Will shirou and saber meet again in heaven

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will shirou and saber meet again in heaven

Heaven's Feel is the third and final route the player will be able to play through in Fate/stay night. He also meets Zouken Matou, Sakura's grandfather, for the first time. While on their way back home, Shirou encounters Shinji Matou and his On another patrol, Shirou and Saber encounter Rin and Archer facing off with. You can see this has Shirou being able to stay with Saber. unless she was corrupted in the Grail (Heaven's Feel), Ilya is alive and well (Fate), actually want to know if Kiritsugu and Saber ever meet again, the answer is no. First off Saber never become a true heroic spirit, she is pulled from moment before Heaven's Feel is the bad ending for Saber. . In the visual novel it is also shown that Emiya Shiro is also sent to Avalon after his death and they both reunite.

What do you mean boy? And to defeat any opposition that would endanger them, that is the goal in my path. What do you consider them as?

Though I do not know them personally, if their lives were in danger that was made due to others' machination, I will not be hesitant to give mine to save them if it's within my ability to do so. That is my way of living. A hero for a few and those in dire need, regardless of who they might be Hm, whether his quality is genuine or not, only time will tell.

And then I will see with my own eyes whether or not you are truly worthy of my attention boy But still, I have yet to see his capability. Are you still following that caustic path, boy? You are not like the simple mongrels that inhabit this era. You will not lay a hand on him! She turned towards the green-eyed blonde and smirked, "Oh do not worry yourself dear, I'll have him when the time comes. They turned their head slightly, and saw that there was another presence in the empty street, a little girl with white hair and red eyes wearing purple overcoat and boots, along with a big, purple Ushanka that had no flaps to cover her ears.

Rin and Saber were once again wary, despite her stature, her aura was rather out of place, for it made her unnervingly intimidating. The little girl smiled once more, "So you remember me Onii-chan?

Because it was just ridiculous, it's as if he's a natural magnet for trouble! Saber's eyes widened slightly though unnoticed by everyone nearby, 'That appearance But you should already know this Onii-chan, along with you Emiya-kun, what promise did she make to you? What grudge does she hold against you? It is within mine. And when I say he lives, he shall live. The little girl giggled once more before saying; "I'm afraid that it's not possible And suddenly, a Servant came into being, a monstrous-looking Servant, a being much big than everyone nearby, grey-skinned, a pair of red eyes, one normal-looking and one ominously glowing, the Servant only wore an armor that resembled a kilt, leaving his extremely and abnormally muscled body exposed.

On his right hand, he wielded a sword-axe hybrid that was made out of a slab of rock, almost as large as the monstrous Servant, and the way he wielded it suggest that he had an ungodly amount of strength.

The Servant didn't speak, he didn't even utter a single noise except for the sound his subdued breathing, like the sound of a mad dog on a leash, waiting for its master to speak the order to strike.

Because I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Rin was the first to voice out her worries, "Damn it, that's! I'll be sure to make your death painless! The mad Servant roared before he charged But before Saber could even react, he was unable to move due to a set of chains that was summoned from golden ripples that were materialized so suddenly that surrounded him. The gigantic Servant tried to break free, but for some reason, he was unable to escape the chains' binding, no matter how hard he tried to do so.

Illya's eyes widened in fear and slight awe, how could her Servant be stopped so easily?! He's supposed to be the strongest of them all, right?! The blonde Archer chuckled menacingly and said; "Foolish little girl Your delusion runs deeper than I thought!

Are you his Servant?! Engage yourself in combat with that rabid dog of hers. What are you planning?! Why are you ordering him to die?! The blonde Archer merely smirked and said; "Why Saber, I can't believe you underestimate him. Have you so little faith in the boy? Despite the fact that he's your Master? A human being cannot simply fight a Heroic Spirit! How could she know him so well? To even use the phrase that he had said just a couple of hours before?

Shirou, on his part, merely sighed, but it was not out of exasperation or grim acceptance. He then began to walk towards the chained mad Servant, his eyes showing no hesitation He could feel his prana reserves being restored, it was not full, not yet He's ready to fight the Servant of Madness.

