Letter evidence of the relationship

Proofing a genuine relationship for a K1 Fiance Visa — Marriage Visa Attorney Blog — July 13,

letter evidence of the relationship

How To Write A Letter To Support A Genuine Relationship. 10 tips to proof your relationship is genuine and. 10 tips for writing statements letters – Proof Genuine Relationship Australian Partner Visa. Hi, Having some family and friends provide letters to help prove our are required to provide evidence that we are indeed a genuine couple.

letter evidence of the relationship

Doing this will more than likely secure you a more favourable decision. This is what I have been doing the past 19 years as a registered migration agent. Writing and developing consistent and accurate submissions so that our Filipino applicants are able to travel to Australia and abide by the increasing requirements and conditions that the Minister of Home Affairs is placing on these types of applications. Again, allow me to present it in this manner so you can see and understand what the department is looking for in your narrative in support of a genuine relationship.

Read the Four Factors that the department is looking at when you construct you letter of support. Again, use it to add relevant bits and pieces of information and even attaching evidence to amplify and substantiate your statement about your genuine relationship when you send your letter of support of your relationship to the department. Factor 1 - Financial aspects of the relationship The financial aspects of the relationship may be evidenced by: Joint loan agreements for real estate, cars, major house hold appliances or any other agreements relating to finances or purchases for example, property purchased by the parties as tenants in common Operation of joint bank accounts - evidence that the accounts have been operated with reasonable frequency and for a reasonable period of time would be given more weight than just opening such accounts Pooling of financial resources, especially in relation to major financial commitments Legally binding financial obligations that one party owes to the other, for example, as guarantor for a loan, existing power of attorney these can be specified to cover various things, such as financial and medical The basis of sharing day to day household expenses for example, if each party is responsible financially for their own expenses only and expenses are not pooled.

Factor 2 - The nature of the household The nature of the household may be evidenced by: Joint ownership of residential property Joint residential leases Joint utilities accounts electricity, gas, telephone Correspondence addressed to either or both parties at the same address Shared responsibility for care and support of children Shared responsibility for housework.

Factor 3 - Social aspects of the relationship Social aspects may be evidenced by: Statements of parents, family members, relatives, friends and other interested parties.

Statements in the form of statutory declarations should be encouraged on the basis that, as a legal document, they carry more weight. Joint membership of organisations or groups, documentary evidence of joint participation in sporting, cultural, social or other activities.

Joint travel and plans for the future. Whether the parties present themselves as a couple socially. How, when and where did you first meet each other? Try to write the exact date, time and place you first met each other. What were the circumstances? Where you at a party?

Proofing a genuine relationship for a K1 Fiance Visa

Did you know each other from work? Simply tell your own story in a few sentences here.

letter evidence of the relationship

I met my partner in at a Christmas party we were both invited to. We were introduced to each other through a common friend name of friend and how you both know the friend.

letter evidence of the relationship

We started talking and exchanged numbers. After the Christmas party we stayed in touch through phone calls, messages and facebook. Here you can mention the places you went to, what you like doing together. This can include cooking together, taking long walks, going to the gym together etc.

How To Write A Letter To Support A Genuine Relationship

We stayed at a number of different hotels write down the hotel names if you can remember. While in the US, we went to a baseball game see if you can find the tickets to the game, showing seats next to each other. In Spain we went to …. Was there an incident that brought you closer as a couple? When did you first move in together? How did you decide on that? Have you made any big purchases together applianced, car, insurance etc.

10 Examples: How to write a relationship statement for your Partner Visa

This part might be longer than the others for some couples. It all depends on your own story and the longer you have been together, the more likely it is that you have shared many experiences together. Nature of the Household: Who does the dishes? This part is probably the toughest to prove with evidence, so explaining in your statements how you run your household can be a crucial factor. XXX is usually the one to do the dishes while I am in charge of vacuum cleaning.

Details of any shared financial and other responsibilities you both took on. Grocery shops, gyms, clubs shared accounts in any form can be useful etc. Provide proof such as bills addressed to both of youbank account details, maybe emails to your real estate agents or bank.

We go grocery shopping on a regular basis and we use our joint bank account to pay for those bills and other utilities such as gas and electricity bills. We both like to go to the gym and do so together regularly. After activities we enjoy doing together is just having a nice dinner and watching a good movie in our living room.