Where did obamas mom and dad meet

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where did obamas mom and dad meet

Obama father mother Pic "My dad was a tragic figure in a lot of ways," President Obama said in the interview that aired Monday. He was born in in Honolulu, Hawaii, where his parents had met at the Obama's mother, Ann Durham, was originally from Kansas, where some of her When Obama was two years old they divorced, and his father left Hawaii to enter . Ann Dunham was the mother of Barack Obama, who became the Ann Dunham (born November 29, ) met Kenyan national Barack Obama, Sr. while Stanley Ann Dunham was named after her father who had always.

where did obamas mom and dad meet

We are not one thing or another. Barack Obama's mother was at least a dozen things. Ann Soetoro was a teen mother who later got a Ph.

Barack Obama Sr.

Barack Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro she later spelled it Sutoro was a white woman from the Midwest who married and divorced not one, but two, foreign men one from Kenya and one from Indonesia, both Muslim. She met Barack Obama Sr. After one semester, at age 18 she dropped out of school and, three months pregnant, secretly married a man she met only a few months earlier.

where did obamas mom and dad meet

Young Barack was born August 4, At that time, interracial marriages were illegal in many states, and bi-racial children were ostracized by both ethnic groups as not "belonging" to either. When the infant Barack was not yet a year old, Obama Sr. His eventual plan was reportedly to take his new family and return to rebuild Kenya. He already had a wife there, although there was some question about the legality of the earlier tribal marriage. Obama's mother decided she did not wish to go with him, and returned to her studies at the University of Hawaii while her parents helped care for her young son.

InBarack Obama's mother filed for divorce from Obama Sr. WND has since investigated and either cannot substantiate these claims, or has found evidence to contradict them. So how much more of Obama's narrative is fiction? It has been reported that Barack Jr.

Islam permits up to four wives at one time, and apparently polygamy is common in Africa. At the University of Hawaii, Ann met another international student, Lolo Soetoro, who proposed in Ann and young Barack followed him home to Indonesia. Obama's half-sister Maya was born in Inwhen he was 10, Barack Obama's mother sent him back to Hawaii to live with her parents and attend an elite prep school on a scholarship arranged by Ann's mother, an executive at Bank of Hawaii.

Obama lived with Ann's parents until he finished high school. Ann and Maya followed a year later. Ann once again enrolled in classes at the University of Hawaii. Although Lolo visited often, they never again lived together, and inAnn filed for divorce.

Many of these small-town voters recognized that the manufacturing operations of many U. The result was a dramatic decline in U.

Obama's campaign pledged to stop the outsourcing of such jobs to overseas facilities. But Obama suddenly found himself in the national spotlight, when John Kerry —expected to win the Democratic Party's nomination for president at the Democratic National Convention in Julyasked Obama to deliver the convention's keynote address.

The keynote speech is expected to set the tone of the political campaign, and those chosen to give face tremendous expectations. His speech, which he wrote himself and titled "The Audacity of Hope," was stirring and eloquent, and quickly dubbed by political analysts to be one of the best convention keynote addresses of the modern era.

He earned several standing ovations during it, and Obama's confident, assured tone was broadcast to the rest of the nation. Cameras occasionally scanned the crowd to show tears on the faces of delegates. Obama praised Kerry's values and experience, and he reminded delegates and the national television audience that the country's strength came from unity, not division—that Americans had created a thriving nation out of many diverse ethnic groups and ideologies in its year history.

Economic policies aimed at providing a better life for everyone, not just a privileged few, was the American way, he said. It's that fundamental belief—I am my brother's keeper, I am my sister's keeper—that makes this country work. Obama, asserted Time 's Amanda Ripley, "described a country that America wants very badly to be: Some newspaper and magazine editorial writers predicted that the rising star from Illinois would emerge a strong leader in the Democratic Party over the next few years, and could even run for president in or Obama won his bid for the Senate a few months later by a large margin, taking 70 percent of the Illinois vote against just 27 percent for Keyes.

At just forty-three years old, he became one of the youngest members of the U. Its goal was increase the maximum amount that the federal government provides each student who receives need-based financial aid for college. In the s and s, Pell grants often covered nearly the entire tuition cost— excluding room, board, and books—at some state universities. But because they had failed to keep pace with risingtuition costs by they covered, on average, just 23 percent of the tuition at state schools.

Obama and his wife have two young daughters, Malia and Sasha.

where did obamas mom and dad meet

Instead of moving to Washington, Michelle Robinson Obama remained in Chicago indefinitely with the children and kept her job as a hospital executive. Television personality Oprah Winfrey — interviewed Obama not long after the Democratic National Convention and asked him how he became such an eloquent public speaker. He replied that he knew from an early age that he had a career in the persuasive arts—be they legal or political—ahead of him.

I knew I could get my grandparents and mom frustrated! Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance. Three Rivers Press, Web Sites Barack Obama, U.

Blanhard Abellard Feb 21, Let me tell you a little story about my life: My name is Barack-Blanchard Abellard. When I was in high school I did not want friends to call me that name and make fun of me, I have taken it a way, I let people call me only Blanchard, Why?

I was born in Haiti, one day I asked my dad why did he call me Barack-Blanchard? He replied, it is god name in Affrica to fight for slaves and he always stands against unjustice.

Because of that name, you'll do your life the way you want it, whenever you open your mouth, you will be able to manipulate others. I tried it, and it has been done. For the truth, I have been a practice criminal lawyer in my country, when I had come to United States in ,I wanted to have pursued my goal to go to school to learn English and also to continue college,today I graduated Law school again in United States, and I am about to take the Bar in State of Louisiana in July to practice U.

My dad taught me; when you say some one is a Barack in the Haitian cultureit is meant you will be always above upon every activities that you're doing. My high school classmates called me "Barack in the Negative ways" It was meant I was too powerfull person, and I was in every thing that I was doing in High school.

The First day I've heard that name from news to your candidature as U. President, I said to my parents and friends you will be a winner, and here you are today. I believe it, I have done it as my dad told me, I never give up, and I always succeed in every thing that I have done, no matter how difficult is it.

Though,no matter what, you will be the winner. Remember, I told you, it is a "god Fighter" name by Affrican Culture. I don't know what you believe in, but you will be a winner, no one can stop you from winning your position. I am praying on it, it will be done " you will be the first Affrican-American President of United States of merica".

No matter what's going on! I am awating on you to celebrate that name " Barack"in November to open my champaign after the great presidential elections. Good luck, May God bless your campaign, and you will be the winner as I am in my activity.

God bless you again!!! Dorothy Deans Feb 27, There seems to be a whispering campaign going on with hints that Obama is an agent of the Muslim religion because of his father and stepfather's roots. Even more unfair is the implication that Obama is a "separatist"--whatever that meansbecause the minister from his church awarded Louis Farrakan recognition for his work in the black community. The bigots in our country will have little dirt to dig up on this exemplary candidate so they make weak connections.

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We will be seeing lots of smear by inuendo. Hopefully the electorate is more sophisticated this year. Christina White Feb 27, I Finally get to vote for this years election. Oabma has a very good chance in winning. However I am concerned of his well being. Cause I do believe in heart that America is not ready for an African American to take office.

I dont think Hilary has a chance either. Cause again, I dont think America is Ready for a Woman to take office either. Also the irony of his name. Barack Obama is to similar to the islamic country and their culture. I really do wish him the best. He has my vote.

where did obamas mom and dad meet

Brinaj Mar 5, We make accusation about religion as though it's a negative. Obama has stated, and I believe, that he is not Muslim.

In the name of Chrisitanity, abortion clinics were bombed, and history records many autrocities in the name of Christianity.

This superior attitude that most Christians have about themselves began with the Pilgrims journey and continues into our modern politics and foreign policies. I am a Christian also, but I know the history of our European-Christian values.

Barack Obama's Mother

When do we sit down and read our history books to take a close look at this very European outlook on the world that has hurt our position in the world? Too many times in our past as a nation we have began wars that took the lives of the poor and unsuspecting in order to line the pockets of the rich.

Our government has always used fear and the call of patiortism to rally the poor and uneducated. When I read some of the above comments I know they come from white, uneducated people who have always been and will continue to be lead by the power and rich establishment that will continue to manipulate them by fear and the call to patriotism.

Consider this, our country is despised in the world. Do you really think bullying and threatening smaller countries are going to continue to work? Do you think that the world population of mostly "colored" people are going to care about the status symbol that you and your ancestors hold for yourselves?

My dear European-minded friend, you should fear what the world will hold for you and your children more than the devisive non-sense the media is feeding you.

It is ashame that we have not overcome racism in the U.

Ann Dunham

He has a very diverse background just like the great U. Which we need to restore greatness to. He has taken the high road and Hillary hits him below the belt every chance she gets lets put someone in the oval office who can get the votes of republicans and independents.

where did obamas mom and dad meet

Lets not back Hillary because her husband cheated on her and we have sympathy for her. Keep our party united. Obama '08' Shahil Jul 6,