Madea meet the browns quotes about death

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madea meet the browns quotes about death

The stage version of the film Meet the Browns. Tyler Perry's Meet The Browns Quotes. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Tyler Perry's Meet The Browns Quotes. No quotes approved yet for Tyler Perry's Meet The Browns. Logged in users can submit quotes. ×Close. With Tamela J. Mann, Angela Bassett, Tyler Perry, David Mann. Sturgis at an event for Meet the Browns () Tyler Perry in Meet the Browns () Eva Marcille and .. Quotes. Brenda Brown: I can pay you back now for all you did for us.

The final two episodes aired on November 18,concluding the series with episodes in total. Cast and characters[ edit ] