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bbc meet the author 2012 movie

Thu 10 May Radio theatre Favourite author. name, as famous for his heroic fund raising efforts as he is for his TV and film appearances. Hustle is a British television crime drama series starring Adrian Lester, Robert Glenister and Robert Vaughn. Created by Tony Jordan, it was produced by Kudos Film and Television, and broadcast on BBC One BBC One HD (– ) .. After meeting Vaughn over lunch, Crawford "[recognised] straight away that he. Nick Higham speaks to the acclaimed and controversial author Salman Rushdie about his near Meet the Author: Helen Macdonald 16 August

A part of his character includes his love of conducting 'The Flop', thanks mainly to an old skull fracture he obtained in a bar brawl and passing it off as a fresh injury. During the first series, the writers had him doing the short-con with a female partner who suffered brain damage as a direct result; although this was written to have an impact to his character, the plot device was rarely used again in later series. Glenister is the only actor in the show to have appeared in every episode of the show, with the writers later giving his character a lead part in the eighth series on a story that Lester wrote and directed.

Stacie Monroe Jaime Murray - Series 1—4, Guest in Series 8 [4] - a charmer, Monroe specialises in using her sex appeal to manipulate potential marks, assist Morgan in acquiring what is needed, and conducting short-cons to help raise funds for the current long-con being performed. While extremely intelligent and accomplished, she prefers not to be involved in a romantic connection with another man due to her ex-husband leaving her while taking all their life-savings with him; this plot device was later explored further during the second series.

Throughout her appearance between the first and fourth series, the writers created romantic tensions between her and Blue. After she and Warren decided not to return for the fifth series, due to scheduling conflicts, her character was written out of the show as a direct result, though the writers later wrote her back in as part of the show's finale after Murray agreed to reprise her role.

bbc meet the author 2012 movie

Danny Blue Marc Warren - Series 1—4, Guest in Series 8 [3] - a seasoned short-con artist, Blue is somewhat brash but enthusiastic and imaginative, often wishing to prove he has the talent to pull off long-cons and dreaming of being the best grifter in London. As part of his backstory by the writers, Blue's family were mostly crooks who were somewhat dishonourable; none of his family are shown, except for his grandmother, whom he deeply loves. During the first three series, he was relegated to the role of second 'inside man' and being taught what he needed to know about the long-con, maintaining a firm rivalry with Mickey with a petty competitive nature between the two, though with both respecting each other.

After Lester departed from the show, the writers upgraded Warren's character to the leader of the team, with the whole series focused on the development of Blue in his new role.

Like Murray, Warren decided not to return to the show for the fifth series due to conflicts in his schedule, thus his character was written out of the show, though he later agreed to reprise his role as his character, alongside Murray, for the show's finale. Billy Bond Ashley Walters - Series 4 - a young rookie, whom the writers devised to take on the role of Warren's character for the fourth series - astute, with a talent for short-cons, though his backstory reveals him to have prior involvement with drug dealing and street gangs.

Despite his past, he is a likeable character amongst his peers, with a deep respect for Blue and a passion to learn what he needs about the long-con. While Walters decided not to return for the fifth series, the writers wrote off his character without any explanations of what became of him afterwards, though speculation by fans is that he joined with Blue and Monroe in the States; while Walter's character did not appear for the show's finale, it is unclear whether the production staff asked him to reprise this role again.

Sean Kennedy Matt Di Angelo - Series - a talented young man, and one half of a duo consisting of himself and his sister Emma, Sean originally inspired to be an actor, but later chooses to be an understudy of Mickey and learning to be the 'inside man', with additional mentoring by Morgan.

Created as a replacement for Blue, after Warren chose not to return for the fifth series, his backstory shows him to be eager, yet overprotective of his sister, while having a firm hatred of his father for abandoning his family when he was young, the emotional impact further increased when he and his sister were put into foster care after their mother died. Emma Kennedy Kelly Adams - Series 5—8 - a talented woman, and the brains behind the duo consisting of herself and her brother Sean, Emma endured to be the stronger of the Kennedy children after they were put into foster care.

