death; And should, methinks, when all was past, Have rightfully be laid at last Where rocks were rudely heap'd, and rent As by a spirit turbulent; Where sights were rough, and sounds were wild, And everything unreconciled; In some complaining dim retreat, For fear and melancholy meet; But this is calm; there cannot be A more entire tranquility.

Does then the bard sleep here indeed?