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Discover the restaurant RESTO PODENCO - LA RIBERA in Remich: pictures, reviews, the menu and online booking in one clickRESTO PODENCO - LA. A total of 48, tons of meat, and , tons of milk were produced in The city has several swimming pools; the Olympic Swimming Pool in the carousels, shooting ranges-plus many temporary restaurants and two dance calls . .. Luxembourg was the first EU nation to meet the standards for adopting the. S peaking at a meeting in Luxembourg last week, Reding pointed out that new drugs are . L ike many vegans and vegetarians, the decision to stop eating meat came in There is a frustration here: “it is hard to get a vegan meal in a restaurant in field would be cheaper and more useful than yet another swimming pool.

Other urban areas and their estimated populations include Differdange, 19,; Dudelange, 17,; and Schifflange, 8, Inhowever, rich deposits of iron ore were uncovered in southern Luxembourg, and during the period of industrialization and prosperity that followed, many persons from neighboring countries migrated to Luxembourg. Since the adoption of national asylum legislation in Aprilthere has been a significant increase in the number of asylum seekers.

Inpeople applied for asylum. By1, people applied. Between January and Julyas many as 2, people submitted asylum applications. As of 12 Augustsome people had been evacuated from Macedonia to Luxembourg. Evacuees were given a six-month renewable residence permit, as well as work permits, social assistance, and the right to family reunification.

As ofnone of the evacuees had returned. Also as ofLuxembourg officials were in the process of adopting a law on temporary protection. In there were 1, refugees and no asylum seekers. The estimated net migration rate in was 8.

A strong indication of that character is the national motto, "Mir woelle bleiwe wat mir sin" "We want to remain what we are"for despite a history of long foreign domination, Luxembourgers have retained their individuality as a nation. There are also native-born residents of Celtic, French, Belgian, or German ancestry, as well as a substantial immigrant population of Portuguese, Italian, and other Europeans guest and worker residents.

All three are official languages. Letzeburgesch is a Germanic dialect related to the Moselle Frankish language that was once spoken in western Germany. It rarely appears in written form. Letzeburgesch, French, and German are all languages of instruction in primary schools, while French is the most common language of instruction in secondary schools.

Government publications are generally in French. English is also spoken. The largest Protestant denominations are the Lutheran and Calvinist churches. It is believed that the number of atheists is small, but growing.

The constitution provides for freedom of religion and this right is respected in practice. A special Concordat of allows certain religious groups to receive financial support. For instance, the state pays salaries for Roman Catholic and Greek and Russian Orthodox priests, Jewish rabbis, and pastors of some Protestant denominations. The state also supports some private religious schools. Certain Christian holidays are celebrated as national holidays.

Railway lines, totaling km mi inprovide direct links with Belgium via Arlon, with France via Metz and Longwy, and with Germany via Trier. There is through-train service to Paris and various other points in France. In that same year, km mi of railway were electrified. In there were 5, km 3, mi of state and local roads, all of which were paved, including km 91 mi of expressways. Direct roads connect all important towns, and the main arteries are suitable for heavy motor traffic.

As of there werecars and 35, commercial vehicles in use. In the s, a program was underway to link Luxembourg's highways to those of Belgium, France, and Germany. The only river available for industrial transport is the Moselle, which for 37 km 23 mi allows navigation of barges of up to 1, tons. There were two airports inonly one of which had a paved runway. There was also a single heliport. The principal airport is Findel, located near the city of Luxembourg. Regular flights to other European cities are operated by Luxair, the national carrier, and by foreign airlines.

Luxembourg's largest airline, Cargolux, ranks among Europe 's top 10 cargo carriers. Luxembourg and the United States have shared open sky aviation rights since a agreement. In the latest year for which data was available, passengers were carried on scheduled airline flights. The area tripled in size during the reign of Countess Ermesinde — John, count of Luxembourg r. His son Charles —78 was the second of four Luxembourg princes to become Holy Roman emperor.

