How did william macy and felicity huffman meet the robinsons

William H. Macy and his wife Felicity Huffman attended the William H Macy & Felicity Huffman rock the red carpet like pros .. Parents have shared their anguish after their daughter Alice Robinson (pictured) took her own .. 'well this is awkward' while Kim insists her sister had to 'rush to a meeting'. "I'm fixing Bill's pants," Felicity Huffman knowingly announces into my William H . Macy is sitting with one foot resting on the other knee, revealing a sliver of Simon's Nick Robinson) with a peculiar heart condition that's triggered when he . Does the fact that you met while acting together take some of the. And maybe we are, and maybe we do.” Referring to a meeting that his wife, actress Felicity Huffman, hosted at their house, Macy continued.

I had a tiny part in Lip Service. Three out of four! But not yet as the lead. Is that something you're both interested in pursing someday? Are there other logistics of what that would need to be? I haven't been offered a lead in a movie in a really, really long time, so, there's that. I'd like to offer you one. You know what we looked at? It's not going to happen. I can see that.

We better get to it, if we're going to carry a movie, I agree with you on that front. There are many pros and cons to where we're at, in terms of media and how many different platforms there are to watch it on, but I do think that one of the good things that's come from the Netflix of it all is there are movies being made with older leads, with different leads, that otherwise would not be made.

We're hearing a lot of stories that we wouldn't have heard otherwise. We're old and different! Older leads, different leads! It's the democratization of movies. Everybody's story can be told now, and some of them are magnificent. I certainly did not mean older or different as an insult. Oh my god, don't even think about it. Why do you think you aren't being offered lead roles now? You're such a fantastic actress. I guess there's just-- Macy: Hold on, you just did the lead in three years of American Crime.

Oh, I meant movies, not TV. Well, we've both been doing TV.

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I couldn't be more pleased to be offered leads in TV. So, I'm pretty happy with where I'm at. Why it hasn't happened for movies?

It's the ebb and flow of the business. What are those discussions like about starring in one of his movies? Do you say, "I'd like to take this role"? Or are you making her audition? Are you making me audition? As Felicity said, it's special when we get to do something together, so we don't want to do it that often. We want to keep it special. This one, I didn't want to act in it. I'm not a fan of acting in something that I'm directing.

I don't know how people do that. I'm in awe of them. To me, I find that too stressful! But we couldn't cast this role and time was running out, so I decided to play Wyatt. Will you do Poppy? I guess we toyed around with it [before] and we both decided, no, let's try to cast that out. I don't want to act in it. I was pretty much instantly sure that it was an excellent decision. And in fact, I was right. I love these scenes.

They're kind of my favorite in the whole movie and I loved shooting them. I could have done these scenes all day. We were rockin' it. We got to rehearse. We were, all four of us [Macy, Huffman and their onscreen sons, played by Robinson and Grant Gustin], exquisitely prepared, and we were tearing it up. Having come out the other end, do you think with future projects you direct, you'll still want to avoid acting in them?

Or now do you think, "I did it. I can do it"? This was successful, this time, so I'm willing to do it. I'm not an easy director.

I find it takes every ounce of energy that I've got, so I'm loathe to take on an acting role, too, is mostly what it is.

But maybe I'll get better at directing and easier about it! As the director's wife, you can always ask for another take. But as the director's wife, you can never ask for another take. How does your established relationship have to shift when you move into the roles of actor-director?

I have to be a lot more obedient and quiet. Do you think that, really? Because as the director's wife, you can always ask for another take. Mmm, I hear you. For my part, I have to be conscious of being kind and being respectful.

Macy are celebrating 21 years of marriage this week and in that time we've seen the famous duo become one of the strongest couples in show business.

Over the last year alone, the two have worked together on film projects and even rebuilt a vacation home that holds deep, sentimental value to Huffman. When you look at the history of their love storyit's clear they were always meant to be. Let's start at the very beginning… Before they fell for one another, they each fell in love with acting.

Felicity credits her mother as being the one who figured out that she wanted to be an actress, before she even realized it herself. Huffman writes on her blogWhat the Flicka Flicka being a childhood nicknamethat her mother enrolled her in a beginning acting class when she was 10 years old.

