Vampire diaries 6x04 elena and stefan first meet

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vampire diaries 6x04 elena and stefan first meet

Stefan and Elena were the original and main couple of the series. Stefan Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series. Season One; Season Elena and Stefan share their first kiss. After Elena TVD 6X04 Stefan proposes to Elena. TVD 6x Stefan: You'd be surprised how easy it is to forget the past, Elena. .. Elena: But, when I first met you, you said you'd been away from Mystic Falls for fifteen years. The Vampire Diaries- Black Hole Sun (6x04), TVD review, Elena and Stefan spills the beans, finally informing her that the reason she's so content, Last week we met Kai, the other inhabitant of the deserted looped Mystic Falls. .. And they lived happily ever after well, at least until the first dance.

He was determined to move on, before he came upon the discovery that Elena was sired to Damon. He stayed to help Elena in their search to cure her vampirism, throughout the sire bond. He admitted to still being in love with her, and even attempted to seduce her into finding her humanity again. But when the sire bond was broken and Elena chose Damon all the same, it became apparent that her affections for him were real, and Stefan was finally convinced to leave town.

Stefan is trapped in the safe the whole summer, and thinks about Elena whenever he gets the urge to turn his humanity off. Throughout the summer, Elena feels that something is wrong with him and when it is finally discovered that Stefan is missing, Damon and Elena are able to find him with the help of Elena's dream.

However, they learn that this prophecy is fake. Throughout Season Fivethey both are able to form a close friendship post break up and move on from each other. In Season SixElena and Stefan fall out of contact again and both cope with Damon's death in different ways. Stefan originally comes back home after four months to seek revenge on Enzobut is caught off guard when he runs into Elena at Whitmore College and they immediately renew their friendship.

vampire diaries 6x04 elena and stefan first meet

Elena also goes to Savannah with Stefan, where he teaches her about living a new life as well as how to "start over".

Stefan and Elena later work together to try to get Caroline's humanity back and when Caroline forces Stefan into his humanity off, he tells Elena to "bring him back". Elena helps Damon bring back his mother and they are able to get Stefan and Caroline's humanity back.

Elena later takes the cure, and soon falls under a sleeping spell, created by Kaito link her life to Bonnie's. They share an emotional goodbye and assure each other that they will meet again soon. They are known as "Stelena" by fans. Contents [ show ] Early History While visiting his nephew Zach SalvatoreStefan hears a car crash near Wickery Bridge and sees a car submerged in the water. He dives in the water and goes after it and is able to get to the car. A man is still conscious and tells him to help his daughter, who is unconscious.

vampire diaries 6x04 elena and stefan first meet

Stefan does as he is asked, and saves Elena from drowning. When he sees her face, he is shocked to see she resembles an old flame of his, Katherine Pierce.

He goes back to the car, but is too late to save her parents. Due to his curiosity about Elena, Stefan remains in Mystic Falls and keeps an eye on her from a distance.

When school starts, he decides to become a student so that he can meet her and get to know her better. After the death of her parents, Elena Gilbert promises herself that she will be fine on the first day of school. She is with her best friend, Bonnie Bennett when she sees a new guy registering in the office. Bonnie remarks on the sexiness of his back.

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Elena gets distracted when she sees her brother, high on drugs and follows him into the men's room to scold him. As she exits, she accidentally bumps into the new guy, Stefan Salvatore and leaves awkwardly. Elena and Stefan see each other at the cemetery. At the Mystic Falls CemeteryElena is spooked by a sudden fog and a crow. She hurries away and gets injured.

She runs into Stefan again; Stefan tells her he is visiting some of his deceased family. Damon reveals to Bonnie that attacking Gail and the other party attendees in is what caused the Founder's Council to be restarted at the beginning of Season One.

It was revealed that Damon and Stefan first met Liz Forbes inbut Damon compelled her to forget that she ever met them. Her then-husband Bill Forbes was mentioned by Liz as well, when she told Damon that Bill would "get a kick out of him" and that he should come over to their house for dinner.

This is ironic, considering how much Bill disliked Damon when he finally did meet him in She also showed Damon a picture of Caroline when she was only a baby.

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Tripp reveals to Matt that Enzo isn't dead, and that he kept Enzo alive to get information on the vampires that attacked Sarah Salvatore and possibly his wife, if he can. Tripp also reveals to Matt that he was married until his wife Kris died in a car accident. He then admits that when he returned to Mystic Falls after the "gas leak explosion" at the Mystic Grill over the summer, he crossed over the border and suddenly remembered it was a vampire that killed her, and that he was compelled to believe he had actually caused her death.

This is the first instance of a human who wasn't in the Mystic Falls Gang who at least partially understands the effects of the Magic Purification Spell in the town, though he does not seem to know the specifics about how and why the spell was cast in the first place.

This is the first episode to show that even a person who was compelled by a vampire years ago will still have their memories restored by the anti-magic spell. Sarah shows up at the Salvatore Boarding House and threatens to call and out Jeremy's "vampire sister" Elena to the evening news if Jeremy tries to do anything to her.

Matt is walking down the hall and he stops at the door, Tripp is on the phone. I know, and I'm sorry, Karen. Jay was a good kid. Seeing Matt in the hallway, he gestures for him to come in. I promise, you'll be the first one to know, okay? He hangs up and sits back in the chair. Tripp, are you okay? No, I just told Jay's parents that I was the one who found their son dead in the woods last night.

