I want to meet the dalai lama

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i want to meet the dalai lama

While in McLeod Ganj, we heard the news of the visit of the Dalai Lama His Holiness has said multiple times it's up to him what his next life will be, and he may not want to be the Dalai Lama. . I wish I could meet the Dalai lama sometime. In any case, after meeting the Dalai Lama, I told myself that when I grow up, I want to be just like him. Except I want to have hair. And sex. Meeting the Dalai Lama is a lifelong dream for many travellers and certainly for everything you need to know about His Holiness, visit dayline.info

The official website www. Most events in India come free of cost, but it is usually chargeable abroad.

i want to meet the dalai lama

His Holiness never charges for his lectures or discourses. However, when the event is organised by third parties, they charge a minimum entrance fee so that the travel costs are covered.

People can directly get in touch with the organizers for the tickets. So, do check out the event dates and plan your trip accordingly. Request an exclusive appointment You can write to the office of Dalai Lama seeking a direct and exclusive audience with his Holiness.

It can be via: Most people who have met the Dalai Lama were humbled by his simplicity and warmth. If you are meeting His Holiness at an event, he will make it a point to greet you, look into your eyes and acknowledge your presence.

One message that each one is bound to carry back is that all human beings are equal and have to be treated with love and compassion at all times. Dalai Lama Official Website Make travel happen with holiday ideas in your inbox Subscribe Meena Nair A simpleton - who loves to dream, who tries to be true to self in this mystical world of un-realities, who tries to find humor in every wake of life, one for whom words mean everything.

The Tibetan community We squeezed in some sightseeing naturally! Norbulingka Institute, where the art of Tibet thrives Image credit: Warren Noronha The quiet gardens preserve the almost otherworldly peace of old Tibet Image credit: Warren Noronha Tibetan culture lives and breathes within the stone walls of Norbulingka Institute, which is home to a community for Tibetans.

The Dalai Lama, being the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people, hoped that it could actively preserve their centuries-old artistic culture.

The traditional art of Tibet is heavily influenced by Buddhism. The ancient techniques of creating Buddhist art are passed down from teacher to student in their nine workshops, which include traditional painting, creating statues, making appliques, wood carving, weaving, and screen printing. A half-finished painting of a mandala, a geometric circle that represents the universe Each painting can take up to a week to finish.

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Young Tibetan men sit in the workshop for hours to produce the intricate images. They also work their hands at wood carving. The hardest part about working with wood is that a mistake means throwing out the entire piece. With metals, mistakes can still be fixed through welding. Dhanwanthkurup Aside from the serious stuff, during break times we indulged ourselves with classic Tibetan food. How cute is that name!?

i want to meet the dalai lama

These adorable little dumplings can be steamed or fried and are stuffed with either juicy meats or vegetables, cheese, tofu and even potato! Dip these babies in the super spicy but addictive accompanying chilli and you can eat just momos for lunch.

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When I saw the monastery a few days earlier, I was very surprised to see how small its shrine hall was. Other surrounding monasteries had much larger shrine halls; surely the Dalai Lama lived more luxuriously?

Meeting The Dalai Lama - Glastonbury 2015

I even thought that maybe this was just for everyday use, and that there surely was another one for the actual teaching. Hundreds of us squeezed into the hall. Actually, the majority of us had to sit outside the hall, and we took turns to be in the hall with the Dalai Lama. There was great anticipation as everyone waited over an hour for his arrival. Security was very strict and we were not even allowed to bring handphones.

Private Audiences

Christopher I tried to contain my excitement but it exploded when we saw him arrive. Everyone stood up and rushed to the walkway and security held us back. He is already 81 years old and had to be supported by people as he walked.

i want to meet the dalai lama

Still, he looked at us with a cheeky smile. This made us extremely elated. We all waved enthusiastically and he smiled kindly at us and waved back. I appreciated the time he took to acknowledge us.

Then it was time for us to settle for some real teachings.

i want to meet the dalai lama

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