It's a foolish thing to do! Do you have a death wish or something?! I will not die.

will shirou and saber meet again in heaven

No no no no no no no! You will not fight him, you understand? If you do, you'll die before you even had a chance to retaliate! She smiled rather menacingly before saying; "You will remain in place Because I did not order either two of you to fight that mad dog.

I only ordered the boy. What kind of a hero was she? But Shiro then placed his free hand on Rin's shoulder and said; "Don't worry, I won't die. Why was he still smiling despite being ordered to die?

will shirou and saber meet again in heaven

Did he believe that he could fight that monster evenly? Well, considering that he had some mysterious ability that allowed him to fight Lancer, maybe he could defeat Berserker, if not at least landing a couple of hits at that monster? No, no no no! Do not think of such a thing, he must be stopped! She must be stopped! The blonde Archer was both dangerous and insane!

If only her Servant wasn't injured He could've helped them in this situation! But then again, there was nothing that she could do Even Saber, the Servant whom she considered to be the strongest among the others was rather apprehensive with her That alone was a testament to how powerful the blonde Archer really was And so Rin let go of Shirou's arm reluctantly.

He patted her shoulder once before saying; "I'll be back, okay Rin? The redhead then buttoned up his dark blue coat to prepare himself for a bout as he walked closer and closer to the chained mad Servant, who was currently clenching his teeth in perpetual state of anger.

When they were quite a few feet away from each other, Shirou breathed deeply, closed his eyes as he tilted his head downwards, and with the mental image of a lightning hitting him and sending electricity through his nerves, he then said All of them were made from high-quality metal that was tinted silver, almost like Saber's own. And carved into them were lines, esoteric in its shape and tinted in black, contrasting the silver color that surrounded them.

The boy opened his eyes and stared into Berserker's own, without fear, without hesitation, and his eyes Then, the chains retreated back into the sub-space where they were summoned from, and Illya managed to get herself out of her shocked state, "H-hmph!

Whoever you are, you are an idiot to order Onii-chan to fight him! Berserker is the strongest of all Servants after all, none can defeat him.

Berserker then roared in response before he attacked Shirou with blinding speed. And only few of them noticed the black lines carved on Shirou's boots began to glow Illya however, laughed gleefully as the smoke billowed upon the destruction that her Servant has caused, she believed that he had been killed in the attack, "Aahahahahahaha!

You sent him to his death! There's nothing left of him now! And they found him standing at the top of the electric pole nearby, still focusing his eyes on the mad Servant below. Shirou then cocked his right hand back as he clenched his fist, and suddenly, the black lines on the gauntlet on his right hand glowed with bright golden light And with the sound of crackling electricity, they saw golden-colored lightning began to emerge from the gauntlet Shirou leaped towards the mad Servant and planted the fist covered with crackling golden lightning right on the Berserker's head And the Servant of Madness was thrown back by the sudden massive discharge of energy that the gauntlet made, the night was suddenly brightened by the lightning that he just produced and the sound of thunder made by the aftereffect of the attack resounded throughout the empty area.

The Berserker managed to regain his footing, the mad Servant looked at Shirou with an expression resembling a recognition of a threat before he roared and charged towards the boy once more. Beyond their comprehension, Rin, Saber and Illya saw Shirou reciprocated the mad Servant's charge with his own And thus began the bout between the abnormal yet powerful human and the legendary hero of old.

The clashing of the gauntlet and the blade-axe created ripples in the air that dealt a lot of damage to the surroundings, but Shirou did not appear to be affected by it due to his enhanced Reinforcement combined with his armor that must've covered himself in a thin defensive layer made out of prana, and as such, he was able to deal with the Berserker at close range.

And the Berserker knew that the small boy was a threat despite his maddened state, and as such, his attacks became stronger, and it forced Shirou to dodge more and to give an even more powerful counterattack, knowing that if one of the monster's attacks were to hit him, it could mean his death But without that feeling of danger And so the sounds of destruction became the main theme of the struggle, the sight of the redheaded human dodging every swing of the mad hero's attack and his equally powerful retaliation along with the mad Servant's show of strength and finesse in using the massive weapon became the events that the spectators dare not miss.

