Will killua and gon meet again someday

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will killua and gon meet again someday

In order to find and meet Ging, Gon is driven from that moment to obtain a Hunter .. Hisoka then kills Geretta, but gives Gon back his plate and then his own. Killua cries at Gon's anguish and the fact that he will have to leave after the 30 day suspension of Gon's nen because Killua and Bisky believe that one day, Killua will Killua breaks down again in front of Palm after she says “Killua, you “you have it backwards, its me who is grateful to have met you”). If the idea of Killua and Gon love-love offends, you're better off not reading this, ne. 'Ore no Kono Killua closed his eyes tightly before opening his eyes again. Feeling Killua's eyes upon them, the eyes lifted up to meet Killua's. His older brother had warned him that he would want to kill Gon someday.

I have been asked on several occasions if Killua is my husbando.

will killua and gon meet again someday

NOT in the way of a husbando though. You have no idea how many people ask me that. This is going to be part 1 of the Killugon analysis—I hope to get the second part out soon may have more? Killua cries over not being able to protect Gon while Killua fights Rammont 3.

During the confrontation with Pitou while Pitou tries to heal Komugi. Since it means nothing to you.

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Killua breaks down about Gon in front of Palm. The one Gon needs most right now is you.

will killua and gon meet again someday

Killua sees Gon in the hospital through the window. This one is more of my interpretation of the scene: Have you noticed this? This is going to be the focus of the Gon side blog. Why does Killua do this? That brings me to my next main point: He openly admits to this. In the conclusion of the Hunter Exam arc, Killua tells Illumi that the only thing he wants in life is to be friends with Gon.

Killua chooses Gon over his family end of Zoldyck arc. Killua follows Gon through everything, no matter what. There are soooo many events, but I will only point out the major ones for now. Notice that everything they do happens because Gon wants to. When did Killua ever make a major decision?

Killua has never had anything that was important to him until Gon. Killua would die to protect Gon because Gon is all that he has in this world. Thus, this triggers Killua to blame himself for not being able to do anything to help Gon. All he cares about is Gon, that Gon is happy, that Gon is safe, that Gon is satisfied. Not once has Killua ever cried over himself. Netero invites both of them to participate in a game, which is simply taking a basketball from his hand.

Gon and Killua find it too hard to pass up, but discovers that with Netero's skills, they are unable to grab the ball. Killua retires, but then takes his frustration out on two candidates who harass him by killing them.

Gon continues the game until the wee hours of the morning, trying to grab the ball, and then headbutts Netero.

that doesn’t look like rock paper scissors

The old man realizes that Gon will crack his skull if he continues with his headbutt, so he uses his right hand to push Gon away from him. Gon then tells Neteros then he has finally managed to get him to use his right hand once, which Gon counts as a great achievement.

will killua and gon meet again someday

Gon passes out happily from exhaustion, and Netero calls the pilot of the airship to fly the ship a little slower so Gon could get more rest. It's called the Trick Tower.

The candidates are told that to pass Phase 3, they have to climb down from the top to the base of the tower within 72 hours. An experienced rock climber candidate tries to climb down the side but is eaten by some flying monsters.

He slowly turned his hands so that the palms were facing the heavens as he slowly sunk to the ground. His legs failed underneath him.

Killua closed his eyes tightly before opening his eyes again. The horror of what he had done finally registered, and Killua shuddered. Killua's eyes turned to the darkest corner of the room. Brown eyes glittered as they watched every movement. Feeling Killua's eyes upon them, the eyes lifted up to meet Killua's.

He paused before swallowing and opening his lips again. However, he was silenced as Gon shook his head and stood up. There is a river nearby; you can wash your hands there. The late afternoon's sunlight was dazzling with its brightness. The darkness of the cabin was himself; Gon was the sunlight.

They were completely different. They never could nor would understand each other. So why were they friends? Gon firmly took hold of Killua's hands and held them under the rushing torrent of the small stream. The blood spiraled in the water before being washed away. Not satisfied with the speed in which the blood was diffusing into the water, Gon started to rub Killua's hands with his own. Soon Gon's hands stained crimson, same color as the cloud of blood in the water. With a sharp jerk, Killua pulled out from Gon's grasp.

Gon looked at Killua with unreadable expression before nodding and pulling his hands out of the water. He watched Killua from the corner of his eyes, his arms tightly wrapped around his legs and his head buried in his arms. When Killua stood up and dried his hands on his pants, Gon stood up with Killua and took hold of Killua's hands again.

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He turned Killua's hands until the palms faced the heavens and stared down at Killua's hands. Killua's hands were flawless. Perfectly shaped, pale-skinned, and slender, they were hands of an artist. Even his nails were shades of most delicate of pink, a beautiful orchid in color.

Holding a bow to make heart-throbbing melodies with violin would have suited those hands well. Or perhaps creating rich texture of oak trees from cadmium yellow and burnt sienna acrylic paints. No matter how one looked, Killua's hands did not look like the hands of an assassin. Gon's brown eyes were saddened, and Killua would have liked nothing better than to rip his own throat out for making Gon sad like this. Your hands are so playful when they ruffle up my hair.

Why must you continue to kill with these hands, Killua? Gon's face crumpled as he avoided Killua's eyes. I'm sorry," Killua started. He was awkward at expressing his feelings, but he was sincere. It is kill or be killed situation, Gon I am--" "The successor of the Zoldick name. I know," Gon said, his voice uncharacteristically bitter. He allowed Killua's hands to drop as he turned and wrapped his arms around himself, shivering slightly.

Taking others' lives will not make you happy.

Killua Tries to Kill Himself (Gon Saves Him- Beautiful HxH Moment)