He made Luxembourg a duchy, but under his successors the country was ruined financially. Luxembourg came under Burgundian rule in and remained in foreign hands for more than years.

Successively it passed to Spain —, excepting —97, when it was ruled by FranceAustria —95and France — Luxembourg lost more than half its territory to Belgium inbut gained a larger measure of autonomy, although Dutch kings continued to rule as grand dukes. By the Treaty of London inLuxembourg was declared an independent and neutral state under the protection of the Great Powers, but was required to dismantle its mighty fortress.

The country was occupied by German troops in World War I. InGrand Duchess Charlotte succeeded to the throne, and on 28 Septemberin a referendum held to decide the country's future, a plurality supported her. InLuxembourg formed an economic union with Brussels. The Germans again invaded the country in Maybut the grand ducal family and most members of the government escaped to safety. Under the Nazi occupation, the people suffered severely, particularly when their revolt in protesting compulsory service in the German army was savagely repressed.

Luxembourg was liberated by Allied forces in September That year, while still in exile, the government agreed to form an economic union with Belgium and the Netherlands; the first phase, the Benelux Customs Union, was effected in In Februarya treaty of economic union, which became effective inwas signed by representatives of the three countries. In AprilLuxembourg celebrated its 1,th anniversary as an independent state. Prince Henri took the throne on 7 October Jean's reign was marked by continued prosperity, as Luxembourg's economy shifted from dependence on steel to an emphasis on services, notably finance and telecommunications.

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There is an industrial sector which initially was dominated by steel but has become increasingly diversified to include chemicals, rubber, and other products. Different governments have played a key role in the diversification process and the development of a skilled workforce has been an important instrument.

Equally important is the country's tax regime. Its favorable tax law is at odds with the rest of the European Union and pressures for European-wide harmonization would diminish the sector's competitive advantage. Luxembourg suffered due to the global economic down-turn and the turmoil in international stock markets that began inas its small, open economy specializes in financial services.

Luxembourg joined the Economic and Monetary Union inand adopted the euro as its currency. Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker was considered for the presidency of the European Commission inhowever he promised to remain as prime minister if he won the election ofand so stayed on in Luxembourg.

The grand ducal crown is hereditary in the house of Nassau-Weilbourg. Legislative power is vested in the Chamber of Deputies, the 60 prior to64 members members of which are elected for five-year terms. In addition, the Council of State, composed of 21 members appointed for life by the sovereign, acts as a consulting body in legislative, administrative, and judicial matters and has the right of suspensive veto.

Executive power rests jointly in the sovereign, who may initiate legislation, and a prime minister president of the governmentappointed by the monarch, who in turn selects a cabinet. The prime minister, together with the cabinet, must command a majority in the Chamber of Deputies.

Voting is compulsory, and eligibility begins at age Following the June elections, the distribution of seats in the member unicameral Chamber of Deputies was: Following the June elections, distribution of seats was: The next elections were scheduled to be held in June The districts are headed by commissioners—civil servants who are responsible to the central government. Each commune elects an autonomous communal council headed by a burgomaster; the councils elect government officials at the local level.

Local elections are held every six years. Minor cases generally come before one of three justices of the peace. On a higher level are the two district courts, one in the city of Luxembourg and the other in Diekirch. The Court of Cassation comprises a bench of five judges, responsible for hearing cases that seek to overturn or set aside decisions given by the various benches of the Court of Appeal.

The Court of Appeal consists of nine benches of three judges each, hearing civil, commercial, and criminal cases. Flexibleways todevelopyour careerorinterests Learn more luxembourg open. Accessible only via chair-lift, the forest offers visitors a range of high-rope courses with over 60 different obstacles to face up high above its picturesque town. Kids will love it. Splashing around Luxembourg has some of the best swimming baths, saunas and wellness centres in Europe.

Between July 30 and August 7 the castle will host its Festival Historique International, mixing the story of our ancestors with endless fun activities. Fencing, music, falconry, magic, acrobatics, dance, arts and crafts and so much more will tell a completely hands-on tale of the medieval knights of the past.

