Ursula meet and greet

ursula meet and greet

Before I go on with this thread I have to say that I have never seen anything about Ursula having a meet and greet in Disneyland. What's up with. Does Maleficent and Ursula do any meet and greets and if so where can While you can find Ursula featured in the Magic Kingdom attraction. Meet in the Fireside room (basement) 2 til 4pm - meet and greet - presentation - light refreshments. Ursula will be sharing with us about Amingouino Feliz.

Hades also occasionally chimed in with his terrible singing skills covering horrible versions of wedding songs.

ursula meet and greet

The highly entertaining show was the highlight of the night for some including mebut also left others wondering if it was appropriate for a Disney audience, featuring skimpy outfits and some adult jokes. If I may opine for a moment, I applaud Disney for including this show in the Villains Unleashed lineup.

It was a perfect addition to a late night event that was definitely aimed at older fans. The Freaky Funhouse offered a taste of Halloween mixed with unusual acts unlike anything seen at Walt Disney World before — a nice change from the usual recycled entertainment that Disney so often produces year after year. Look for a closer examination of this adult-targeted show soon on Outside the Magic. To lead into the Oogie Boogie show, a balloon artist came out to entertain the crowd.

While making balloon animals is so often lame, this particular comedian left the audience in stitches with his bizarre brand of humor and sight gags.

It was meant to be comedic to warm up the audience but fell extremely flat. The best part was a projected face on the Fantasmic mountain delivering safety information for the show.

ursula meet and greet

Along with unique food offerings, Disney entertained patrons with a lounge singer performing villainous hits. In this ending, Ariel does not get her voice back until the very end, which changes the dynamic of the scene entirely. No explanation was ever offered as to why this half of the ending was changed.

On a separate note, early storyboard concept art revealed that Vanessa and Eric would have originally been married at the castle instead of on a ship, with Ariel lurking above in observance. This change may have been made to add a sense of urgency for Ariel to stop the wedding by having it take place somewhere else. It also may have been done to create a better transition between the wedding scene and the final battle underwater.

Vanessa's role in the film is inspired by the original Andersen tale. In that story, after the prince has been rescued by the mermaid, he is found on the beach by a princess whom he believes to have saved him. Later on, after the mermaid becomes human, she discovers that the prince will be marrying the maiden.

Meet and greet Ursula Richter

In the end, the maiden marries the prince while the mermaid who chose not to kill the prince despite the urging of her sisters dies and ascends to a spiritual rebirth.

The maiden, like the Sea Witch, was also a neutral character rather than a villain. In the book, the maiden does not speak and is presented as being sprightly and innocent. She is very much in love with the prince, though, snuggling up to him while not being possessive of him, as she did not object to his friendship with the mermaid.

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Vanessa's facade is based on imitating this behavior while snickering behind others' backs, eliminating the presence of anything innocent. Personality By nature, Ursula is very dark in tone, with a wicked sense of humor.

After her banishment from Atlantica, the sea witch established herself as a physical beacon of hope towards unfortunate merpeople, allowing them to strike deals and business propositions that would supposedly result in their happiness, should they successfully fulfill their end of the bargain.

During such deals, she speaks in a grandmotherly tone, as if her only concern is the satisfaction of her customers. This makes her schemes easier to fall for, though should she feel a deal is going nowhere, she resorts to pressuring her victims into accepting her offer, additionally portraying herself as their last attempt at making their dreams come true.

However, if Ariel's deal is to be believed, Ursula sadistically ensures her customers fail at upholding their end of the deal, resulting in their souls being forever in her possessions and their bodies becoming permanent members of her living garden, as polyps. The motivation of such practices are never revealed for any individual other than Ariel, whom Ursula uses to obtain power over the seas, implying the sea witch simply enjoys causing havoc to the innocent, having no sense of true morality or remorse for those she torments.

Apart from this, Ursula may also be cannibalistic, as she is seen eating some sort of tiny sea creature alive. She is also vengeful, holding a vendetta against King Triton for a prolonged period of time, spending her days spying on his relatives to eventually take advantage of them and concoct a scheme capable of ending in her favor — as ruler of the seas.

This also ties into Ursula's power-hungry nature, which drives her motivation throughout the film, and is greatly expressed once she finally crowns herself queen during the climax.

Despite her irredeemably negative traits, Ursula has a softer side to her personality, seen with her relationship between herself and her minions, Flotsam and Jetsam. Ursula lovingly refers to the duo as her "babies" and has been shown to treat them with affection, despite barking orders at the two from time to time when enraged.

She is also extremely protective of them, even expressing her genuine remorse over killing them with the trident by accident before turning their rage towards Ariel for causing it in the first place.

She is also classy, despite being flamboyant, and presents herself with confidence and an eye for high standards, as evidenced by her belief that lurking in doorways is rude. In addition, she regularly flaunts her curvaceous appearance in a sultry manner, and spends time in her vanity, admiring her own physical appearance.

She has the power to alter her appearance, but simply chooses not to, showing contentment with who she is as a person, but distaste with her social status and lack of complete power over the ocean. Physical appearance Ursula is a plump light lavender-skinned, white-haired cecaelia and from the waist down has six black octopus-like tentacles with violet suckers. Although she has a light complexion, the area around Ursula's eyes are a darker shade than the rest of her skin, in addition to having gray eyes and a mole on the right side of her mouth.

She is always seen wearing makeup, in particular she has aqua eye shadow, deep red lipstick, and red nails.

She wears purple coral shell earrings and a gold nautilus shell necklace. Her alter-ego, Vanessa, is a fair-skinned human female with long wavy brown hair and pink lips. Unlike Ursula, Vanessa's eyes are violet instead of gray. She appears in a lavender dress with a purple corset. Powers and abilities Ursula's magical abilities, even without the Trident, were very potent.

She was able to concoct various potions to create various spells, including mass-transfer implied during the song "Poor Unfortunate Souls" as well as physically altering people's bodies, as evidenced by her transforming Ariel into a human, as well as her own transformation into Vanessa and Ursula although in the case of Vanessa, she needed Ariel's voice to disguise her own.

However, she was incapable of altering her reflection, which is eventually how her enemies got the drop on her.