How did 2d and murdoc meet the browns

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how did 2d and murdoc meet the browns

Feb 19, For every bottle of booze Murdoc chugged, 2D was sure to have finished . Mr. Tusspot- Matthew, if Murdoc remembered right- had his sleeves .. a filling breakfast consisting of hash browns, sliced ham, scrambled eggs. The Now Now Noodle has been secretly in love with 2D for a while and had She decided to make pancakes, sausages, and hash browns so she took out the . Sep 16, He knew what it had looked like to 2D, and yet strangely he didn't care. Unbeknownst to Murdoc, Noodle woke up just as he was chopping mushrooms and of bacon, 3 hash browns, 2 slices of toast, 3 scrambled eggs, 3 grilled tomatoes, He crossed the room quickly, kneeling to reach under the sofa;.

It saddened her a little to talk about Kenneth without saying his name. He loved the piano. Practiced more than he had to. I had to wrap his fingers with gauze for fourteen days. The moment the gauze was gone, Stu went back to the piano. Rose took them from him and carefully poured them into the pot.

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Unfortunately, talent doesn't sit well with other children. Makes them jealous, it does. Stu didn't have it very easy at school.

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He said my son had been 'crucified' with two poles. One up his shirt, the other along his arms. It was one of the stories 2D talked about over and over when he had nothing else to contribute to an animated conversation. It was a sore point, Murdoc was aware of it, but 2D played it off like it didn't matter. That's how he knew it was a sore point. A more kind-hearted person you will never meet.

She waited patiently as Murdoc learned how to peel and grind garlic. When he was having trouble figuring out how to roll biscuits, Rose placed her cool hands over his. When you press too hard, the dough breaks. The position recalled the way 2D held his hands over the piano. But it was loud enough for Rose to hear. Whereas 2D and Matthew made the place settings, Murdoc and Rose came into the dining room form the kitchen wearing oven mitts. The bassist returned 2D's repressed look with a scowl.

He had to do it quick lest Matthew caught him. Dinner was an uneasy affair. Matthew sat at the head of the table with 2D to his right and his wife to his left.

Murdoc had the bad luck of sitting at the other end of the table, where Matthew could pierce him with his pale, gray eyes whenever he wanted to.

Thankfully, 2D dominated the conversation at the table, relating to his parents their latest gig in London, Demon Days success at the album charts, and the interesting goings-on of Kong Studios.

Murdoc held onto his fork, not sure whether he wanted to use it to gouge Matthew's eyes out for bringing up old shit or to use it to protect himself from being vivisected on the table. After their time alone together, Murdoc couldn't bring himself to hate her for the inquiry.

She mothered him better than either of his real mothers did. Bein' in a band. No time for… love. Always time for a bit of romance.

Best be hurrying up, young man. His band mate caught it and looked away. Suddenly he was staring a large piece of broccoli on his plate.

how did 2d and murdoc meet the browns

Murdoc concentrated on stabbing it and chewing it for the rest of the night. Once dinner ended, 2D helped his mother with the washing dishes, and Murdoc, preferring to avoid contact with patriarch of the family, helped dry.

When all the plates and cutlery were put away into their appropriate places, 2D entertained his family with a few renditions of Chopin on the piano. Rose, ever the model hostess, served spice cookies with mulled wine. The wine did the trick for Murdoc. After sitting in between the Tusspots for no less than an hour, he was finally beginning to let his guard down. However, the wine had the effect of a double-edge sword.

Although Murdoc felt less worried with what 2D's parents thought of him, the wine also started unraveling harsh thoughts. Being here, with the parents whom had cursed Murdoc to a much greater hell than he could ever imagine, brought the bassist back to The memories were all too clear. He was sitting next to his attorney and wearing a threadbare three-piece suit his father handed down to him while cleaning out the estate.

Rose and Matthew were sitting several rows behind him in the gallery. He could not see them, but he could sense the daggers they were staring into his back. His ears did not miss the sound of a much younger Rose sobbing and burying her face into her husband's chest. They had taken the plea. There was no way around it. Murdoc Niccals was guilty of involuntary manslaughter, the destruction of private property, theft, and disturbing the peace. His attorney, Blair Willingham, pointed out, however, that Stuart Tusspot was not physically dead.

