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bray and slaughter meet the team wordpress

Most AltaPointe staff members know the name, Roylyn Chaney, even if they don't know . program customized to meet the changing needs of behavioral healthcare. “Being a Dolores Bray. Greg Broadnax Lacey Slaughter. Melissa Smilie. Many of our staff joined the company as apprentices and through support from the This means that Bray and Slaughter have a loyal workforce and low staff. Oct 30, October 30, / libbabray To the madness of slaughter? . a future, one in which we will see each other again, and we will meet in gladness. I work as a librarian in a secondary school, I speak to our staff and students.

I have an uneasy relationship with the faith of my childhood. I found it hard to reconcile the New Testament gospel I was taught with the fact that my gay father could not openly be himself and hold onto his job.

On a philosophical level, I had deep questions about an all-powerful God who could allow such terrible things to happen in this world. Only a monster would allow that. Over the years, my faith has been contentious, beseeching, middle fingers raised to the sky, needy, questioning. I never once thought about being shot to death while kneeling in prayer.

The one church-taught thing I have carried with me all these years, though, is the belief that small ministrations matter. These seemingly insignificant moments shared with another outside the camera frame, these dogged decencies and small acts of kindness matter.

How was it possible to alleviate his suffering? The answer was, read a letter aloud. Find the Judy Collins CD he likes and play that.

Rub the swollen feet that ache and kiss the forehead that needs a kiss when the eyes are failing. You do what you can. One small action following another small action. When I am wordless, I think about this. Maybe it helps you to hold on to this now, too. Perhaps you might read a book to a child.

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Donate a Saturday to Planned Parenthood. You might find yourself at a bus stop with an elderly woman who needs help boarding, who just lost her sister, who needs to talk about that, and you might listen as the two of you ride, a burden eased. You might drive someone to the polls on election day.

Or call your representatives again and again and again because they are counting those calls, and sometimes, when the words feel hard to find, a phone call is your voice.

You stick up for the person being bullied or help that person get to safety. The same man almost certainly committed both crimes, and he has never been caught.

He is probably not one of the known suspects. Now he would be 78 years old, or he has already died. The children are surely dead.

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There were several descriptions of the man, and they all matched up. A postman saw the children in the afternoon walking along, but we now think that he saw them in the morning instead. A woman said that a man and three small children moved into a house on her street that night. A young boy tried to run away down the street, but the man chased after him, grabbed him roughly and took him to the house.

The oldest girl was very shy and no one understands why she let the man dress her at the beach. The children were cautious and the thinking now is that they made friends with the man. The children were never seen again. Many theories have sprung up, including some that say they are still alive. A few years back, children from a family claimed that their pedophile father had killed the children along with his pedophile gang which included prominent members of society.

The children were taken to a car, shown the open trunk where the dead children were, and told that this is what would happen to them if they talked. Police said the story was credible, but nothing more was heard.

bray and slaughter meet the team wordpress

Letters supposedly written by the children came to the parents after they were gone, but all were pranks. A Dutch psychic was called in and he claimed the kids were buried under a warehouse.

Much later, the warehouse was excavated and nothing was found. There are several main suspects: Bevan Spencer von Einem A very strange guy, a sadistic homosexual accountant who is associated with the extremely bizarre Family Murders which occurred much later.

He is in prison after being convicted of the savage murder of a young man. However, Einem only killed boys aged if he did the rest of the Family Murders which he didso the age is wrong. Also, von Einem would have had to kill three kids instop killing for 13 years, then start killing again, but this time kill young men. Von Einem was only 20 years old at the time, so he is the wrong age. However, he was already prematurely grey at age 20, and he was known to die his hair blond. In addition, he was recently identified from an old photo as among a crowd who was watching searchers look for the Beaumont children.

According to a 3rd party, von Einem confessed to killing the Beaumont children and also to the Adelaide Oval abduction. The dam area and reservoir were searched, but nothing was found. But this witness is not very reliable, and psychos are always confessing to crimes that they did not do. Arthur Stanley Brown Yet another one and a very interesting case.

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Inhe was tried for the murder of a young girl, but the case was dismissed because he was too senile to stand trial. Jeff will coordinate with necessary parties on posting information on our next meeting. Next meeting will be at It was an great day of training and many areas were addressed from — SAR set-up and orientation, GPS and map orientation, radio communication, rescue operations from incident command IC to field operations, EMS assessment of patient with field treatment — packaging — and transportation, as well as teamwork with SAR members and other agencies such as search dogs, pilots, law enforcement and others were addressed.

bray and slaughter meet the team wordpress

After lunch there was a demonstration of rigging for rescue by YPFD team members. Plans are underway to continue this working relationship and training in the future. Ranger with the Boise NF said we can use the area at our transfer station for yard debris and the FS will burn it once a year.

Please no furniture, mattresses, construction debris, metal objects, tires or personnel junk. Please only woody yard debris. When using the pile please be mindful of where you place the debris as it should be contained to a manageable burnable area and kept as clean as possible.

The notification makes the fire officials aware of those who have a planned burn. Seeing smoke can easily raise concerns. When neighbors call in seeing smoke, we can reduce their anxiety by knowing that there was a notification by a property owner.

bray and slaughter meet the team wordpress

This elevates the response to smoke investigations. Contact Fire Chief Jeff at or email j4star gmail.