Stitch meet and greet magic kingdom

Stitch Meet-and-Greet in the Magic Kingdom Moving On May 21

stitch meet and greet magic kingdom

Meet and Greets: Epcot Training; Magic Kingdom; Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. Dance: Frontierland Hoedown – may not meet. Starting on Sunday, May 21, Stitch will no longer meet in Town Square in the Magic Kingdom. The new Stitch meet-and-greet location will be in. An interactive story meet and greet experience at Enchanted Stitch, Lilo and Stitch, Tomorrowland, Can be found at Stitch.

Lilo is sweet and will dance with you and tell she loves you or certain things you are wearing. They come to your table one at a time, but they spend a little more time with you than they typically would if you were in a line.

Stitch Meet-and-Greet in the Magic Kingdom Moving On May 21 - Orlando Tickets, Hotels, Packages

One of my all time favorite Disney World characters to meet is Jack. Jack and Sally do come with a photographer though and they are both speaking characters and super fun to talk to. For extra fun ask them about Zero and other Halloween town characters. They are usually on the same side of the Royal Princess Hall in Magic Kingdom because they like to keep the new princess on one side and the classics on the other.

You can Fast Pass them and they both have their own photographers.

stitch meet and greet magic kingdom

As a general rule most of the Disney Princesses are fun to meet but Tiana and Rapunzel take the cake. Though, Tiana and Rapunzel are fun on their own, they are way more fun with their princes. Unfortunately the only time you can guarantee meeting Prince Naveen and Flynn Rider is during the holiday parties.

10 Character Meet and Greets Most People Miss at Walt Disney World

They are entertaining and funny and worth Fast Passing. You can find all them individually through out all of the parks but the easiest way to meet them all at once is to go to the Character Spot at Epcot.

stitch meet and greet magic kingdom

None of the Original Gang talk but are all very energetic and stay true to their characters. Mickey is cheerful, Minnie is sweet, Goofy is silly and Donald likes to throw tantrums.

Characters At A Glance Magic Kingdom

They are not official characters to meet but they are a lot of fun to play around with. I think they are my favorites to meet. Though it may not seem like fun to be picked on and watch people argue around you the Evil Step Mother and Step Sisters are some of the most fun characters to meet.

stitch meet and greet magic kingdom

The sisters like to pick apart what you are wearing and like to trash talk while the Evil Step Mother likes to yell at her daughters and look down on you. He can be found around his tavern in Magic Kingdom. Gaston is just like he is in the movie-full of himself.

stitch meet and greet magic kingdom

He like to mention his good looks and tell you how foolish Belle is. Gaston is one of the funnier Disney Characters you can meet and is totally worth it if you can track him down. He also is out in the open, so no Fast Pass, but he comes with a photographer. Merida Her meet and greet station in Magic Kingdom is actually pretty large. Due to the long wait, lots of guests skip it.

stitch meet and greet magic kingdom

This goofy meerkat is a great crowd pleaser and loves to have his photo taken! Try hunting for him near the Discovery Island Trail. Rafiki is also known to show up in Animal Kingdom near the Tree of Life!

Walt Disney World Character Meet and Greets: Ultimate Guide to Characters

Pocahontas Similarly, Pocahontas was also popular in the 90s and as the daughter of a chief, is technically a princess. She may not be the most popular princess, but she is still a fan favorite. Years ago, Pocahontas actually had her own show, but now simply has a meet and greet station at Character Landing on Discovery Island, just before you head into DinoLand. There are actually a number of characters on Discover Island.

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  • Stitch Meet-and-Greet in the Magic Kingdom Moving On May 21
  • Stitch Meet-and-Greet in the Magic Kingdom Moving On May 21

Walk around and see who you can find. Peter and Wendy Peter and Wendy, while they have times posted for their meet and greet, have been known to appear in a few locations. If you can peg them down, be sure to stop for a picture.

Some families skip this park or visit during the off season and therefore miss this meet and greet opportunity.