Opens officially on August 19 and runs until September 7. For more information on Schueberfouer and other funfairs around the country this summer, visit www.

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Every weekend and almost every day from now until September there will be something going on in the city centre. A number of acts from all over the world will perform on two stages, and a third stage will be dedicated to dance shows such as Capoeira, Indian and Phillipino traditional dance.

The capital will host a greatest hits performance from Brit band Texas at Rock am Knuedler on July 3.

Three stages will be set up for a day of rock and pop concerts from both local and international acts, with more than 50 Luxembourgish artists performing. A blues and jazz rally will take over the streets of the Grund and Clausen in the evening of July For the programme, visit www. On the weekend of August 13 and 14, streeta rt nimation will take over the capital as dozens of dancers, circus acts, theatrical artists descend on the capital, swarming the streets and entertaining passersby.

Some will be on stilts, others will dance, some will juggle, others will act, but no matter how outrageous their gig, all the artists will have one thing in common: So check out the programmes on offer: All that remains left to say is have a fantastic summer, we know we will! Everybody is invited to participate for free in the activities on offer during these two days of lively and convivial celebration.

Activities will include free guided tours, numerous workshops, six exhibitions, live performances, birthday cake and much more! You are particularly invited to attend the Mudam Loves You evening taking place on Saturday, July 2 from 6pm to midnight which will include a big festive barbeque, live shows, a DJ set and a live concert.

The party continues after midnight at d: During this celebration weekend, the museum is opening its doors for free on Saturday, July 2 from 11am to 8pm and on Sunday, July 3 from 11am to 6pm.

The disturbing impression of only having access to snippets of stories is reinforced by the subjects depicted: The cinematic staging and the editing of shots and sequences are borrowed from the cinematic arts by contemporary artists whose work questions the notions of temporality, reconstruction, the realistic character of documentary and the tyranny of credulity of the filmed image.

The exhibition highlights the gap existing between reality and fiction in an era dominated by the media and all sorts of images. The works that the British artist John Stezaker has been creating since the mids make use of film stills and portraits of actors found in second-hand bookshops, pictures taken from vintage books, and old postcards.

At their root lies the fascination that the found image can wield, thus reversing the usual hierarchy between artist and artwork. His collages and image fragments are hallmarked by minimal modes of intervention.

Like a detective using scientific methods, Melvin Moti patiently constructs visual plots by taking anecdotes as a starting point. Mudam invites designer Thomas Pausz for a series of open air activities throughout the summer.

Pausz treats his design practice like a garden from which participants are invited to collect what has been sown during shared experiences. He acts softly, his means are economic an ecological. A slow pace and a sense of community are at the center of his activity program spread across several intra and extra-muros sites.

Starts July 15 and runs until August 6, This exhibition focuses, through works taken from the Mudam collection of over 20 artists, on the wealth and plurality of the relationship between artists and landscape. The collection will appear oversized, pixilated and deployed in the manner of a panorama by Veilhan — they will also appear more intimate through graphic variations by Cy Twombly, more fantasized by the luminous painting by Christian Hidaka and much more. Runs until November 6, Pascale Marthine Tayou — Black Forest: The works by artist Pascale Marthine Tayou place dominators and dominated, North and South, creator and viewer back to back.

Tayou nonchalantly presents pieces that brutally translate the evils of the world. The artwork of this self-taught artist is an experience which needs to be lived rather than described. He is known for his assemblages, drawings, installations and texts, the raw material of which is provided by the detritus of society. Gilles Somers, a friend of Quincy Jones, resident in Luxembourg and Ros Browne Quincy Jones is one of the most recognised and admired artists in the entertainment world.

In a musical career that extends over six decades, he is distinguished as a band leader, solo artist, songwriter, producer, arranger, composer of film music, a record label director, producer of films, television, Broadway, and above all as a humanitarian. The remarkable diversity of his career is highlighted by the artists with whom he has worked including Ray Charles and Frank Sinatra to Michael Jackson and Paul Simon to name but a few. Quincy Jones has been an old friend of my family for over 50 years.