To a pair of normal eyes such as Rin's and Illya's, the Berserker and Shirou were almost invisible, and the only thing that was visible was the aftereffects of their attacks, the Berserker's strength and Shirou's lightning-producing gauntlet caused quite a lot of destruction towards the area. The cacophony of destruction echoed throughout the surrounding area like a disharmonious orchestration of musical instruments in an amphitheater as Shirou, despite the supposed impossibility of a feat, go toe-to-toe with a monstrous-looking hero and managed to stand his ground.

H-how is this possible?! My Herakles couldn't possibly be equaled by a normal human! Least of all by him! The greatest hero of ancient Greece? And he's summoned as Berserker? Damn it, the Einzbern really giving their all in this War But to think that monster is being held at bay by him Saber was as stunned as she could be, her Master turned out to be a human very capable of handling what could be considered as the strongest Servant in the War, 'A Berserker Herakles But what does that make my Master, who could fight him evenly at such a state?

Amidst the battle, Shirou managed to hear the information regarding Berserker's identity, and so he thought, 'If a hero with such diverse abilities is restricted to a class, then he can only use a Noble Phantasm that corresponds with the class that he's summoned as His strength alone could be said as his Noble Phantasm, and Tohsaka said that a really maddened Berserker would just rely on his enhanced strength instead of the crystallization of his legend.

But considering the feats that he performed during his life But then, thanks to his sudden realization, the Berserker managed to land a hit on Shirou, but the redhead narrowly blocked that particular attack, considering that the beast amplified his base strength and velocity into that one attack and as such, that one slash of his blade-axe was far more powerful than it had been before.

It caused Shirou to be thrown for about twelve to fifteen feet away, although he managed to regain his footing afterwards and assessed the situation once more.

The Berserker was using more and more of his strength, that much is certain, considering that the gauntlet that he had used to block the madman's attack was cracked due to the amount of force put into the blow. Like that needed to be asked. He took one deep breath quickly, before he uttered I am the sum of all weapons And suddenly, as if the words that he uttered were capable of warping the state of reality to his will, the cracks in his gauntlet were restored in an erratic dismantling and reassembling fashion, returning it back to its previous state, and in doing so, the gauntlets' durability and power were amplified two-fold.

He then dashed, faster than before, and delivered three swift punches onto the monster's ribs and Shirou could see a moment's shock as the energy discharge got through Herakles' body's durability and made his blood leaking out through his mouth. But Shirou didn't stop there Steel is what made me And with that, the crackling golden lightning that surrounded his gauntlets began to amplify in both power and brightness, and then he cocked both of his fists back before he delivered a two-handed blow right into Herakles' abdomen The deafening sound of thunder signaled the discharge of lightning from the gauntlets, and so the mighty hero was thrown backwards by the thundering electricity that mirrored the power that the hero's father has.

The monster crashed into a concrete wall, destroying it in the process and allowed Shirou to take a breather Along with the spectators, who were thoroughly baffled by what he had done. I didn't see what just happened I'm dreaming, yup, I am dreaming No, no way that this is really, truly happening I think Shirou just When I discovered that he's a magus I just thought that he might be one that comes from a relatively unknown lineage, but this?!

What kind of human can summon some kind of a Mystic Code that could defeat a Servant like that?! Onii-chan is not supposed to be that strong! He didn't even use his Servant yet! In fact, if that blonde lady didn't prevent Saber from attacking Herakles as well, Herakles could've lost even more than just two of his lives! Give me your best, Illya.

The way he said it could be interpreted as a challenge, or as if he's patronizing her, but yet she couldn't help but notice his sincerity. He really wished her to do her best in ordering the Berserker to kill him. Although she wanted to order Berserker to attack once more, his confidence indicated his capability, he's got a lot more techniques in his arsenal, and considering that he already knew about Herakles' available Noble Phantasm in his Berserker class, the war of attrition against him would be inevitable, but seeing that the War was just beginning His demeanor was not like what she had hoped, and his power was nothing like what she was told about him.

This was not fun And so the Berserker turned his back away from them and retreated into the night, leaving Shirou, Rin, Saber, and the blonde Archer alone once more Rin was the first to broke out of her reverie and when she did so, she walked towards Shirou, who heard the sounds of her footsteps and turned his head to look at her But then he found himself staring at the ground, as Rin just smacked his upper head rather abruptly.

