Bagley family meet the mormons cover

bagley family meet the mormons cover

Explore Ari Bagley's board "working with lemons" on Pinterest. | See more ideas Working With Lemons cast meets Darth Vader at SLC Comic Con = life made. America's First Civil War, David L. Bigler, Will Bagley. scattered farm families suited such conditions. Q But exclusions that met the needs of landowners elsewhere did not square with Mormon settlement patterns. half- section of acres for a town would not cover the Mormon city because it “ occupies more. The latest LDS, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and Mormon Church Dawn Armstrong and family, "Meet the Mormons" . "It's a good thing to bring back the true meaning of Christmas," Robbie Bagley said.

We didn't even know there were members in Nepal. We were delighted to find out there is a small branch.

Families featured in 'Meet the Mormons' show diversity, Christ-centered lives | Deseret News

When director Blair Treu and producer Jeff Roberts began making a movie aimed at introducing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints through six dedicated members, they knew the film needed rich diversity with a good balance of men and women.

They needed people living Christ-centered lives who were not shy in front of a camera.

bagley family meet the mormons cover

They needed stories that were entertaining, deeply compelling and appealing to all faiths. Those they found included a humanitarian from Nepal, a college football coach of Samoan heritage, a Costa Rican mother who is also a kickboxer, an African-American bishop from Atlanta, a famous World War II pilot and the mother of a Mormon missionary from Utah.

Alex Boye, Sheri Dew, Peter Hollens and others discuss the world's largest live Nativity

That's the truth," Treu said. The net proceeds go to charitable causes.

bagley family meet the mormons cover

The criteria "Meet the Mormons" is intended to provide an overview of who Mormons are and a chance for people to get to know the LDS Church by going right to the source, said Treu, the film's director, executive producer and writer.

Treu and Roberts sought a good balance between male- and female-driven stories. Each profile needed to have an entertaining element and "a vehicle" for telling a deeper story of lives centered on the gospel. The filmmakers also wanted "Meet the Mormons" to appeal to all faiths.

Families featured in 'Meet the Mormons' show diversity, Christ-centered lives

Treu and Roberts took both a formal and informal approach to finding these stories. Formally, they reached out to leaders in stakes and wards across the world, seeking recommendations.

Informally, they networked among their friends and colleagues by word of mouth, said Roberts, asking, "Who might be a good fit in this venture? We kept people informed on what we were doing, the stories we were researching, and as we moved into production, everyone told us to just keep going.

bagley family meet the mormons cover

When making decisions, we often had a feeling if it was a story we needed to tell. That gave us confidence that we were on the right track. The cameras followed Sullivan around for two weeks inshowcasing him as a religious leader, in his profession as an academic counselor and as a father and husband. The live Nativity featured several well-known families and individuals.

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The Deseret News caught up with many of these participants. They explained why they chose to take part in the Nativity and what Christmas means to them.

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A video of the Nativity, starring David Archuleta and the Piano Guys, whose contributions were filmed in a separate location, will be released later this month. I think our Savior wants us to be happy on this earth. Call us what you want, but we believe in Christ. Obviously the Piano Guys are so amazing.

bagley family meet the mormons cover

I was just recording with David in his studio like two hours ago. That is one of the most talented, gracious, humble dudes ever. He is lovely and so talented.

bagley family meet the mormons cover

I absolutely adore all the people here. I love the symbolism. The birth of Christ is like a sense of renewal, and we go into a new year and focus on renewing promises to ourselves of who we want to be and who we want to end up becoming.

For us to start off the season as part of a world-record-setting live Nativity, followed up by a mini-Nativity put on by the children of our YouTube friends, was simply amazing!