As a child, I have memories of my parents inviting many musicians to our home, who often stayed for dinner. My father knew Duke Ellington and Jango Reinhardt and as he was himself a pretty good guitarist, Stefan Grapelli even took him one night and they played together at a cafe. Quincy and my father were very good friends. He told me of an incident that happened inwhile Quincy was on tour in Eastern Europe.

Ot of the blue he called my father and explained that he had just been robbed and he was stuck behind the Iron Curtain with his team. My father was his only friend in Europe that has changed since!

My father immediately sent Quincy through the necessary diplomatic channels the money so they can all return to the United States. Quincy, in memory of my father and their long friendship has never stopped, to consider myself a bit like his nephew and that is why he comes to Luxembourg. He arrived for the first time two years ago and it was during dinner that Clelia my wife and I had been home to Mensdorf, he learned on his laptop of the death of Michael Jackson.

Quincy was totally devastated and my wife and I we were obviously very shocked by the news. The next day, the lobby of his hotel was full of journalists, almost all of the news channels were there wanting an interview with Quincy: It surprised me at how quickly they found out that he was in Luxembourg as we had kept his presence a secret.

However, I imagine that journalists have their methods for finding things out. Two years later to the day, Quincy will return to Luxembourg to not only visit my family but also to take part in a concert held in his honour on June 25 at the Philharmonie here in Luxembourg. I am extremely happy that he will be here in the Grand Duchy and I am sure that his welcome will be warm and his performance magnificent. For further information about the event please visit www. Quincy was totally devastated and my ously very shocked by the lobby of his hotel was full of journalists, almost all of there wanting an interview Philharmonie Samedi Offer valid until June 30, W e chose to share our proceeds with four very worthy groups.

Their primary concerns for these children are health provisions, healthy nutrition and education. We also support the local charity A. The school playground served as their workshop and the young artists experimented with different techniques linking different colours and textures. The children covered their hands and feet in paint and whilst walking, dancing, jumping or even sitting proceeded to make their mark on various materials such as paper, fabric or tapestry.

They used objects as diverse as sponges, forks and knives to realise their masterpieces. The result is an exhibition that reflects the true spontaneity and enthusiasm of young children outside the constraints of academic convention.

The exhibition is open everyday from now until October 2, Bad Teacher Comedy 91 mins - st. Daily 2, 5, 7. Sat also at midnight. Fri also at midnight.

Sat also at quarter past midnight. Tue also at 4. Tue also at Fri-Mon also at 4. Fri-Tue also at 7. Like Father Like Son Comedy 9 mins - st. Festival is accompanied by music, tasty treats, activities for children and parachuting demonstrations.

Tel 40 62 Tel 54 16 Entertainment, music and wine accompany this traditional all-day festival. Thursday poker at Kockelscheuer — 7.

Every Thursday test your luck at this poker tournament. Open Air Konstfestival, Lellingen village — 9. For the 21st year running Lellingen will transform into a colourful open air art gallery. Live nomadic performance taking viewers on a wonderful journey strewn with catchy music and touching moments. Tel 27 48 93 Tel 27 48 93 82 www. Metal band Arch Enemy returns to Luxembourg to promote their latest album released in May. Tel 55 44 Moment musical - Eglise St.

Organ played by Paul Kayser. National Cycling Champions make a public appearance in the town of Diekirch. Tel 80 30 The idea behind the Family class is for children and their parents to have fun together while moving: Kids aged two years or more plus parents are welcome! For more info visit www. Everyone over the age of 12 is more than welcome to join! Have a look at the schedule online to see which type of classes will be offered.

Cats, Glacis — 3pm and 8pm. Here, Theatre tent Europe brings the original London production to life onstage in the semi-round. Performance is in German. Tel 26 20 End-of-season party, Philharmonie — 9pm-5am. Tel 26 32 26 Tel 47 Tickets 16 euros, 12 euros students www. Cats, Glacis — 8pm. Portugal celebration, Parking a Kack — noon- 1pm. Guided tour led by mushroom expert Marie Garnier-Delcourt.