Do you know what happened? Matt maintains his poker face. He went to the party with you. I offered to give him a ride home, and he said he'd walk. I should have driven him home. I'm gonna give the Sheriff my statement-- Tripp stands up and gestures around --and try to make sense of what happened to Jay. Maybe I should go with you. I mean, I might have been the last person to see Jay alive. Let's take a ride. They walk out together.

Kai picks up the can-opener. Bonnie and Damon are standing in front of the fireplace, where Damon is pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration, his eyes shut.

Black Hole Sun/Transcript

I need to be entertained while I work. Kai is lying on his back on the couch, screwing open another jam jar with the can-opener. Remind me not to kill him. Maybe telling him your story will take your mind off of it.

Whose side are you on? The side where we get to go home to the people we love? He turns to Kai.

vampire diaries 6x04 elena and stefan first meet

On May 9,I was living here. I'd come home to walk the straight and narrow. The camera moves past his head and into the flashback. Damon's blue Camaro is outside.

Damon and Stefan are shining it with rags. Damon is wearing a white tank top, looking bored. Stefan is drinking from a flask when Damon walks over to him. Can I have a sip of that? Stefan hands him the flask, and Damon takes it.

Stefan and Elena talk... Stefan on the his motorcycle... *TVD 6X04* [SUB ITA]

He unscrews the cap and takes a swig. Damon pulls the flask from his mouth quickly, his face pale. He looks down at it in disgust, his mouth still closed.

He's holding the blood in his mouth even though it's disgusting, his lips contorted. I can't remember if that squirrel was roadkill, or one I caught in the rat trap. Damon shakes his head, scrunching the side of his eyes, revolted.

Better hope it was roadkill, though, because the rat trap was full of rat droppings. Damon is still disgusted, white as a sheet. Does it feel like hair, or is it more of a grainy pellet? Damon finally manages to swallow it. Ugh-- He looks relieved to be done with it Stefan laughs and takes a swig of it. Zach arrives home with a paper brown bag full of food. He waves as he passes them to enter the house Damon: How's it going, Zach? What's up with all the grocery trips? Oh, uh, one of the boarders is craving blueberry pancakes.

Zach continues his way to the house and walks up onto the front step. Damon regards his uncle while he plays with a greasy rag from cleaning his car Damon: You know, maybe I should run the Salvatore boarding house. Zach walks up to the woman standing in the doorway, her belly bloated. So is Zach, which means hands off. Our savior's insane and narcoleptic. No, no, no, I'm awake.

Damon, glass of bourbon in hand, walks over to Bonnie and stands beside her. You killed the pregnant woman. I was listening, in my sleep. You were hanging out with your distant-nephew Zach, who you called Uncle Zach, because that's not confusing.

Plus, pregnant lady Gail, who had a big bull's-eye on her chest. Oh, that's totally what happened. Why else would today be his personal hell? Damon's expression shifts to angry as he kneels in front of the table to face Kai, sitting his glass down Oh, here we go. The only reason that you're alive right now is because I thought you could get us out of here and you could help us.

But you don't HAVE any answers! You're just a man-child-- he picks up an empty jam can and tosses it angrily -- with jam on your fingers! To get home, we'll harness the power of the eclipse using a mystical relic. It's called an Ascendant, and it looks like this, Damon-- he picks up a model of the Ascendant, which is round, black and red The last time we had it was in the Pacific Northwest—Oregon.

He opens the encyclopedia to a map and sets it on the table Bonnie: It belonged to my family. So-- He picks up the pocket knife and slits the tip of his finger --here's a little blood to get you started. Now all we need is a locator spell to pinpoint its whereabouts. He and Damon both rise to their feet Damon: He says her nickname comfortably, as if it's her true name Bonnie: Elena's looking at a picture of Stefan and Ivy. But, what's done is done. So, after taxes, and Social Security, and health insurance, I'm left with dollars and three cents to spend for the week.

Do you wanna get drunk? He holds up his paycheck Elena: Point is to start over. Pretend to be as human as possible. So, no vampire privileges, no baggage, nothing from our old lives whatsoever, huh? She points at Stefan's car and clears her throat dramatically What's this?

You got me there. Damon isn't around calling it granny-mobile, so Yeah, your brother really did love to torture people with nicknames. And just plain torture people That's one way to put it. So, your system for moving on requires both burning bridges and a dead-end job. We haven't even gone for the fun part. Deciding who you wanna be for the next thirty years. You wanna be an astronaut? You wanna be an Olympic athlete? You wanna skip med school? Boom, you're a doctor!

Go ahead, challenge me. I'll show you how it's done. Alright, Let see what you got. Quite a boozer, that kid. Put him on a saline drip.

He's lucky I didn't pump his stomach. Yeah, you know, he's had a rough couple months. Did you bring him in here to put a band-aid on it and make some more excuses? No, I actually came here for some advice from a professional. Well, a kick in the ass might help. Look, if he's anything like his sister, I'm sure he'll be fine. It's nothing I don't treat every single night on campus, or didn't do myself when I was a student.

Yeah, I used to get kicked out library all the time, you know. Head in a Wiccan Bible? A young man is brought into the clinic with what looks like a broken nose. His face is covered in blood, and Alaric takes a deep breath and tries his best to resist the blood and keep his vampire face from showing. Jo notices his distraction Jo: Okay, one more piece of professional advice: Give her your undivided attention.

Jo smirks and walks away. No sign of Sarah yet, which means she's either hiding out, or she's planning her Nightly News exclusive to out me. Well, if she does out you, then you start your life over somewhere else. Free of all the supernatural drama.