William travis and antonio lopez de santa anna meet

The Battle of the Alamo.

william travis and antonio lopez de santa anna meet

hi I'm Antonio López de Santa Anna president of Mexico and general of the Mexican Army Hi I'm William B. Travis. I led Texas forces at the. President General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, Mexico At that time, Colonel James Bowie and Lieutenant Colonel William B. Travis prepared to . while the Mexican wounded still languished in San Antonio, Santa Anna met his Waterloo . How William Travis Became a Texas Hero at the Battle of the Alamo . of the Mexican army, commanded by General Antonio López de Santa Anna. sometime on March 4, Travis called together the defenders for a meeting.

Santa Anna These actions might have provoked Texans to revolution. Colonists hoped that he would make Texas a self-governing state within the Mexican republic. But once in power, Santa Anna proved to be less liberal than many Texans had believed. Inhe overthrew the constitutional government of Mexico, abolished state governments, and made himself dictator.

On November 3,American colonists adopted a constitution and organized a temporary government, but voted overwhelmingly against declaring independence. A majority of colonists hoped to attract the support of Mexican liberals in a joint effort to depose Santa Anna and to restore power to the state governments, hopefully including a separate state of Texas.

Sam Houston While holding out the possibility of compromise, the Texans prepared for war by electing Sam Houston commander of whatever military forces he could muster. Houston, one of the larger-than-life figures who helped win Texas independence, Houston had run away from home at the age of 15 and lived for three years with the Cherokee Indians in eastern Tennessee. At 30 he was elected to the House of Representatives and at 34 he was elected governor of Tennessee.

Many Americans regarded him as the heir apparent to Andrew Jackson. Then, suddenly, inscandal struck. Houston married a woman 17 years younger than himself.

Within three months, the marriage was mysteriously annulled. Depressed and humiliated, Houston resigned as governor. After wandering about the country as a near derelict, he returned to live with the Cherokee in present day Arkansas and Oklahoma. During his stay with the tribe, Houston was instrumental in forging peace treaties among several warring Indian nations.

InHouston traveled to Washington to demand that President Jackson live up to the terms of the removal treaty.

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Jackson did not meet his demands, but instead sent Houston unofficially to Texas to keep an eye on the American settlers and the growing anti-Mexican sentiment. In the middle ofscattered local outbursts erupted against Mexican rule. Then, a band of Texas riflemen, who comprised the entire Texas army, captured the Mexican military headquarters in San Antonio. The Alamo Soon, the ominous news reached Texas that Santa Anna himself was marching north with 7, soldiers to crush the revolt.

In actuality, the army of Santa Anna was not particularly impressive; it was filled with raw recruits, and included many Indian troops who spoke and understood little Spanish. But, Texas rebels decided to defend the city and made their stand at an abandoned Spanish mission, the Alamo. For twelve days, Mexican forces lay siege to the Alamo. Travis issued an appeal for reinforcements, but only 32 men were able to cross Mexican lines.

Legend has it that on the evening of March 5,Travis, realizing that defense of the Alamo was futile, drew a line in the dirt with his sword.

Battle of the Alamo

Only those willing to die for Texas independence, Travis announced to the garrison, should step across the line and defend the Alamo. All but two men did. One refused to cross the line, and another, Jim Bowie, too sick to move from his cot, called over some friends and had them carry him across the line.

Seven defenders surrendered and were immediately executed, and approximately 15 persons survived, including an American woman and her child.

Suspecting Travis as the perpetrator of the prank, Bradburn sent soldiers to his law office to arrest Travis and his partner, Patrick C. They were held in a guardhouse and later in two brick kilns. Word of their arrest spread, and men assembled to demand their release.

The group drafted the Turtle Bayou Resolutionswhich pledged their loyalty to the states' rights Constitution ofbut not to the current Centralist regime, and demanded the release of the prisoners. John Austin traveled to Velasco to obtain a cannon to force Bradburn to comply. Although in sympathy with Bradburn, he realized that the Mexican forces were outnumbered. He ordered Travis and Jack released to civil authorities, who soon released them altogether.

