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disney big hero 6 meet the team page

7) of "Big Hero 6" from Pixar sister studio Disney Animation, we get city of San Fransokyo -- a weird but cool East-meets-West aesthetic. Big Hero 6: The Series is an animated series produced by Disney Television Animation. IMDb page Fred, and no-nonsense Go Go Tomago, whom together form the Big Hero 6 superhero team. Big Hero 6 The Series - Meet the Team. Big Hero 6 is one of my all time favorite Disney Movies. I love everything from the humor to the plot, but the thing I loved most were the.

It is not clear whether Abigail's death was classified and thus not public knowledge. How did the Taiwanese translator manage to translate "Baymax" into "Cup Noodle"?

disney big hero 6 meet the team page

A family-friendly version with the bot fights Hiro is partaking in. Blue and Orange Morality: Baymax's sole motivation is the survival and physical health of his patients, making him hard to work with at first. He becomes much more co-operative when he adds Mental Health to the list and is convinced that helping Hiro will improve his mental health.

He also considers just about everyone he encounters a potential patient, even scanning the Big Bad and determining among other things his blood type during their first encounter.

The secret room Fred discovers in The Stinger. A Boy and His X: It used to be Tadashi with Baymax until he dies during the fire incident. The others' reaction to seeing some of the items in Fred's rec room, notably a Boris Vallejo-esque painting of a hugely muscled Fred riding a dragon-winged sabretooth. If I wasn't just attacked by a guy in a kabuki mask, I think this would be the weirdest thing I've seen today.

The microbots are controlled by a headband neural interface, which Yokai incorporated into his kabuki mask. Hiro, after Tadashi's death. Baymax after being forced to attack Callaghan. The picture of Fred's parents may look familiar to Marvel fans.

disney big hero 6 meet the team page

It shows up again in The Stinger and his dad really is a Stan Lee cameo. Baymax takes a Scotch tape dispenser from a cop's desk while patching himself up. During the credits, Hiro gives the cop a ribbon-wrapped new one.

Played for Laughs during the training montage when Heathcliff does this to Honey. When Hiro meets Professor Callaghan, he clearly idolizes him. Which makes the realization that Callaghan was responsible for Tadashi's death even harder to take.

The others feel the same way, given their shocked expressions. But Not Too Foreign: A rare non-character example with the city of San Fransokyo, a mash-up of California and Japan. When Hiro first meets Baymax, he suggests to Tadashi that Baymax would charge faster if he used supercapacitors instead of a lithium-ion battery.

Later in the movie, Baymax recharges in mere seconds—apparently Tadashi took his brother's advice! At the end of the movie, Hiro hurls himself into the Portal because "someone needs help" despite the possibility of it exploding, just like Tadashi did when he ran into the fire.

Those words come back in the climax. Fred always seems to enjoy doing this and by the climax, Wasabi even joins in with his "Green Blades of Fury".

Disney Big Hero 6 Clip - Meet the Team (GoGo, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Fred)

Hiro does this whenever Baymax attacks, though it's justified because Baymax doesn't know when to attack, so Hiro is giving him instructions on what to do.

Until the climax when Baymax masters the timing and begins calling his own attacks. In the UK release of the movie, the two technicians who detect that something has gone awry with Project Silent Sparrow are voiced by Danisnotonfire and Amazing Phil.

Thanks to Disney's new Hyperion rendering engine, not only does every named character have a unique face, but so does every unnamed character. The team's first encounter with Yokai, before they've built their super-suits, ends with them fleeing in a car with Yokai pursuing. Starts out very comedic, with Fred geeking out and Wasabi insisting on obeying red lights and road rules, but gets more serious and dramatic as it progresses.

Tadashi's advice to "look at things from a different angle" initially helps Hiro figure out what to make to get into a science college. In the final battle, it helps the heroes escape Yokai's clutches when he has each of them cornered. Baymax's medical scanner gets upgraded with a much higher range, so they can use it to locate the Big Bad.

