What is mean relationship in the sims social

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what is mean relationship in the sims social

The Sims Social Relationships - The Sims Social Guide to getting started, playing the game To get a Mean relationship, which is necessary for certain quests. Awkward Friends is a type of Relationship your Sim can have with another Sim. This is considered a mean kind of relationship. You do not need to publish a. Be it friendship, romantic or a mean relationship! Relationships not only fulfil your Sim's social needs, but also play a key role in developing a.

Sweet Heart You'll be sweetheart status once you've reached relationship level 5 with your romantic interest.

what is mean relationship in the sims social

You can now kiss, make out or hold hands. Lover You can be lovers once you've reached relationship level 7 with your sweetheart. You can now woohoo with your lover, but you must have the at least the Sleepytime Double.

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Relative These are Sims connected by blood. One good example is your baby. You can have baby once you've hit relationship level 8 and lover status.

Another requirement is the bassinet. Rival While on relationship level 2, you can declare rivalry with other Sims. That Sims will be your arch nemesis. You can do mean interactions such as slapping or insulting. Relationships are formed or destroyed by interactions.

what is mean relationship in the sims social

These are actions by your Sims towards the other. It can be a friendly gesture or hostile one, but you can acquire a relationship point for each interaction. This involves sending a Facebook request to the other player that can be posted on their wall, which they must then accept. A new relationship status unlocks a new number of interactions, and usually also yields a reward of Social Points.

what is mean relationship in the sims social

A bug in the system can cause a relationship request to fail to be sent. As a result, the other player is unable to accept the request, or to send the same relationship request back.

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After waiting for three days, the request will automatically expire and another attempt can be made. A faster solution, however, is to reach a different relationship level, which cancels the initial relationship request. For instance, if a "Close Friends" relationship request fails to send, you can use the Naughty Tail clothing item to initiate a "Naughty Friends" request.

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Then use another friendly interaction to re-send the initial request. Either player may use this trick. Relationships degrade over time if you do not visit and interact with your neighbors often. Friendly and Romantic relationships will passively degrade to Awkward Friends while Mean relationships will passively upgrade to Awkward Friends. It is useful to have at least one Relationship of each nature, as it can be a requirement for completing Achievements or Quests.