In French but translations available on request. Tel 26 54 Special night of music, film, dancing, fireworks, laser show and other entertainment to celebrate the history of this fasinating village. Organised by Maison du Parc Naturel. Tel 89 93 31 Telstar Scouts second-hand sale taking place today at St.

For donations or queries please contact flaips hotmail. Live Am Park open-air festival taking place today in the Parc Gerlache. Starts at 2pm with Happy Hour from 7 to 8pm. For more info and full line-up visit www. Concert forms part of the Echternach international music festival. Tel 72 83 47 www. Beatsteaks, Kulturfabrik — 7pm. German rockers likened to Red Hot Chili Peppers. Tel 55 44 93 1.

More info and tickets at www. Circus Klezmer, CAPe — 8pm. Eastern European music and acrobatics combine in this breathtaking performances by Spanish company Aire Aire.

Fun Walk, Hall Irbicht — 7am-2pm. Choose between six, 11 and 22 km routes. All shops in the city centre as well as the gare area are open today from 2pm to 6pm.

For this occasion, there will be free shuttle busses available throughout the day, all normal busses lines will be free as well — there will also be a special City Shopping Bus leaving every ten minutes from the Glacis.

More info at www. Large shops from the Belle Epoque guided tour, departs Place de la Constitution — 11am How did the government transform an ancient fortress into a commercial country centre?

These questions and more will be addressed in this walking study through the evolution of Luxembourg City. Tour is led by Dr Robert L. Open house from 2 to 7pm, children welcome. More info at kauserarif hotmail.

Tel 72 83 Rock-A-Field, Herchesfeld — 11am- 68 euros. Cats, Glacis — 2pm and 7pm. This is a free public concert. Winds at the Conservatoire de Musique. The 75 piece Los Angeles Pierce Symphonic Winds are among a growing number of internationally acclaimed wind ensembles from the United States.

Since their founding inthe L. Winds have been a leading force in the American community band movement. Tickets cost 10 euros. Concert starts at 9. John Butler Trio at den Atelier! Doors open at 8. Support act is Passenger. Starts at 8 pm in the Grand Auditorium.

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Born in Alabama, Beverly was mostly brought up in Belgium and therefore sings her songs in French. Come along and enjoy this unique, soulful voice! Tickets cost 25 euros, starts at 8pm. For more information call 27 47 86 20 or visit www.

Santana hits the stage at the Rockhal, organized by den Atelier. With a guitar technique and sound second to none, Carlos Santana truly is a living legend! Concert starts at 6. Made up of professional singers, and embodying the celebrated English choral tradition, the choir will perform music by Elgar, Byrd, Bruckner, Blow and Stanford, and the popular setting of Ave Verum Corpus by long-time Luxembourg resident Dafydd Bullock.

The concert is free with a retiring collection and starts at 8pm. Enjoy exercising in the fresh air? Joggers and runners of all levels are welcome as the class combines jogging and running with strength exercises. Whether you are experienced or inexperienced, all are welcome as long as you are above the age of 12 and own a pair of good running shoes! For more info on prices and how to become a member visit www. There will then be a discussion.

All who are interested to attend this event are invited to contact Roderick Dunnett on Dunnett pt. Cavalera Conspiracy hit the stage at the Rockhal! These Brazilian metal titans are guaranteed to put on a show that is extremely loud and furious! The band was created between Max and Igor, the two brothers who formed the legendary heavy metal band Sepultura as teenagers back in When Max left Sepultura, he formed Soulfly whose seven albums gained worldwide success and acclaim.

His brother stayed in Sepultura for a few more albums before quitting the group. Inthe metal world was turned upside down by the formation of Cavalera Conspiracy and their debut album called Inflikted. After their mind-blowing show at the Rockhal back inthey now return with their recently released album Blunt Force Trauma. Doors open at 8pm.