How to meet the nether dragon in minecraft

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how to meet the nether dragon in minecraft

The Nether Dragon is a Serpentine-Cuboid Dragon encountered during entrance of the Nether. Unlike the Enderdragon, it does not fly often, unless attacked. This Minecraft tutorial explains all about ender dragons with screenshots and If you are having trouble finding an ender dragon, you can summon an ender. The Ender dragon marks the end of the game and killing it means you've pretty much beaten Minecraft. However, it can be difficult to get to the End and find the.

Diving - the dragon will fly rapidly towards the target player's position at the start of the dive, then resume circling whether or not the player was actually hit.

Perching - the dragon flies towards the empty portal approaching from the side opposite the player if possible and lands on the highest block of X: The dragon is immune to arrows in this state; any arrows that hit the dragon will bounce off and be on fire.

If no player is near the portal within 5 seconds, the dragon will charge at a player within blocks.

Ender Dragon

After four consecutive breath attacks, or if it does not find a player within blocks, the dragon will take off and begin circling again. The accumulator is not reset if the dragon does not take enough damage. The purple clouds emitted from the ender dragon's breath attack can be collected in an empty bottle to obtain dragon's breath. Whenever the dragon finds itself less than 10 blocks or greater than blocks to its current target, it will attempt to choose a new target.

When damaged it will target a point just behind itself, causing it to turn away and choose a new target. The dragon is not hostile towards any other entities except the player.

However, other mobs may turn hostile to the ender dragon if struck. This article has come under significant fire in the comments for not being "real". This article, and all other articles on the wiki, are fanmade content. They do not exist outside of this wiki in any way, shape, or form, and that's exactly how we like it. Unlike the Enderdragon, it does not fly often, unless attacked more than 5 times, they stomp around and breathe some fire, occasionally shooting a fire charge.

Without at least a wooden sword, the damage you do will not effect it. All swords harm it, and Diamond and Gold swords are the best to use. Nether Dragons when found and only, found in a far place will close the Overworld Portal, but when defeated, the Overworld Portal appears right next to you If you die by some mobs and sssswsa, you have to fight the Nether Dragon again.

When it's hovering over the portal, it is immune to arrow damage, and you will be forced to use your sword.

how to meet the nether dragon in minecraft

It is recommended to get as many critical hits as possible, because you can inflict more damage this way. It is recommended to drink a strength potion, because the dragon may dive at the portal for each time it circles around the towers, and you will inflict more damage using the strength the potion provides.

You will begin to notice a pattern in the dragon's behavior after a few minutes. It will dive at the portal once for every circle, so you should make sure that you always have the strength from the potions when the dragon perches. Remember the pattern of your attacks, so that you will be efficient for the rest of the battle. The rewards[ edit ] When killed, the dragon will float upwards and disintegrate before your eyes, with bright purple beams of light erupting from its body.

It will then explode and cause a faint sound that gradually fades away into the infinite darkness of the End, leaving almost no trace that it was ever there.

how to meet the nether dragon in minecraft

Four precious rewards will then appear. Experience[ edit ] What the ender dragon looks like a few seconds after being killed. After the dragon dies, a colossal amount of experience orbs will rain from the sky.

How To Hatch a Red Dragon Egg in Minecraft Pocket Edition with Addons (Nether Caster Addon)

These orbs have enough experience to take you from level 0 to level 70, which is worth 12, experience points. Some of the orbs may fall into the portal, so run a few laps around the portal, and then sneak on the rim of the portal to grab some more.

Since it takes progressively more experience to gain a level at higher levels, you will have enough to make over ten level 30 enchantments. You don't have to get enchantments that you will use; you can simply enchant extra equipment to use as a backup set. The best time to enchant extra equipment is as soon as you go back home, in case you die and lose all of the precious levels you have earned.

Dragon egg[ edit ] The second reward is the priceless, one-of-a-kind dragon egg.

how to meet the nether dragon in minecraft

It sits on top of the portal when it first appears. However, it cannot be broken directly, as the egg will teleport if you attempt to do so. Instead, touch the egg once and let it teleport to a block of end stone. If you can't find it, follow the purple teleportation particles.

how to meet the nether dragon in minecraft

To pick up the egg, place a torch two blocks underneath it, and break the end stone block it is sitting on. Since the egg obeys the law of gravity, it will fall onto the torch and break as a collectible item. Alternatively, if you have a piston and a leverplace the piston facing the egg. Place the lever on any block touching the piston, because the piston will extend no matter what block the lever is on.

The egg will still break as a collectible item. To prevent the egg from falling into the portal, cover the portal with blocks. If you use either of these strategies, you will get the dragon egg successfully. It currently has no use other than as a trophy to say that you have defeated the ender dragon, but it can serve as a beautiful decoration or an addition to a trophy room at your base. End gateway portal[ edit ] Perhaps the biggest reward of defeating the ender dragon is the end gateway portalwhich generates after the dragon dies.

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You can only enter it through the use of ender pearls because it is too narrow to walk through. This portal is sometimes considered the only reason to need to fight the dragon, because it gives you access to the End's outer islandswhich is the only place where you can find end citiesshulkerschorus treesthe elytraand the dragon head. Exit portal[ edit ] Since the fight takes place in the End, the most important reward is the exit portalwhich is the only safe way back home.

It appears all the time, but only activates when the dragon is killed.