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Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome A high Q-Angle causes the quadriceps to pull on the patella and leads to poor patella tracking. Over time, this may cause knee pain, muscle imbalance, and muscle weakness.

Chondramalacia of the Knee The wearing down of the cartilage on the underside of the patella leads to degeneration of the articular surfaces of the knee. This induces pain underneath the kneecap. An increased Q-Angle appears to be one factor that causes the knee to be less stable and under more stress. Other factors are muscle imbalances, muscle weakneess, and poor flexibility.

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Training can help alleviate much of the problems that females have with their knees. A stronger vastus medialis and back-side lower chain will help protect the knee and increase athletic performance.

Employ quad dominant balancing exercises like Bosu single leg balance. Employ quad dominant strength training exercises such as: Squat Variations, Step-ups, and Lunge Variations.

Incorporate back-side lower chain exercises such as: Incorporate eccentric negative contraction training into your back-side lower chain exercises. The hamstrings will recruit more motor units from an eccentric contraction and get stronger faster. Without their support, the process was likely to grind to a halt. It wanted to implement a single defined contribution DC scheme that would be available to all employees.

Svitzer gets all pension stakeholders on board

No one is ever happy about losing a DB pension plan, and the unions were no different. This group would meet with the pension working group, which consisted of Noakes, company managers and a small number of employee representatives.

The committee met regularly, sometimes weekly, to refine the proposal so the final resolution would be acceptable to all. But this level of benefit was in stark contrast to that of many other employees, who might have access to one of a number of DC schemes with very low contribution levels.

These legacy arrangements were neither generous nor attractive, and although Svitzer wanted to control costs, it also wanted to implement a plan that would benefit all of those who joined it. But it was not all plain sailing, says Noakes. For two or three months, there was an impasse over the move away from DB. There was deadlock over a career average approach or potential risk share, with neither proposal being totally satisfactory to employer or unions.

But both sides kept talking, which resulted in the structure that was implemented last summer. Noakes believes the success of the negotiations was due to the communication being kept open between the various stakeholder groups. And as the employer is no longer obliged to pay retired employees a pension for life, longevity is also no longer an issue. Barriers to joining would be kept as low as possible, and there would be provision for risk benefits such as life cover.

The Isa gives staff the option to save money they can access if and when they need it. There is always the hope that, at some point in the future, they will transfer that money from Isa to pension.

Any additional contributions can go into the pension or the Isa — the choice is theirs. These contributions are based on total earnings, so if employees get overtime, they pay more and receive more.

The way we encourage that is to put cash into the scheme. They have flexibility as to where they invest, but they have that flexibility and the company contribution. Is Noakes still on a recruitment drive?

Auto-enrolment arrives for Svitzer inbut it will not be auto-enrolling staff on its current, generous, contributions scale, but at the statutory minimum.