Bbc iplayer the apprentice meet candidates images

BBC One - The Apprentice, Series 14, Meet the Candidates

bbc iplayer the apprentice meet candidates images

Lord Sugar has said he would like the BBC to commission a new Sugar - pictured with the new Apprentice contestants - has fronted the show. Available episodes of The Apprentice. Why I Fired Them—Series 13/14 Lord Sugar looks back at the candidates who fell before the final hurdle. This year's line-up of contestants on the BBC One show includes eight women and eight men from a wide variety of business backgrounds.

Don't be fooled into think she's a soft touch, though: A year-old professional speaker from Cheshire What does Kayode speak professionally about?

BBC One - The Apprentice, Series 14

It remains a mystery. Maybe he can motivationally talk his way to the top, though. She also says she has a "hot head", which may make life difficult for the idiots on the series.

A year-old law graduate from London Kurran doesn't cite showbiz entrepreneurs as his inspiration, but his father, who started his own airline.

The Apprentice 2018: Meet Lord Sugar's new candidates

He's definitely not just the privileged son of a successful businessman, though: A year-old quality controller from Lancashire Rick prides himself on being able to separate business from pleasure, but warns that he's a "wolf in sheep's clothing", and is up for making duplicitous friendships with his fellow apprentices. Sabrina owns a tennis events company.

bbc iplayer the apprentice meet candidates images

She's 22 and from Middlesex. Sabrina's business role models are either fictional or not actually business leaders.

The Final Five

The year-old owner of a children's acting academy from Manchester Given her profession, one might imagine Byrne's experience around entitled children may bode well for her time on The Apprentice. A year-old solicitor from Teesside In spite of the worrying news that solicitor Sarah says she struggles with timekeeping and organisation, she does say she's charming enough to beat her competitors.

Nottinghamshire Elizabeth has size 10 feet! PA Elizabeth describes herself as a "slightly bonkers country girl" and has a love of dogs and horses. She is a hands on practical person and will have a go at doing any job.

Elliot Van Emden Age: Owner Legal Firm Lives: London Elliot used to work for Cameron Image: He believes "what you see is what you get" with him, and he aims to band together with who he thinks are the stronger candidates early on to secure his place in the final.

Watford Harrison is the fit one of this series Image: PA Harrison started his own landscaping business aged 19 and is currently working on a number of business ventures including property development, a healthy eating brand and a luxury streetwear brand.

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Manchester Jade looks a lot like Gemma Atkinson Image: She thinks her greatest business skills are her creativity and passion. Owner, Wedding Company Lives: London Siobhan is apparently Superwoman Image: PA Siobhan owns and runs a wedding service company for couples in the UK who want to get married in Dubai.

She considers herself to be very direct, but concedes people sometimes take her honesty the wrong way. Her role model is Colonel Sanders, founder of KFC — as "at the age of 65, he had knocked on over 1, doors over a period of two years trying to sell his recipe before getting his first yes, he never gave up on his dream. A lot of people call me superwoman.

The Apprentice Meet Lord Sugar's new candidates

London Jeff is a semi-pro hip hop dancer Image: PA Jeff is a business analyst and semi-pro hip-hop dancer. Over the past 10 years he has trained several times a week, even performing at the O2 Arena.

bbc iplayer the apprentice meet candidates images

He has been a fan of The Apprentice since he was a teenager. Coupled with my professional and educational experience, I am sure I will be able to separate myself from the rest.

bbc iplayer the apprentice meet candidates images

Digital Marketing Manager Lives: Manchester Joanna hates being patronised Image: PA In her current role, Joanna creates multi-channel strategies to improve the digital footprint of companies. She considers being determined and a great talker to be her best qualities. She hates being patronised, but will remain resilient on the show.

Business Owner, Construction Lives: Bolton Michaela works in construction Image: PA Michaela mostly works on the day-to-day operations of a construction magazine, alongside her role at several other companies in the building sector.