He then tilted his head upward, expecting to see Rin's face, "Hey, what was that abo-? The redhead rubbed his head sheepishly, ' Well, I guess I instinctively used Reinforcement after all She then looked at him with slightly teary eyes and said; " What the hell is your head made of Emiya-kun? Do you even need to ask why? That's what I, or any normal person would d- And don't you give the 'I'm not normal' schtick to me again!

That much I can see Yet you still used the gauntlet instead I already know what it is You want to feel the thrill of battle. In every battle, you want to feel the same excitement you felt when you landed an attack on that mad dog, along with the swelling pride bubbling inside your chest when he fell to your last strike Such a warrior's desire The Archer then sent the blade that she had been grasping back to the sub-space where she stored it, and ignoring Saber and Rin's wary looks, she walked towards Shirou.

When she was only a few inches away, Shirou could see that she was slightly taller than him, perhaps by a centimeter or so, her red eyes bore into his amber ones, and the eye contact happened for a good couple of seconds.

What do you think you're-" Before Saber could say anything further, the blonde Archer cupped his chin, tilted his head slightly upwards, and planted her lips into his, giving him a rather deep kiss. Rin and Saber could only gape in shock as the human Servant kissed Shirou rather passionately, and a couple of seconds passed before she began to deepen her kiss as the redhead didn't even try to push her away.

Saber trembled as her cheeks began to redden, she tilted her head downwards, shadowing her eyes and gritted her teeth in anger, " The blonde Archer's movement was swift as she avoided the attack made by the flustered Servant of the Sword.

Even your taste is different, boy Saber then placed herself in front of Shirou and pointed her invisible sword at the blonde Archer, "You will not come any closer Archer! The blonde Archer merely waved her hand dismissively, "Worry not Saber, I am quite satisfied for now The boy had grown quite well.

But rest assured, we shall meet again. Take care of yourself The blonde woman merely smiled before answering; "Very well boy. And the most prominent King amongst kings. I am the slayer of Humbaba the Terrible, the monstrous giant whom the gods feared. I was the one who slew the Bull of Heaven when the petulant goddess, Ishtar, unleashed it upon my people for my rejection of her advances.

I am the one woman who discovered the secret to eternal youth. And the first worthy human to enter the Throne of Heroes, and none that comes after me could even hope to outshine my glory.

will shirou and saber meet again in heaven

Does that satisfy you? Gilgamesh smirked back, the boy's spiritual fortitude is something to be commended, she could see that he was quite impressed, but what she just revealed didn't even make him mute in awe.

When the trio saw the First Hero left the area, Saber de-summoned her invisible sword and tried to regulate her breathing to subdue her blush.

will shirou and saber meet again in heaven

She then turned to Shirou and gave him a rather harsh glare that she tried to pass off as stern, but ended up looking more like a frustrated glare. You cannot trust that woman. On his part, Shirou merely raised his eyebrows, his expression wasn't as flustered as Saber's, "Why?

She's an arrogant and pompous woman who will only do good things because of her whim. And more importantly, what she has in plan for you. Besides, she's not that bad. Oh I know, it's because she kissed you, that's the reason, isn't it? That must've made her rather trustworthy in your eyes. No, it's not that. As long as what she wants doesn't concern your safety then I'm fine with that. But if she seeks to inflict horrible things on you, then I'll retaliate.

I promise you that. Which brings her to this question, "Shirou, what exactly did you do? You summoned a set of armor and a pair of gauntlets that seemed capable of producing lightning. The amount of power contained within those gauntlets could kill a Servant, not to mention a human being.

Fate: Heaven's Works Chapter 2, a fate/stay night fanfic | FanFiction

No offense Tohsaka, but even with your remarkable intelligence, I doubt that this will be useful or even works for you. It's a spell that couldn't be activated by anyone except me. Only far more personalized Shirou then shifted the flow of the conversation by saying; "So. Telling Saber there won't be lunch and teasing her about her growling stomach makes her mad enough to put on her armour and send you to the Tiger Dojo. Except it's not over and the story continues!

It's impossible to save Saber from dying because it happened about years ago from Shirou's perspective. However, this doesn't mean she can't live out a full life here and then simply return on the verge of death back to the battlefield and then die there. This only happens in one ending, though. Good People Have Good Sex: Gathering all the Tiger Stamps from the bad ends gives you a number of special scenes in the end.

