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Uh oh, big misunderstanding when Joanie catches Chachi flirting- classic. sexy to prove a point, creepy guy hits on her, Chachi chases him off” stuff) There's a Richie Jr?! *googles Happy Days; realizes how Crazy the plot. chachi. A character in 'Happy Days' was called chachi They flirt all the time and i am worried what they are calling him. . Muchacho means always boy, because the boys worked in the country/factories, but not as maids. The 10 secret signs he's flirting with you: Sex expert reveals how to tell if someone's REALLY into you (and they're not as obvious as you think) This is what most people want to know when they corner me at parties - How do I tell when someone fancies me? Now, pay attention.

And one hell of one, too — old clips, old characters, a marriage, and Howard speaks to the audience.

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One episode has an exchange along the following lines: I shall now determine a punishment that is judicious, reasonable and fair. Although they do tease and occasionally argue, they generally have a very happy marriage. Has Two Thumbs and The trope originally comes from Fonzie: Jenny Piccalo, Joanie's "bad influence", more "experienced" friend who was often mentioned in passing at the dinner table along with "you don't hang out with that Jenny Piccalo!

She was this for many years, before suddenly emerging as a major character after the Retool. It was revealed that the man-hungry girl was more talk than action. He's mentioned a lot but not seen. Clarence, the cook at Arnold's, was also unseen for most of the show's run until finally appearing in a couple season 10 episodes where he was revealed to be a dwarf, played by 4' actor Gary Friedkin.

Speaking of Arnold's, the original pre-Pat Morita Arnold himself was unseen for the first two seasons. The only time he's ever even indicated to be there is when Ralph tries working at the restaurant in a first season episode and drops some dishes, which results in the unseen Arnold yelling " RALPH!

Potsie has a very bad relationship with his dad and if it weren't played for laughs, you'd think he was the victim of some severe emotional abuse.

By "White Christmas," however, Potsie makes it clear he's sick of it. Joanie also seemed to be this in some of the mid-seasons, most likely due to her friendship with Jenny. It was toned down when Joanie and Chachi became a couple. Or, rather, Malt Shop Fire; the season 7 episode "Hot Stuff" has Chachi forgetting to turn of the grill while closing Arnold's for the night and setting the place ablaze.

She does most of the cooking and housework, however, she is not a stereotypical submissive housewife. The famous shark jumping is one to "Fearless Fonzarelli", a two-parter from the third season where Fonzie performed a similar death-defying jump, only on his motorcycle and over garbage cans. I Owe You My Life: Potsie saves Fonzie's life in one episode. All he wants in return is to 'pal around' with the Fonz The Fonz became very dramatic after the second season, but was always slightly dramatic.

One with season eight, when Richie and Ralph left the series; Fonzie was elevated to lead character, and the focus was now shifted over to Joanie Richie's sister and Chachi. When Richie, Potsie and Ralph move out of home to share an apartment, we learn Ralph uses lighter fluid to ignite his cherries jubilee. Locked in a Freezer: The episode "Time Capsule" has Richie and friends get locked in an airtight vault in the basement of Howard's hardware store.

Ron Howard and Don Most bost left the show to pursue other opportunities after Season 7. Several characters were put on the show to fill the presences left behind by several of the show's main actors.

The cast had virtually been turned upside down by the end of the show's run, with so many different transitions and replacements for episodes, that you wouldn't be able to figure out that the original season's main cast members were only Ron Howard, Marion Ross, Anson Williams, and Tom Bosley.

Fonzie dates a lot of women, and often Richie, Potsie and Ralph get crushes on girls. Joanie sometimes gets crushes on boys too. An implied ability for The Fonz. Or, in this case, "Inspiration Point". Arnold's, the most famous television example probably ever. This is The '50safter all- it'd virtually be impossible to not have one here. In the later seasons, the place was made over into an early-'60s coffee house. Minor with Fake I. Fonzie's mom is revealed to be this, though the circumstances aren't quite clear.

One episode is centered around him encountering a woman he believes is his mother. The woman manages to convince him that she's not, but after he leaves, the audience sees she has a picture of Fonzie as a baby. Chachi was brought in to appeal to young girls. Richie is very polite. He has tried to be mean several times, but always failed.

My bike likes Ike! Not Even Bothering with the Accent: Basketball scholarship bound Chuck receives a round, bouncy gift covered in paper. He's worried it might be breakable. Subverted in another episode, where Potsie and Ralph get Richie a hockey stick for Christmas. Richie immediately knows what it is, which surprises Potsie. Only Known by Their Nickname: Everyone calls him "Arnold", however; he jokes that it was easier and cheaper to answer to "Arnold" than to buy the letter signs to rename the Malt Shop "Takahashi's".

And then there's Potsie, whose first name is actually "Warren. Richie, Fonzie, and Howard all consider themselves one in comparison to the others. Our Ghosts Are Different: Fonzie encounters a beautiful one that came with the haunted Chevy. Joanie in a couple of episodes donned in her cheerleader outfit. Fonzie—one right after the other. In one episode, he encounters his father, who never identifies himself directly.

In another, he meets a diner waitress who could be his mother, but it is never made entirely clear if she is. In both instances, we see that leather armor is no guard against heartbreak. Potsie, which is curiously Played for Laughs.

Not as bad as some examples, but his parents seemed overly gleeful to give him money to get away from them; likewise, they dumped him with the Cunninghams to get away from him; and, after his dad said something angrily, Potsie expressed that he was just glad his dad was talking to him again. Howard was the best at this. Marion was no slouch either.

When Richie left, Fonzie became the show's main character. All of the spinoff shows, basically, were introduced with one of these.

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This got more severe as the series progressed, especially with Chachi's obvious '70s hair and bandannas. Fonzie and Ralph in season 2. Joanie in season 3.

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