Big Hero 6: The Series

It's what allows him to realize that Abigail Callaghan is still alive inside the Krei portal. Hiro's Megabot in the beginning of the movie, which would inspire him to create the microbots. Now subtract the titular six big heroes, and the mystery villain himself. Now remove the four who are obviously supporting characters or extras. That leaves exactly three characters who could be the villain.

The first guy is Tadashi, would require some extremely out-of-character justification to make him the villain, and he very definitely dies heroically early on. The second guy is Alistair Krei, who is blatantly implied to be a bad guy through the whole movie. The third guy is Professor Callaghan, who exists only to be idolized by the hero and warn him that, no, really, that second guy is REALLY bad, and then he dies as well.

Except his body isn't seen. As a result, he is the ultimate villain. Fred, on the other hand, has no scientific knowledge, but he sure knows how to spin a sign, which becomes useful in the climax.

At the end of the movie, a news story reports "the whole city of San Fransokyo is asking, who are these heroes"? While it is true that except for Fred, none of the other team members completely hide their face, it is Justified in that the team is still so new that they don't stand out from the millions of other people in the city and their various headgear does partially obscure their faces.

The movie's title is the last thing to appear before the credits, following a shot of the team jumping towards the screen and Hiro narrating, "Who are we? Cass is stress eating a doughnut after picking up Tadashi and Hiro from the police station earlier. The movie got a manga adaptation.

Also counts as a Recursive Adaptationsince the film itself is based on a comic book series. After Tadashi shows his lab to Hiro, they stand in front of the building with Hiro asking: How do I get in?

There appears to be no functional difference between Yokai's kabuki mask and the headband Hiro designed for the first batch of microbots.

disney big hero 6 meet the team page

Because of its larger surface area and predominately white color, the mask serves as a bigger target for Yokai's opponents to exploit and seems to be knocked off relatively easily during his first encounter with Big Hero 6. However, it also shields the villain's identity while providing an sinister kabuki face and during Yokai's later encounter at Krei industries it's shown sliding up Iron Man-style suggesting it's been upgraded and not as easily knocked off.

Hiro, still clearly upset with himself for wanting revenge against Callaghan, apologizes to the others for going off the deep end. GoGo surprises everyone by shutting Hiro up with a hug, showing that she forgives him. Cut Lex Luthor a Check: Hiro at the beginning of the movie is using his superior robotics to trounce other bot fighters and grab up the winnings. Tadashi convinces him to put his smarts to use on something productive. This is my opinion so don't flip out on me if your favorite is low on the list.

With that being said, let's begin. Gogo tomago I'm not saying she's a bad character, just not the type of character I like. Her personality didn't interest me, and some of her lines of dialogue just felt really awkward and cheesy. She isn't all bad though, she has a cool power set as well as a decent costume.

When it comes down to it however she's just not a character I like, I don't hate her but I like her tje least out of everyone. Mainly cause alot of her dialogues felt eh, and her Personality wasn't as lovable as some of the other characters. Hiro Never really had much an opinion on Hiro. He's an ok character, but as far as personality goes he's on the lower side of the scale. He does have a personality, just not a very interesting one.

He does have his moments, but out of the entire team he's the most bland member. I only put him ahead of gogo because he is a main focus of the film and I still think he's a bit better then her.

Honey Lemon Every character from here on I like.

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Honey is a cute and easy to love character, and has one of the most unique set of abilities in the film. She has a bubbly, energetic personality that we see alot of in cartoons, but just because it's used often doesn't make it bad. She's still lovable, but there are a couple more characters I found myself enjoying more then her. Fred Fred is kind of a mixed bag.

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Sometimes he's one of the most hilarious characters in the film, other times he's just sort of obnoxious. More often then not he is pretty entertaining, and all his joked land.

disney big hero 6 meet the team page

He's also one of the most charismatic characters on the team, so he has that going.