Though most Bad Ends are fairly easy to figure out, Bad End 13 requires some hoop jumping to get Saber's Relationship Points low enough. The church in Fuyuki City is considered this, being used as a neutral site for Masters to meet. Rider creates a rune circle almost instantaneously to use her Noble Phantasm and escape from Saber when cornered.

When Saber all-but runs out of mana fighting Berserker for the first time, Shirou and Rin are forced to resort to using drastic measures having sex with her to keep her from disappearing. Illya apologizes to Shirou for killing Shinji Matou when he tried to escape, as she assumes Shirou would have wanted the kill. Let Them Die Happy: In the ending, when a dying Artoria tells Sir Bedivere that she saw a dream and asks him whether she can see the same dream again if she closes her eyes, he says that yes, he had that experience once before.

Locked Out of the Loop: The main characters themselves. A number of schemes by other characterssuch as Archer's planned betrayal or Zouken Matou's quest for immortality, that are detailed in Unlimited Blade Works and Heaven's Feel, never come to fruition in this route.

By the time Gilgamesh skewers Caster in his first onscreen appearance, Kirei Kotomine has already outwitted most of his competition and is on the verge of seizing the Holy Grail for himself. Love at First Sight: Shirou falls for Saber the moment he first sees her after accidentally summoning her.

The contents of the Holy Grail is Angra Mainyu, a Servant-turned-embryonic god of evil that expels a a corruptive black ooze embodying All the World's Evil. Saber is bound to Shirou by the Command Spell, but she genuinely comes to love him and his willingness to protect her during the route. Shirou sees horrific images of every crime imaginable when he's covered with mud from the Grail.

No Guy Wants an Amazon: Self-invoked by Saber the second time Shirou sees her naked. She feels embarrassed that she is so muscular compared to other women like Rin.

Berserker is seemingly blown to pieces by Rin, but his Noble Phantasm gives him 12 lives, meaning Rin is still within his grasp. Offscreen Moment of Awesome: Archer's fight against Berserker, with the former managing to kill the later six times before being defeated.

Saber's wish is to undo her rule so Britain can have a better king. Ilya makes it snow when parting with Shirou at one point.

It isn't romantic love because Ilya is his adopted sister. It's one of the big clues to Shirou that her cheerful act is mostly a facade against being hurt anymore. Apparently, every Holy Grail War in Fuyuki has taken place in winter. You know some people love that grail.

will shirou and saber meet again in heaven

He's a regular boy with a hero complex, she's a Heroic Spirit that only wishes for the Holy Grail. She also wishes to basically erase herself from history. Even though that doesn't end up happening, she has to return to the time of her death and finally die, reminiscing her time with Shirou as a dream.

Stay in the Kitchen: Shirou has shades of this in both this route and the anime adaptation, which gets blown out of proportion by Memetic Mutation. In reality Shirou's insistence that Saber leave the fighting to him has little to do with sexism and much more to do with Saber being badly wounded, but since Shirou doesn't have the self-awareness to say "I don't want you protecting me because I don't feel my life has any value " he defaults to a half-assed excuse instead. After a rather serious monologue with Saber contemplating about protecting Shirou, and eventually having the brief thought of her feeling like a girl in love like in the story books, Rin walks by and asks where Shirou is.

I-It's not like I'm surrendering to Shirou! Saber's goal is to go back in time and have someone other than her become King Arthur, as she believes herself a poor king responsible for her country's destruction.

Shirou and Saber have sex for the first time in a cabin and it is incredibly awkward, since despite their mutual feelings, Saber is at the verge of disappearing.

The first H-scene between Shirou and Saber has Rin getting in on the action, coming to the realization that she's bisexual in the process.

Of the tragic variety. Saber is a woman summoned from medieval times, whereas Shirou is a boy from the 21st century. In the end, Saber has to return to the time of her death and finally rest. The title of the route's True End, "Continuation of the Dream", comes from its final words: The continuation of your dream? Shirou most likely followed the same path as Archer, but unlike Archer he did not regret his ideals because those were the ideals he shared with Saber, the ideals that he found to be so beautiful.