It was the only thing they had to lighten the sentence alongside the fact that Murdoc did not leave the scene of the crime. Murdoc's previous record of theft and drug abuse did not help. What did help, surprisingly enough, was the judge himself. Judge Vincent Carmichael, a handsome black man, had lost his wife a week ago. The day before she died, his wife made the strangest request. He was given, instead several years of community service in the form of taking care of Stuart Tusspot and paying the owners of Uncle Norm's Emporium and the Vauxhill Austra for all damages.

This sentence was given on the grounds that, indeed, Stuart was not dead and no further collateral damage occurred. Murdoc stood at the wooden table, mouth hanging wide open. No one in courthouse understood what had happened. Little did Murdoc know that his lucky day in court was Claire's parting gesture. She did not realize her last bit of love for Murdoc would make him take his guilt and swallow it whole. It stirred within his belly for nearly a decade, a dormant ghost ready to manifest itself.

As the bassist watched 2D run his fingers quickly along the black and white keys, he quickly realized how this beautiful young man deserved better. Instead, 2D invited him to his home and made peace for him with his parents. He felt physically ill and haunted.

Finished listening to Frederic Chopin's 'Vals number 7 i ciss-moll,' Rose stood from the sofa, stretched, and bid everyone goodnight. Before climbing up the stairs to the master bedroom with her husband, she kindly directed Murdoc to the guest room- Kenneth's old bedroom- which was located directly across from 2D's.

Carrying what little luggage they had up the stairs, Murdoc dropped his bag on his bed and knocked on 2D's door. Upon entering, he saw the singer already folding some of his clothing into the empty dressers he had not touched in years. He continued settling into his room.

You didn't tell them about Paula. There was a hitch in Murdoc voice that signaled to 2D that he had to watch his step. Closing a drawer and opening another, 2D continued. Said it happened during one of the concerts. Ambushed by fans when I jumped off stage. The giant gap in his smile was hard to miss.

Worried, and jumping to the conclusion the missing teeth were the fault of a certain bassist, Rose immediately called 2D's cell phone. Not wanting to jeopardize the band, 2D thought quickly and covered for Murdoc with the best and most logical excuse he could manufacture.

During that period, 2D still idolized Murdoc beyond good health. His ignorance at the time made lying quite easy. Murdoc slowly shut the door behind him and leaned against the doorframe. There was a nasty look on his face.

It had been two months since 2D had last seen it, and now that it was back, it made the singer wary. He did not like where this was going. The way his touched his temples looked as though he was having a severe headache. I've had enough of getting my ass saved by you, dumb luck, or whatever the fuck it is up there that seems to be having pity on me. He was about to lay his hand on Murdoc's arm, but he pulled away. I don't know how you could spend time with an asshole who put bruises all over you.

For fuck's sake, D.

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Why won't you get mad at me? And who do you got to blame for that? He followed Murdoc's movements along the floor until Murdoc finally faced him.

If I asked for you to say sorry, you would've knocked my bottom teeth out. After a four year hiatus, in which the whereabouts of Noodle are still a widely speculated mystery, Gorillaz return out of the blue for Phase 3.

At some point Russel gets wind of what Murdoc is up to, and is understandably annoyed. He rescues her, ingesting toxic waste and becoming a giant in the process. They journey to Plastic Beach, where they rescue 2D from the whale that guards him, destroy the cyborg Noodle, and appear to settle their differences.

Gorillaz offered a unique way to circumvent these divides: Additionally, the combination of animation and fiction were able to give birth to a completely unrestricted world. Even the early, more crude two-dimensional characters had stories that were rich in detail and imaginative in content, with a dark, subversive sense of humour that became synonymous with the band.

As much as he tried to brush it off and lift his spirits by sleeping with an endless array of girls, the pit still lie in his stomach. He didn't mean to get rid of the girl he cared for, but that would never pass his lips. At the very least he could confess his interest was solely because he had big plans for her future and to make her something of the band and herself; give her the life he never had or something.

His own feelings aside, Murdoc could still remember Destiny's face when she glared at him in the photo studio. It broke what substitute of a heart Murdoc had to have made her scornful.