Huffman says she was hooked and immediately "fell in love with show people and that was it. It set the course for my life". When the two met, Huffman described it as "love at first sight". She tells The Daily Mail that she campaigned for him to date her. The couple dated on and off for 15 years!

Macy proposed to her multiple times before she agreed to marry him. Men's stock when they get married goes up. Women's stock goes down," she said. She also was worried about the statistics of how many marriages end up in divorce.

The couple ended up breaking up for a few years and she tells the Tribute-Review that there was a three-year span where she was in a very dark place.

Even though they were apart, they still each knew the other was The One. Huffman says that about 4 to 5 years after being broken up, Macy asked her to marry him again. The two got married on September 6th,saying, "I do" under a big cottonwood tree in the backyard of her childhood home.

Do you think that, really? Because as the director's wife, you can always ask for another take. Mmm, I hear you. For my part, I have to be conscious of being kind and being respectful. It's real easy in the fog of war to go, "No, just go do the thing! Can't you see I'm directing a movie here! Which I think I told you. I think I said, "OK, that's it! Just do it better! Whether that be projects you're thinking about pursuing or performances.

Felicity Huffman Married William H. Macy (After He Asked A Third Time)

Are you able to be very blunt? My experience is we can be blunt but kind, when it's being made. And, by the way, this is all a work in progress. We've run afoul of it and been brought up short and had big fights about it. But once the finished product is all done, then you have to sit back, other than going, "Y'know, next episode…" That's what's great about television. Bill and I talk about, "What do you want to do next season on Shameless?

What do you want to work on? In the moment, you can't sort of go, "Well, that sucked! Something else that's shifted with us is that I think there's a clear understanding that you're going to act the role, so I think it's easier for me to say, "What about this?

In other words, I think we've both gotten pretty good at not having a dog in the fight. It's just to help each other, whatever we can do to help each other. A lot of it, too, is technical. And we're both fascinated by the technicalities about what makes a joke land? And conversely, why isn't it landing? We both like looking at the minutia of it. What changes do you see in Bill when he's on set as the director? It's sort of like watching someone at war.

He's the general, so he's very focused and everything is riding on his shoulders. So, does it look different? It's a different speed. I've been out of town for all three, so I've spared them a lot of the most anguished nights. I know, you poor thing. You've had to fit directing these last three movies during your Shameless hiatuses-- Huffman: Yeah, he's shot three movies in four years!

It was just crazy. Does it feel like it balances out to you in the end, or having been on the show for so many years, are you starting to itch to have a little more time to pursue other opportunities? Well, doing the three films was a bad choice. I missed a lot. I missed all the vacations. And it tested me too much. I lost my will to live there at a point.

Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy on How to Survive a Movie Together (Exclusive)

I should spread it out. One of the benefits of directing is when I got back to Shameless after shooting Rudderless, I just loved acting like I never had! I thought, "This is so freaking easy! All you gotta do is learn the lines and show up! As a director, you get to see the whole magnificent machine. Even in independent film, there's people who are all pulling in the same direction, which is a miraculous thing, and they're trying to make a piece of art. And they're so odd, people in this business, they're so eccentric-- It's fascinating.

Then with the show ongoing-- There's no end date set for Shameless, correct? No, we start season nine in about three weeks, four weeks. I believe there will be a With potentially two more seasons to go, how are you thinking about approaching your next directing project? What is your next project? We were just talking that. I'm not done yet. I'd like to do something. I think we heard it: A remake of The Thin Man for Netflix? Time's Up was so much at the forefront through awards season.

I think it's gone from an outcry to a movement to a political juggernaut, and I think it's here to stay. I think it's going to change the landscape forever, and I'm thrilled to be alive right now and to see it happening. We have two daughters [Sofia, 17, and Grace, 16] and, by God, I think the world that they will walk into is different than the world I did. Are you still hosting meetings? No, because now it's become an actual thing!

Felicity Huffman Was 'So Scared of Marriage' but It Ended Up Saving Her

We don't even have meetings at people's houses anymore, which, in a way, is kind of sad. Now there are proper meetings in proper offices. There's a team behind it.