Also unlike Archer, he had a goal in mind, a goal that is for nobody's sake but his own: Rin leaves a trail of blood around her while slumping down the wall after Kotomine attacks the house to secure Illya. Unlimited Blade Works Ambiguous Situation: However, when he wonders aloud whether or not he's forgotten something, Sakura promptly reassures him that nothing's wrong. However, given the revelations of Heaven's Feel, where she's revealed to be a Master who only avoided the war by giving her Servant to Shinji, it's left unclear whether her reassurance was genuine, or if she deliberately deceived him to ensure he wouldn't remember the war.

Caster dies to protect her Master, who then challenges Archer to a completely hopeless fight to avenge her. Illya dies not as a cruel Master but instead as a scared little girl. Used by Shirou on Gilgamesh. Since both are owners of virtually unlimited weapons but neither are masters of any of those weapons, it becomes a battle of Attack!

Even though Gilgamesh's weapons are stronger than Shirou's, within the boundaries of "Unlimited Blade Works" Shirou can pull out weapons faster than Gilgamesh can, allowing him the decisive blow when a frustrated Gilgamesh decides to take the extra time to try to pull out Ea. It really helps that Gil is extremely arrogant and refuses to fight "mere trash" seriously until it is too late.

Shinji attempts to rape Rin Tohsaka while she's captive in the Einzbern castle. He gets stabbed by Lancer and runs away in fear, looking exceptionally pathetic. Happens to both Rin and Saber at different points in the route. Playing Caster freed him to kill Shirou, whom he knew would come to save Saber, who could then be contracted by Rin.

His only mistake was taking too long after killing Caster. Shirou and Rin have some clashes during the course of the route with Rin being a grade-A Tsundere and Shirou a socially awkward Deadpan Snarker.

Archer drops in and rescues Shirou when Caster lures Shirou to her temple. He had the chance to defeat Caster too, but he passed it up. When a desperate Rin is prepared to die within the Holy Grail and have Saber destroy it, Archer, thought to be dead after his fight with Shirou, helps Rin get out.

Shirou cannot absolve Archer's fate, but the Counter Guardian comes to find peace with it. If you follow the true end, Archer states while he does find peace, the real Emiya will not and Saber is gone, but has accepted her fate. When Gilgamesh uses Shinji as the Grail's core, his body is transformed into an enormous mound of cancerous tissue leaking cursed mud.

Shirou's fate in the "Hazy" bad end leading to Tiger Dojo 20 is not extensively explained but it is implied he has become this, since he is held in some sort of a test tube as a living projection wand, conscious but not quite capable of free and coherent thought, in a state that has Saber acting apologetic towards him, and Rin has to put him out of his misery when she finds him, which she does by breaking said tube.

Caster has kidnapped Saber, taken over the church and Archer betrayed Rin. On the tenth day, Taiga casually accepts Rin's presence, she chats with Shirou a bit, before promptly realizing that Rin is present and shouting her question as to why.

In front of the church as Archer and Lancer fight, Lancer decides to use Gae Bolg, a weapon that always pierces the opponents heart when used. Archer answers by pulling out Rho Aias, a shield used by a great hero from the Trojan war, that manages to successfully stop the spear despite it's perfect accuracy pedigree.

Not much later, the fight against Caster and Souichirou go south for Shirou and Rin and just as Caster is about to finish Rin off, she suddenly turns out to be capable of some serious martial arts. This alongside some reinforcement magic manages to completely turn the fight around, curb-stomping Caster. In his fight with Gilgamesh, Shirou ends up spending all the mana he got from Rin defending against Gate of Babylon and an earlier hit by Ea.

As he is cornered by Gilgamesh, Shirou manages to somehow summon a huge amount of mana as well as a powerful and functional magical circuit, enabling him to use the Unlimited Blade Works Reality Marble and allowing him to turn the tables and corner Gilgamesh. Archer, after losing nearly all his mana from not having a Master for a few days while not doing anything, comes back from being gravely wounded by the Gate of Babylon to being in perfect health and able to use Projection for the ending.

After losing a fight to Shirou, at that. I didn't notice before, but her black hair looks really pretty and causes my heart to beat faster. Do you have a healing charm on you? No, t-that's not true! But your wound's almost healed.