What do you want from me? I'm willin' to do anyfing for 'er. You two are practically symbiotic. But that's okay; she takes a liking to you too and I appreciate that help," Russel said as though it wasn't obvious. Everyone except for 2D could tell that Destiny liked him simply because she's familiar with him.

However, no one considered it being more than just that… "Really? Really," Russel reiterated with an eye roll. And his reindeer and sled, and bake cookies for him, and decorate the tree, and get presents.

Can't be too hard for the little angel. Murdoc started to snicker. Destiny will hear you! She's up in her room, with my fucking keys anyway!

Not like she's ever gonna come out just cause I'm yellin'! He glared and whipped his hand away. I'll handle that part. You and 2D just need to keep her clueless, got it? After the quick meeting of the three Secret Santas, they jumped into action. Russel immediately went to work on building the sleigh in the darkest corner of the garage. All the materials for such a project were scavenged from other unused cars and all the mechanic drummer had to do was modify a red car that he felt similar to the infamous sleigh and make it light enough to put on the roof on Christmas night.

Then he would start constructing electronic reindeer and make them life-like what will later lead to his hobby in taxidermy so that they could fool Destiny's brilliant mind. It was a task best left to Russel because of his history with building the geep. Next was 2D who was the distraction department of the whole operation.

He went straight to Noodle who was put in charge of making the costume for "Santa Claus. After much coaxing from 2D, she reluctantly agreed and cut a pattern from curtains in her room. Then, 2D left her to work and he went to find a room with good access to the ventilation system so that he could build a mantel-prop around it to look like a chimney.

how did 2d and murdoc meet the browns

Then he would drag the tree that Russel and Murdoc got that day into the room. He was so excited about the whole project he could barely wait to see the happiness on "his Love's" face. Finally, Murdoc- obviously wanting as little work as possible in this whole affair- was the first to find Destiny and keep her away from 2D's room so that Russel could work in the connecting garage. He also wanted to get his damn keys back, so it was good for him to find her first and keep an eye on her…at least, until he got his keys back.

Murdoc found Destiny in her room and she- obviously- wanted to go find 2D and ask him about Christmas carols that she wants to play on the piano for Santa on Christmas morning. Say, why don't you put a pin in that for later, bird," Murdoc said politely putting his hand on Destiny's back and led her to the kitchen. It involves hot chocolate, squishy marshmallows, and a splash of something from the top shelf for me.

But why the sudden acts of kindness? Murdoc let out a sigh of relief, not knowing he was holding his breath in the first place. He took Destiny under his arm and guided her closer to the kitchen. To think he ever had worry to believe she'd find out! You're so clever," He quickly said in a sarcastic tone that Destiny didn't hear. Despite all the crap you put me through, you know I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you.

You don't have to give me a song and dance in order to get something good. I have something in mind already anyway. I can even get it with the sorry chump change you excuse for an allowance that you give me. Murdoc found her dedication to the holiday both amusingly sad, and a bit touching. While he was rolling his eyes at everything she said about 'presents,' or 'love,' or 'humanity,' his black, gooey, infested heart had just a glimmer of red and green. Making Destiny happy was all the Christmas gift he would need, but something under the tree was a good bonus.

Hey, Destiny is cute and hopeless, after all. As the two entered the kitchen, Murdoc's face twisted into horror as he found Noodle sitting at the table. Destiny quickly saw her, too. She quickly gathered all her supplies and glided over the clump of bodies in the doorway, sneakily running down the hall and disappeared in the belly of Kong.

Destiny pushed Murdoc off. Murdoc didn't know what to say. His face-and mind- was blank. He just had to make up an excuse quick!

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Noticing the key ring attached to Destiny's belt loop, he snatched it in his grimy hand and spun it around a finger. Finally got these back! Destiny called after him, "That's it? You were just acting nice to get your keys back?! You know I hate it when you take my stuff! He felt so suave. It's called a bluff! An hour later, Destiny figured out how to make hot chocolate. She then carried two mugs of the brown concoction towards the garage so that she could share it with her best friend, 2D since Noodle disappeared and Russel wasn't in his usual spots.

