Yna and angelo meet again in heaven


The question, however is, can Yna and Angelo handle this 'purely business' set- up after all the pains their relationship went through?. Yna's meeting is near the conference room where Lloyd's father is. While waiting, the cupcakes that Angelo baked were served before the. Pangako Sa 'Yo is a Philippine primetime soap opera series that aired on ABS- CBN. It starred Yna and Angelo fall in love, much to Claudia's chagrin. happy and reunited with their true loves: Yna becomes pregnant and marries Angelo, . Ka Man · Maging Sino Ka Man: Ang Pagbabalik · Maid in Heaven · Mangarap Ka .

LG told them no one is making them leave but they said they had to because when Joy's mom returns they have to have a place for her to come home to.

Then they told Lolo Gregi that they hope that even if they no longer live there that they are still part of the family? I need you more now than ever. It tickled Joy's heart to hear him say that although I am sure she is misunderstanding Angelo. Later she is going to be heart broken again because there is only one Wagas na PagIbig for Angelo and that is Yna.

Yna goes in the kitchen and then talks to herself telling her mind that she made the right decision. But Flashback Thursday is not over yet. She remembers the meeting earlier and it still saddens her that it is Angelo's cupcakes. On the other hand, Angelo walks in Lia's room where he finds her studying. He sits on her bed and asked her if it is ok for him to bother her for a quick moment.

It's ok that you don't work together. And aren't we surviving anyway right? Angelo could see that Lia is still having a hard time with everything that happened. When Yna arrived home, she was happy to see Amboy. It happens to be that Egoy is at the seminary and his mother is still selling at the market. But he is in Manila to go to school and Yna agreed to have him stay at their house.

Amboy knows about Yna's necklace that she lost in the water and the fish ate Another person connected to the past is always welcome because now that Tatay Isko is so out on left field, Amboy could be our saving grace to Yna's true identity.

After all the pleasantries, Amboy asked Yna if she isn't going to ask him about Angelo? Nanay Belen warned Amboy that he must not mention that name at their house. Amboy tells Nanay that he is just kidding. Besides, he said that they are no longer in Punta Verde. In fact he has not seen Lia in ages. So she need not worry. Amboy could sense that all wounds have not healed at the Macaspac household.

At the bakery, LG gets a phone call from an unknown number. He answers it and realizes it is KuzYna Angelo's nose flares; his face hardened. He takes off his apron and leaves.

At the high school, Amboy tried to find his way around when he thought he saw Lia being making fun off by the Mean Girls.

He couldn't believe it. He asked himself if that was Lia B? But he thought he made a mistake. Not in his wildest dreams would he think Lia would be a pathetic girl chasing mean girls around school where she is like a slave to them.

You are always acting as if there is nothing wrong. That you are jealous? Is that always going to be the issue Chelsea? He looks away from Chelsea because he feels frustrated. She reaches over to turn his face toward her.


But I will not compete with her. Yna heard it all but she could no longer take it. She decided to leave as quickly as she could. I hope you don't go stupid on Yna. She is obviously still in love with her ex. Don't be a fool like me. It kills me to love you when you couldn't return the same kind of love to me.

David pulls her hand to stop her but she has made up her mind. She weeps and begs him to let her go. There was nothing David could do. He parks his bike across the stairway. Yna came walking down the stairs. In front of the sign the two meet again.

Yna keeps a poker face. You haven't change your ways. Like a kid who is throwing a fit because he didn't get his way. Soooo typical of Angelo.

Good luck with everything. Sorry but we really have to say No to this. Angelo just took the defeat and walked away. Well this is my conclusion about this episode: I think that for today's episode and since everything is still fresh and new and people are shocked and caught off guard, they have made decisions that is bound not to hold water.

In order for KuzYna to push through, the breakup between Chelsea and David can not happen because chances are Chelsea will pull out and unless David and Yna find a quick investor in place of Chelsea, KuzYna's grand opening might not happen timely. But Amor could give them a loan through Mentira couldn't she???? David will probably chase Chelsea around and sweet talk her back into the business but Chelsea will insist that if they want her money, they get Gelo.

On Gelo's side, LG is sick and about to lose his bakery and business. When the offer gets back on the table, they will have to take it. I do not see Lia being a stumbling block. She does not matter all that much for now. Yna begs the women to stop it.

She tells them that she and Angelo is of no fault and that David knows it. Yna told them that what they are saying are all lies. Then she turns to Angelo so they could leave. Yna apologized to Eduardo and told him to please tell Amor that they had to leave. But the three women are not done yet.

Because of you our friend died. It's because you are a flirt. Amor heard it all in the bathroom. She stood there but she is almost at her wits end. Monay couldn't help herself. She started to mouth off to the three women.