What did you say, Tohsaka? Archer in the Unlimited Blade Works route, pitting Shirou's naive ideal of " the hero who saves everyone " against Archer's cynical attitude of " a hero must choose who to save ".

Made all the more complex by Archer being Shirou from the futureremembering which way his idealism took him. The end of the route implies their conflict has prevented Shirou from going down the same path however. Everybody Has Lots of Sex: Archer 2, better known as Gilgamesh, contains the prototypes of all the treasures in the world in his Noble Phantasm, on top of being the oldest known hero and king.

Naturally, he loves endlessly boasting his greatness. Although he's so powerful he can back it up, mind you, this makes him an unpleasantly arrogant, egotistical, narcissistic, and self-centered bastard that very few actually tolerate.

Gets even better when people like Shirou Emiya and Saber King Arthurwho existed after his time, still best him in battle in certain routes. Unlimited Blade Works is a field covered in swords, making it feel like a battle took place there once.

Final Boss, New Dimension: Unlike most examples of this trope, the new dimension isn't created by the boss, but rather the protagonist - in this case, Shirou materializing Unlimited Blade Works against Gilgamesh. One of the many praises of Ufotable's adaptation of the UBW route is how they do this. The sign bellow the mirror says "danger," there's an arrow above it pointing to a mirror, and reflected in that mirror is Archer.

For Want of a Nail: When Shirou and Rin go to Illya's castle to seek an alliance with her, they find it under attack by Shinji and Gilgamesh. Rin then advises Shirou to keep himself hidden instead of rushing into confrontation, and when Gilgamesh is about to rip Illya's heart out, you can either heed her advice, or rush to stop him.

The immediate consequences are the same regardless of what you choose, since Illya cannot actually be saved and Gilgamesh ends up discovering Shirou anyway. However, rushing to stop Gilgamesh causes Rin to call Shirou out on his decision, causing them to stay in the castle long enough for Lancer to arrive and offer his assistance.

Heeding her advice, however, results in them leaving the castle on their own, triggering a Bad End. A number of non-fatal incidents around the town caused by Caster's efforts gathering mana are attributed to gas leaks.

Archer's Noble Phantasm Invocation makes great deviations between the accurate translation from the Japanese text and the Japanese "translation" that accompanies it in the game. Getting the Good Ending requires Saber to have 4 or more relationship points and Rin to have less than 8.

The way Caster tries to break Saber shows she enjoys it a bit too much. Shirou is quite blunt in asking his best friend Issei to remove his school uniform. And Issei, for his part, was strangely okay with it.

Coupled with Issei's general dislike of women When Archer kidnaps Rin. Shirou threatens Archer that he'll have Saber kill him if Rin is hurt.

Gilgamesh when Shirou orders Saber to save Rin instead of helping himself. In the Good Ending. Rin's pendant, which she used to save Shirou, and was also the summoning catalyst for Archer.


Towards the end, Lancer snarks that, too bad, he would have wanted Rin as his Master. If you make the wrong choice when Rin attacks you at school or attempt to transition to this route from the Fate route by refusing her offer of allianceShirou 'loses' the Grail War, but survives everything just fine and goes back to his mundane life minus a few memories.

The Tiger Dojo segment even pokes fun at this fact, with Taiga claiming that since Shirou's life went back to normal, you actually reached the True End of the route. Caster thinks she's killed Kotomine, but Rin knows better - as she noted, Caster really should have checked the body. It is mentioned off-handedly in an intermission that Servant Assassin fought off Lancer, Saber, Archer, Rider, and Berserker when they approached Caster's temple.

Shame we never get to see it. During the route it is apparent that Shirou, Rin and Saber develop strong feelings between each other and they eventually even have a shared date. In the Good Ending the three start living together as mutual lovers in Shirou's household.

Power at a Price: Projection for Shirou is this. Nearly each time he projects, he hurts himself Right Through His Pants: Lampshaded in the H-scene, when Rin tells Shirou that he's a failure as a man if he keeps his clothes on while doing it.

Of course, the whole scene is being Played for Laughsso When Rin makes a contract with Saber. Archer's and Shirou's eponymous Reality Marble.

The latter provides the page quote. Caster overestimated how much she was in control of the situation. Trusting Archer spelled her end. Shirou and Archer can also do it in this route.