Scout niblett meet and greet lyrics

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scout niblett meet and greet lyrics

Meet And Greet Here it comes now Before you know it the lights will be out Put me in _ I'm gonna love it Yeah I'm here knowing it's good Isn't it good, look i. Tracklist with lyrics of the album THE CALCINATION OF SCOUT NIBLETT [] from Scout Niblett: Just Do It! - The Calcination of Scout 11, Meet and Greet. The Calcination of Scout Niblett Scout Niblett Meet and Greet Scout Niblett is Nottingham, England's answer to all the brash, intelligent, and Her lyrics, however, displayed a more serious side, creating their own place.

scout niblett meet and greet lyrics

For the first two minutes Niblett sings accompanied only by unobtrusive electric guitar that mimics the song's vocal melody. Her voice teeters on the brink of becoming uncomfortably shrill, but each time it seems like she might go over the edge, she reigns herself in. While the song is simplistic, it's not necessarily conventional.

scout niblett meet and greet lyrics

There's an uncommon emptiness to it, and as the song fades to a close it works because what's missing is ultimately as important as what is there.

Except it doesn't fade to a close.

scout niblett meet and greet lyrics

A thunderous drum roll and the same distorted guitar that engineer Steve Albini used on those McLusky records come crashing in. The brute force is jarring and, as usual, Albini makes it sound downright cathartic. Niblett moans over the din for a minute or so before the song ends, for real this time.

This addendum certainly catches you off guard, but that's about all it does.

scout niblett meet and greet lyrics

It doesn't really add anything to the song, and in fact takes away from the mysterious mood created in the first half.

And so it goes for much of the album. It's not a common sound and there's something liberating about the sheer simplicity of it.

Scout Niblett:Meet And Greet Lyrics

Even though it's hard to discern any meaning from her lyrics par for the courseshe carries a beautiful melody throughout, exuding both confidence and vulnerability. It's easily the album's highlight and the kind of song that few other singers could make work. But then there's "Safety Pants", another song featuring just drums and vocals. After she chants "Come on honey, what are you doing to me?

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But no dice this time. But, in accomplishing this end she does almost nothing to her sound that we haven't already heard.

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In fact, portions of The Calcination are a little too familiar. So, let me get this out of the way right away: She's toying with her approach a little bit and bringing back elements from Kidnapped by Neptune and I Am, but all three of those records have so much in common that there's little point in debating the minituae that distinguishes them stylistically. Scout's stubborn determination to stay basically the same is a little frustrating, but as other writers have pointed out she sounds so good that changing anything might be equally frustrating, maybe even detrimental.

It is easily her most foreboding record. If Scout hasn't changed her sound much, she's made up for it a little by letting her teeth show more than usual.

Scout Niblett

There's no semi-sweet or awkward duets and no video of Scout singing into a hair brush or prancing about on the beach with a skeleton-clad Will Oldham. Distilled or calcinated or completely stripped down, Scout is more aggressive and serious and probably a little more troubled, too.

scout niblett meet and greet lyrics

Her guitars loom and stab where they once danced and rocked out and her drums snap and pound where they were sometimes played like a toy. Whatever has happened to Scout since we last heard from her, it has added a substantial amount of menace to her words and playing. She's become more concise and that's made her more aggressive and fearsome.