This incident began the Anahuac Disturbances ofwhich resulted in armed clashes at Velasco and Nacogdoches later that summer and produced the conventions of and with their petitions for repeal of the Law of April 6,and separate statehood.

Sites of Major Events in the Texas Revolution. Courtesy of the Texas Almanac. Travis moved his legal practice to San Felipe in the aftermath of the clash at Anahuac.


In he was elected secretary to the ayuntamiento there and was accepted, despite his youth, into the councils of government. He also met Rebecca Rebeca Cummings, who lived at Mill Creek, and began a courtship that resulted in a decision to marry once Travis was divorced.

Rosanna Travis began divorce proceedings against her husband incharging him with desertion.

william travis and antonio lopez de santa anna meet

They were divorced in the fall ofand she remarried early the next year. She had permitted Charles Edward Travis to move to Texas, where he lived with the family of David Ayers, so that he could be near his father.

william travis and antonio lopez de santa anna meet

Travis may not have known when the divorce became final, for he became embroiled in the rapidly moving events of the Texas Revolution in July and was constantly occupied until his death.

In any event, he made no attempt to marry Rebecca Cummings.

TRAVIS, WILLIAM BARRET | The Handbook of Texas Online| Texas State Historical Association (TSHA)

Published by Sammell and Company in Austin carried the petition of the Convention of to the government in Mexico City and was incarcerated, fears for his safety cooled politics in Texas until the summer of A war group led by James B. Miller met and authorized Travis to return to Anahuac to expel Tenorio.

In late June Travis led some twenty-five men by way of Harrisburg and Galveston Bay on an amphibious assault on Tenorio's position and captured the Mexican soldiers easily. The action alarmed the peace party, and for several months Travis was regarded by many Texans as a troublemaker.

william travis and antonio lopez de santa anna meet

He branded Travis and the other partisans at Anahuac outlaws and demanded that the Texans surrender them for military trial. Courtesy of Larry D. When Cos demanded the surrender of the Gonzales "come and take it" cannon in OctoberTravis joined the hundreds of Texans who hastened there, but arrived too late to take part in the action.

william travis and antonio lopez de santa anna meet

He remained with the militia and accompanied it to besiege Bexar. He served as a scout in a cavalry unit commanded by Randal Jones and later commanded a unit himself. He did not remain at San Antonio through the final assault in early December, but returned to San Felipe. He advised the Consultation on the organization of cavalry for the army but turned down a commission as a major of artillery. He later accepted a commission as a lieutenant colonel of cavalry and became the chief recruiting officer for the army.

Governor Henry Smith ordered Travis to recruit men and reinforce Col. Neill at San Antonio in January Travis was able to recruit only twenty-nine men, and because he was embarrassed he requested to be relieved. When Smith insisted, Travis reported to Neill and within a few days found himself in command of about fifty men when Neill took leave.

When James Bowie arrived with volunteers, he and Travis quarreled over command. They were able to effect an uneasy truce of joint command until Bowie's illness and injury from a fall forced him to bed. Layout of the Alamo mission prior to the Battle of the Alamo on March 2, Courtesy of the Portal to Texas History.

Travis directed the preparation of San Antonio de Valero Mission, known as the Alamo, for the anticipated arrival of Santa Anna and the main command of the Mexican army. With engineer Green B. Jameson he strengthened the walls, constructed palisades to fill gaps, mounted cannons, and stored provisions inside the fortress. He also wrote letters to officials requesting reinforcements, but only the thirty-five men came from Gonzales to his relief, thus raising the number of the Alamo's defenders to approximately Travis's letter addressed "To the People of Texas and All Americans in the World," written on February 24, two days after Santa Anna's advance arrived in San Antonio, brought more than enough help to Texas from the United States, but it did not arrive in time.

When Santa Anna had his forces ready, he ordered an assault on the Alamo.