Like Di Angelo, Adams' character was created by the writers as a replacement for Murray, after she chose not to return for the fifth series, with her character having the same role as Monroe. In her backstory, alongside having no love for her father, she originally held a previous relationship during her childhood and maintains a firm dislike for men who are sexist, being skillful at drinking games.

Despite the team playing tricks and short-cons on him, usually to get out of paying drinks or winning money off him, the team hold deep respect for him and occasionally help him out when he's in trouble. Conception[ edit ] Hustle was largely born from the same production team that created and popularised the early series of Spooksa similarly-styled drama series first broadcast in Impossible ; speaking in an interview in DecemberCrawford explained that "[such shows] worked because of the interaction within the group — the plotlines were almost irrelevant".

The process was initially quite difficult; Crawford described his "immediate thought [as] 'this is so good, how the hell are we going to get a cast to live up to these characters? Tony had created incredibly strong characters, each with their own particular style and panache, but they also had to form a believable, if unusual, 'family' unit".

Although having numerous credits in film and on the stage, Lester was an unknown face in television, having had less than two hours' broadcast screen time prior to the first Hustle series.

In the very first rehearsal we were doing a dance routine and then the next thing I know I'm whacking out several different accents and I just thought, 'I'm in heaven, this is great! So when I watched some of it on tape I was totally amazed that you couldn't see how frightened I really was.

bbc meet the author 2012 movie

I kept thinking, 'Oh my God! I'm working with Adrian Lester and Robert Vaughn. Any time now someone is going to tap me on the shoulder and ask me to get my coat!

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By March her book was top of the New York Times Bestsellers List, and by the end of that month she had signed a three picture movie deal with Universal having holed herself up in a swanky hotel and listened to pitches from Tinseltown's finest. And then Random House moved in, and Fifty Shades really starting hotting up.

April saw the book top the UK Bestsellers chart, where it would stay for an unprecedented and interrupted 25 weeks. In July she sold more copies of Fifty Shades of Greya week than any other author has achieved since modern records began in Today, only 11 months after Leonard gave up the her job, Fifty Shades has sold over 60 million copies worldwide, is available in 53 territories and is or will soon be available in: Chinese, Albanian, Arabic, Hebrew and so on.

bbc meet the author 2012 movie

No wonder she's a bit confused. She is that ordinary person to whom an extraordinary thing has happened. To put her experience into context it is worth noting that the vast majority of authors don't make enough money to live on, and most first-time fiction writers don't make any real money at all; a situation that is getting worse not better.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Drive actor Ryan Gosling is rumoured to be in the running for the role of Christian Grey Drive actor Ryan Gosling is rumoured to be in the running for the role of Christian Grey What has happened to Erika Leonard is unheard of, and would not have occurred without the internet.

And that applies to how she wrote the book, too. Ignore this golden rule, it warns, and you face months of wasted effort and certain failure. Or, as it turns out, fame and fortune and three international best sellers.

Leonard had no plot, no structure and no idea where she was going when she started writing. She'd sit on the train on the way to work and write long text messages on her mobile phone, which she would then send to her computer at home; a stream of erotic consciousness written with fingers and thumbs during her boring daily commute.

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Each morning she'd pick up where she left off, and then one day, arrived home to discover she'd written enough to fill three novels. Romance is her thing, with "a kink". She likes erotica and read plenty of it for fun before Fifty Shades.

She describes certain books as being "hot", particularly one that featured bondage and sadomasochism. She hadn't intended her literary efforts to become a global talking point, or to be compared with the great authors. For her, writing was a hobby, that became something of an obsession, leading to an ambition to write a book in the adult romance genre for a niche readership.

Now she is a bit embarrassed, as well as being delighted and overwhelmed. She is extremely uncomfortable talking about the potential social and ethical impact her books have had. I suspect this is the part of being interviewed she really doesn't like, and probably quite enjoys the rest - her celebrity anecdotes and attention. We did talk about her views on pornography, and of any concerns she has that her book might provide an excuse for some men to pressurise their partners to behave in a certain way.