Nanay Belen told Monay not to pay attention to them. Then one of them said for Monay not to defend that flirt referring to Yna. Nanay Belen calmed Monay down so she could say something back. It is true that David was hurt because of Angelo.

yna and angelo meet again in heaven

If he never came back to the life of my daughter, then this would have never happened. Angelo couldn't believe what Nanay Belen said. You are not my son. Claudia started to mouth off. Why do you talk like that toward my son? Yna told Amboy to please take Nanay outside. Eduardo tried to stop Claudia calling her attention. Amor's blood starting to boil listening to all the back talking happening outside.

Claudia blames Nanay Belen. That is when Nanay Belen starts in on Claudia. You are a murderer which is why it does not matter to you that David is dead.

You continue to be calm because you are a murderer. Claudia then answers Nanay telling her that she is living her life in bitterness.

She tells Nanay Belen to lay off her son.

Nanay Belen isn't going to stop. She tells Claudia to leave her alone when she is disciplining her daughter.

yna and angelo meet again in heaven

While Claudia mouths off, Amor has had it. She turned around and walked out. The crowd is all riled up as Nanay Belen and Claudia are about to get physical. Amor then yelled at everyone. Eduardo and everyone was startled. They all looked at her Everyone started piling out of the room as quickly as they can.

Eduardo stood behind her holding her. She watched everyone leave and when the last person in the room walked passed her, she lost it and began to cry.

Eduardo stood by her. She tried to stop herself from totally getting out of control. She couldn't believe what she has done but more than anything, she couldn't believe the rudeness of people that came to the wake.

Outside, Claudia and Coring were celebrating. They enjoyed seeing Amor upset and yelling at everyone to leave. It is these scenes that I hate the most.

I couldn't bear even listening to that Coring. Down the hall by the stairs, Yna and Angelo sit. Yna cries asking why she is being blamed. She is asking why they are being blamed.

Angelo told her not to listen to the talks because they know the truth that David gave them his blessings to be together. Angelo comforted Yna telling her not to allow those people to affect them but Yna couldn't help it. It is painful for her and she feels guilty.

yna and angelo meet again in heaven

Inside the room, Eduardo comforts Amor while she cries over David's urn. They don't know what happened to David. She cried and cried and held on to Eduardo. I don't blame Amor for doing what she did. But I wished that her rage was directed to Claudia because she is the culprit as we all know. I hate the writers for even thinking we are going to stand for this I am to a point that enough is enough and I would rather fast forward and not even write about how hateful these characters are.

Again, if not for my love for Jodi and Ian, I would never waste my precious time writing these episodes. It is so disgusting to be surrounded by evil doings. At home, Yna walks in her room. And in the quiet and peace of her abode, she thought of the events that day. She looked at the box that David gave her. She started talking to it.

Did you do this because you are upset? Is it really my fault? She feels so guilty. Claudia was impressed because all she saw was her carrying that extra large flower basket to David's room. Mark told her that she is just a silhouette and only be recognized by the clothes she is wearing. She told Mark that she got rid of those clothes already. Mark is impressed with Claudia because they believed that what happened was a suicide.

She said that maybe they should thank David because he made their plan of revenge very easy to fulfill. She makes fun of Amor's suffering. Mark and her celebrate their success. She received a text message from Eduardo asking her if she wants him to come over?

She replied to Eduardo that she wants to be alone. After that, Betty Mae told her that she has company. She looked over the balcony and saw Yna. Downstairs, Amor and Yna sat in the dinning room. Yna apologized for what happened the other day at the wake. Yna told her that she is really embarrassed. She just said that is the past now. Yna began to cry. Amor looked at her for the first time. She answered, "No" then she stood up and walked toward the other end of the table. It appears that Amor wants to not blame Yna but she is feeling that if David would feel extremely hurt, it would be Yna because he wouldn't be hurt by her.

With her mixed emotions, she was not in the mood to talk right now so she told Yna that they should postpone talking until next time. Yna could feel the distance of Amor from her. Her coldness is apparent as well. I am really sorry for everything. Amor almost wanted to stop her but she does not know what to say. She is so hurt from the death of David and most of all from the way that David appears to have died.

Her gut feeling is taking over her emotions. Amor is cold to the world. Yna said that she suspect the same thing. Amor told the Police to do something about it immediately. Angelo was making food when Kabayan arrived to see him.

He received a call from the woman from Santa Ines who knew Claudia and she told him that she had learnt that the man who was always with Simon going into a posh car and she gave Angelo the plate number.

Angelo had someone look into it and see who owned the car. When they got back home, she said that it would be great if they moved back to Punte Verde started a business there like the way they used to before but Eduardo dismissed her and said they would discuss it later. The maid came to tell them that there were people looking for Claudia outside. Claudia and the rest all went outside to find Amor and Yna waiting outside with the police.

Claudia laughed at Amor and asked whether she was going to have her arrested for slapping her. She mocked Amor by saying that she wanted to steal her husband while Amor only watched her. Amor then slapped Claudia and accused her of killing David.

Claudia acted outraged and said that the accusations were false but Yna told her that she was captured on the CCTV footage wearing a nurse uniform. Claudia screamed that she would not be arrested for something she did not do and the police said she was not getting arrested, just going in for questioning.

Claudia calmed down and agreed to go with them.