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Yes, to Jeongguk, hyung. Learning that you need to just do the dishes sometimes. Making him use his own tube of toothpaste because it looks like a gummy, deflated dick by the second week after opening a new one.

Yoongi just seemed like the one who would give him a straighter answer. Last time you were drunk you said that you wished Sexyback played from four surround sound subwoofers every time you walk into a room. Namjoon told me he almost turned to me on the couch one night after we finished watching Dunkirk and proposed to me there.

Jimin remembers it fondly. You should do something you would do. It takes Taehyung exactly 0. Jimin actually picks up. Anyone else he would let go to voicemail and then text wtf do you want lol. God, it needs to be polished. Jimin vlogs his utter confusion. I understand all your words separately, he wants to say.

Or his semblance of a plan, anyway. Editing and cutting all of this together will be a nightmare, but harder than that will be to keep all this footage a secret. You are safe here. I thought all the heavy lifting started afterwards, you know, the wedding planning part. I am a fool and I know nothing. Is he really observant? I could marry you. Never mind the fact they make their livelihoods online, so their lives are constantly brim-full with the cacophony of thousands of anonymous voices pinging their phones.

Once Hoseok had leaned over and made a horrified noise at the red 14, unread emails badge in the corner of his mail app. Jeongguk is tweeting a photo from their open workshop last night when he gets a call from Jimin.

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Anyone else he would let go to voicemail and then immediately text why did you call me, but he picks up. The floor is cold underneath him as he sits and ties his laces.

I was at Genius Lab when I got the call, and you know how our parents are visiting home right now, so he insisted that the hospital call me to come pick him up. And, besides, part of him is warmed by the reminder that family means the world and a half and a Tokyo vacation to Jimin. We could give any transferrable tickets to Namjoon and Yoongi as an early Christmas present from us, maybe? The hotel reservation and everything is under your name.

Bring someone from The Band along so you can vlog about it! His voice seems to come closer to the phone, static fizzing out. Should I come over with some food? Are you guys at home?

What Jeongguk can see of him, anyway. I like you so much more than my hyung. Yeah, this evidently runs in the Park family. You try the lovebirds and Seokjin. One of them is bound to say yes. If it looks Gay, Jihyun says nothing. Jeongguk had winced and replied, christ im fine.

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And we went to Hokkaido, technically. I could tell you were really looking forward to this with him. Jeongguk finds that it lends itself well to filming. Also, the bathroom walls are made of glass. When he leans over, Yoongi turns the screen away, slitting his eyes.

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You wanna see his dick? This Tulsa native, known for hushing words with his mighty murmur, opens a line to the afterlife and shows how everyone's memory keeps that space alive. Keep flying, open to memory but powered by hope. Listen hard, and you may even hear echoes of George Michael's "Freedom! Also the word sexy. On "Represent," his unmistakably west coast style and lethargic flow locked perfectly with J. Anderson Paak, "Animals" As the unofficial star of Dr.

Dre's Compton LP, Anderson. Speaking directly to the current civil turmoil going on in many U. Yen Lo, "Day 0" Brooklyn street legend Ka and the producer Preservation made an album of rap music without beats, of psychological darkness of poetic justice and melodic tension. This was a stand-out. But the song itself, set to that percolating Timmy Thomas sample, remains a sing-a-long anthem of petty regret and masculine self-loathing.

Remy Boyz, "" A contender for rap song of the summer, this flirtatious party jam helped solidify Fetty Wap's rep as rap's most consistent feel-good hitmaker since Nelly. It critiques our culture, its tedium, its ugliness and encourages ways to find peace and heart in moments that can feel hopeless and heartless.

Weird, edgy, arresting and in-yo-face. Keep an eye on him. Pharrell Williams, "WTF Where They From " The beat seems to have been recycled from the mid oughties, but anytime Missy — the most audacious, ambitious and subversive female auteur to ever play pop's game sorry, Madge — is back in the studio is a great day on this here Planet Erf.

Drake and Lil Wayne, "Truffle Butter" Alongside the usual suspects, Onika Maraj floats over a hard-hitting, slowed and throwed sample of a deep house track. Hip-hop artists, please do more of this. Spacious and extremely musical — and he absolutely torched the Colbert show with it. It's goofy while it wisely plays its position. It is satisfying on every level; it's complete.

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This is why I was late for everything this year. Not turning it off for anybody. Year-end lists and it's shutdown. Best music of the year in the west hemisphere finally covets grime and it's shutdown.

From southern slang and 's to the east-coast perfected drums, it's all there. It was supposed to be our day together and I ruined it. So I wanted to make it up to you by having that movie marathon you suggested earlier. Only if you want to though. Before the photo shoot was supposed to end, Namjoon ran out and had their private driver drop him off at your place.

He paced back and forth in front of your door, mumbling to himself, trying to figure out what to say to you. Inside you were sitting on your couch, eating a tub of ice cream and watching sad romance movies. You paused the movie, your eyebrows furrowing when you thought you heard someone outside your door.

Putting your ice cream down on the coffee table, you got up and looked through the peephole to see if someone was actually out there or if you were going crazy. You were confused when you saw it was Namjoon pacing. It had only been forty minutes since you arrived home.

And to apologize to you before we leave for tour. Namjoon shook his head, and you started laughing. You held up a finger and tried to stop your laughter, it took you a few minutes but you finally stopped.

And for that I deeply apologize. I want to make it up to you though. I want to show you how wrong those comments are. I want to make you feel like the prettiest person on this world, because you are. Days and nights passed with no word from you, making Jimin go crazy. The rest of the boys can hear him crying in the middle of the night, calling out your name before he wakes up sweating and crying harder.

Currently all of the boys were doing a vlive while in their practice room, but the only thing that he could think about was how you said he was single.

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Did that mean you broke up with him? Were you done with him? At that thought Jimin burst into tears, alarming the rest of the guys and everyone watching.

All Jimin could day was shake his head, murmuring how much he messed up and misses you. In your apartment, you were just sat on the couch, watching some movies with your best friend, Jisoo. Your phone started going crazy in your room annoying the both of you. She groaned before getting up and heading towards your room. Tilting your head a little, you clicked on the live and waited for it to load.

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Jisoo came and sat by you, wanting to know what all the talk was about. The video finally loaded and everyone was there with worried expressions on their face, all except Jimin and Taehyung who were missing. It seemed like they were trying to change the topic. You saw Jungkook pull his phone out and start typing. A few seconds later you got a text asking you to come over and talk to Jimin. You were about to ignore it, not ready to talk to him, but Jisoo gave you a hard look.

Why are you looking at me like that? She looked back and forth between you and your phone. Grumbling to yourself, you knocked on the door, it being opened by Jungkook. Jimin never ate and always worked himself too hard when he was sad.