Chuck todd meet the press obama sept

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chuck todd meet the press obama sept

Chuck Todd is making his debut as moderator of NBC's "Meet the Todd replaces David Gregory as moderator of “Meet the Press,” beginning Sunday, Sept. Todd opened his interview with Obama simply and sharply by. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Richly sourced and deeply aren't many Chuck Todd's gripping, fly-on-the-wall account of Barack Obama's . Prior to taking the helm of Meet the Press in September , Todd served as NBC. Chuck Todd's Meet the Press: still trying too hard to make you care about DC Plus: Obama says he will outline Isis strategy in speech.

I think he felt a debt to the environmental community. So he talked about climate change in his second inaugural speech and is trying to fight for it now.

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Republican leaders have said if the pipeline is not approved by the time the new Congress is seated in January, they will pass legislation to authorize it. Will the President veto it? What do you see coming in the next two years, with Republicans in control of both houses of Congress?

Pure gridlock, or can they make deals? He spent an entire six years in Washington having to protect House Democrats or Senate Democrats, capitulating to them.

chuck todd meet the press obama sept

I think they will be open to more deal-making than people realize on issues like criminal justice reform, taxes, trade. They both attacked the problem immediately: Obama with stimulus spending and Bush by invading Afghanistan. And then they both went a step further. President Bush talked about a pre-emptive strike to prevent another safe haven for terrorists. Obama said health care was an issue of fundamental economic security.

But it created a polarized environment that coloured their entire presidencies. You argue that health care became a policy priority almost by accident.

The idea of it becoming his first-term priority was a throwaway line when his speechwriters realized he was having to speak to an important health care constituency group in And now his legacy is, I think, connected to the success or failure of health care reform for the next decade. Even if the economy recovers but health care is a failure, his presidency will be coloured by his failure—the same way George W. Bush is defined by the Iraq war.

You write that when voting for president, Americans have a tendency to hire the candidate who most possesses the qualities that the previous president lacked: Maybe it means someone who is a little more abrasive, a hands-on manager. Maybe even someone physically different: Obama was a skinny guy with an even-keeled Midwestern temperament, so maybe a heavy-set guy from New Jersey with a more aggressive style.

chuck todd meet the press obama sept

What about a woman? I think Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are more alike than people realize. She is more like Obama temperamentally than like than her husband. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are polar opposites: There is a saying that sometimes you have to climb the greasy pole of politics—and Obama never did that. Politicians who have done that understand it and, in a weird way, love it. What happens when the U.

chuck todd meet the press obama sept

I don't think anybody has any doubt that when the U. We did it with al Qaeda. They could do it with ISIS.

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What happens to Syria then? What happens to that vacuum? That's something the President didn't address last night.

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While the country is clearly horrified over what they saw in those beheadings and they want some action, they want something, I don't know if it's going to be something that is going to be as quick as the country thinks it's going to be. Can that help him with his Republican adversaries on the Hill? I mean look, he's going to get some support for what he wants to do.

He wants some money to train the Syrian opposition. But what does that opposition look like and what is it going to be that it's going to take a long period of time to do this.

chuck todd meet the press obama sept

And that's something that I think that over time you're going to start seeing some on Capitol Hill saying, all right, there is no end date in this. Is it-- is it the type of war that's just never going to end? And once you get rid of ISIS, who comes next? And that's the part of this that, I think the President failed to address last night and something he's going to wish he did.