Dora the explorer meet diego little ducks

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dora the explorer meet diego little ducks

This Pin was discovered by Baby Centre. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest. Dora the Explorer: Meet Diego - 50 min. Dora the Explorer: Super Silly Fiesta Little does Bob know that Duck has gone around and changed all of Farmer. The following is an episode list for the Nickelodeon animated television series Dora the .. For their first mission together, Dora, Boots and Diego must save a baby . On Halloween night, Dora and Boots meet Little Monster and travel with him to .. As Dora is preparing for a dance recital, the Delivery Duck brings her scuba.

Did you know that nobody else in the world is just like you? So what if you look, move, or speak differently from others? The joy of it is that we all do! So what if your hair isn't straight!

  • Meet Diego!
  • Meet Dora’s new cousin Diego
  • Go, Diego, Go!

Be happy to be nappy! No matter who or what we are - big, little, black, white, a boy or a girl - we're all special and unique. This HBO Family special reminds us that it's important to be accepting of all people Harold wants to take a walk in the moonlight so he draws a moon with his purple crayon. Now he is on a fantastic voyage! Harold draws a picture for his room. How will he ever get home? With his purple crayon, Harold takes a trip through an enchanted garden, where he meets a king, an invisible giant witch, and a fairy with one magic wish.

All stories written and illustrated by Crockett Johnson Ages Far Away on a tropical island, an orphaned boy named Tama is "cursed" by his tribe and finds comfort with a fellow outcast: Mahana, a feisty girl shunned for her ragged appearence. When Tama sails off in search if a new life, he promises a tearful Mahana to return for her someday. But Tama's journey leads him to Johnny Lingo, a wealthy trader who makes Tama his apprentice and heir.

Now, as Tama embraces his new life, he must learn that the measure of a man is not in his possessions, but in love, friendship and - in Tama's case - honoring a promise from the past. A Nu'Awlins Jazz Story - 90 min. In this age of hip hop, year-old Labi strives to play the traditional New Orleans music of his father and grandfather, by organizing a brass band of his peers. Join the excitement and suspense as he hurdles one obstacle after another fulfill his dream.

Dora the Explorer - Meet Diego - video dailymotion

From JuJu Films International. Sponge for Hire Includes: Can You Spare a Dime? Missing Identity - Help! SpongeBob has lost his name tag. Krabby Land - Mr. Krabs opens a makeshift playground to lure children and their money to the Krusty Krab.

From Nicckelodeon and Paramount Home Entertainment.

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What year-old Billy Coleman Joseph Ashton wants most in the world is a hunting dog. After two long years of hard work, he saves up enough money to buy a pair of redbone hound pups, and it's love at first sight!

dora the explorer meet diego little ducks

As the inseparable trio chase the wily "ghost raccoon" and confront danger together, Billy learns the meaning of loyalty, courage, and perseverance. When courageous young Neera becomes separated from her family in the desert, she chances upon a wild colt. Diego states that Daisy is home from college in "Go, Diego, Go!

That would make Daisy Daisy appears in three "Dora the Explorer" episodes: In most episodes, Diego hears an animal's moan for help at his rainforest Animal Rescue Center. With help from his friends, gadgets, and viewers at home, he sets out to rescue the animal To save and help the animal. Other characters include Click voiced by Rosie Pereza camera that locates the animal calling for help; Rescue Pack voiced by Keeler Sandhausa messenger bag Diego wears that can transform into any object; and two troublesome spider monkeys named the Bobo Brothers voiced by Jose Zelayawho can be stopped by shouting "Freeze, Bobos!

While they might be compared to Swiper from Dora, they don't cause trouble for Diego on purpose and apologize after doing so.

Dora the Explorer

There are a few recurring animal friends that are normally rescued by Diego in their first appearance but appear later to return the favor and help Diego out.

The most common of these is Linda the Llama voiced by Laura Abreuwho has appeared prominently in four episodes and made a cameo appearance in "Three Little Condors. However, the show takes a lesser approach to this and focuses more on the teaching of various animals.

dora the explorer meet diego little ducks

In each episode of Go, Diego, Go! Whenever a carnivorous predator anacondas is featured on the show, its diet is not mentioned, unlike when herbivores are shown such as marmosets. Notable exceptions to this is when an octopus helping Diego is explicitly shown and discussed eating live crabs the crabs, however, are not anthropomorphised in the same way that other creatures typically are in the serieswhen a baby river dolphin who had tickled Diego in "Diego Saves Baby River Dolphin.

Whenever a featured animal is threatened by a predator, the prey is described as being "afraid" of the predator. An eight-year-old boy who speaks English and Spanish as well as the language of animals and rescues animals in trouble. He introduces himself by singing "I'm the Map". Backpack - The Backpack holds all sorts of cool stuff for Dora to use on her adventures. Like the map the Backpack and talk and sings a short song when he is introduced on the show.

They are a grasshopper, a snail, and a frog. Isa - Isa is an Iguana and is one of Dora's friends. She is a good problem solver and a gardener. Benny - Benny is a blue bull and a friend of Dora's. He lives in a barn and likes to ride in a hot air balloon.

Meet Diego (read aloud)

Tico - Tico is a purple squirrel who helps Dora to teach the viewers words and phrases in Spanish. Tico likes to drive a small yellow car. Fun Facts about Dora the Explorer Go! The show became the number one ranked preschool show almost immediately after it premiered.

Although Dora teaches Spanish in many English speaking countries, she teaches English in most countries throughout the world. The first Spanish word taught on the show was azul, which is the color blue.

dora the explorer meet diego little ducks