The garage, however, was where Russel was working in the back, welding red pieces of metal together to construct the sled. Destiny saw the sparks from the torch and started to wonder what it was. I wonder if Murdoc's back there,' she thought. Then an idea came to mind; 'I should give him a piece of my mind! She was just about to jump the shadowy figure when suddenly the sparks stopped and Russel circled around and blocked whatever he was doing with his big belly.

What're you doing back there, I thought you were Murdoc He was expecting Murdoc to help him out and was very much caught off guard when he saw Destiny instead. Like Murdoc, he too had to come up with an on-the-spot excuse. I was gonna go find 2D and ask him if he wants any cocoa…what are you up to?

And why do you have a welding mask on? And why did I see sparks before you came out here? And why are-" "Sh sh sh, Destiny! You know what they say: Curiosity killed the cat! She smiled and felt warm and fuzzy all over again. That's so sweet of you! I mean, I didn't hear anything!

Uh…" Russel then got out all the money from his wallet and shoved it in Destiny's pocket. Why don't you go get 2D and have him take you shopping for Christmas presents? Oh, thank you, Russel! Russel sighed in relief and picked up one of the cups, shaking his head.

It was very chocolaty and sugary, much to Russel's disappointment. He dumped the drink where he stood and went back to work. The doors opened automatically to the mall and Destiny's delighted eyes met with all the presents that lie ahead of her.

Noodle- who was also on the trip- dashed ahead of her as soon as the doors opened and sped to the toy aisle with a loud squeal of joy. Destiny simply giggled to herself and ran ahead after her, turning to go down a different aisle. However 2D stood in the doorway and smirked to himself, stepping in politely after the two ran off. He had his hands tucked away in his orange jacket pockets and listened to his converse squeak against the tile from the slush that dragged in from outside.

I wonder if it's because of the shiny new things on all these shelves. Destiny likes making people happy all the time so its no wonder she's so happy at this time of year. I'm lucky a guy like myself has someone like her. Destiny is- like- the perfect kid, I bet. She's so caring and thoughtful, and pretty and educated, and wonderful.

I'm so happy I got to see her after all these years.

how did 2d and murdoc meet the browns

She hasn't changed a bit since the last time I saw her. Man, I'd do anything for that kid-' We know, ya dullard. Murdoc's comment suddenly rang through 2D's head. He stopped as 2D tried to remember what else Russel said earlier. It's no secret that you and her are close. But that's okay; she takes a liking to you too. With a furrowed brow 2D murmured, "I'm gonna hafta find a really great present for Deaftiny. I want to show 'er just 'ow impor'ant she is.

And clothes, and shoes, and dolls, and clothes and shoes for their dolls. He navigated to the toy section of the mall and found a huge wall of things that weren't close to being perfect for Destiny. He had to find the absolute perfect gift for Destiny so she would know how special she was to him. So for probably forty-five minutes straight, 2D stared at the wall of toys as he let the cogs run in his mind.

Destiny was the first to find him with parcels of her own stacked in her hands. He looked down at her and smiled, "Yes, Love? I think Noodle is done, but she doesn't want me to see the things she has," Destiny said this while rolling her eyes at her friend's stubbornness.

how did 2d and murdoc meet the browns

Have you finished finding your gifts? This gave 2D a chance to really examine her. The former Organ Emporium employee was always fascinated with how cute she was when the six-year old was in the hospital, but it wasn't until now did 2D actually see why; Her nose was small and curved upright, her eyes- which had always been his favorite- were glistening under the cheap florescent lights and sparkled as she laughed, her lips curled in a puffy line across her face when she smiled.

And her hair, uncapped and flowing freely, landed around her face so that it framed the curve of her jaw and covered her ears. The emptiness that he only felt after Paula or Rachel Stevens left him started to become prominently filled. As though Destiny was all that 2D needed to be happy- Wait, what was he thinking? She was eleven years younger than him, after all!

I'm gonna dump these in the car, then all I have to do is buy Russel's present. I'll come help you after, okay? All of a sudden, a wave of anxiety took over him. No…well, what is something Destiny doesn't have? In the glass tables 2D looked for the best gift he could get for Destiny.

As his eyes scanned over the shiny and expensive objects, he smiled; each one appealed to him more than the last.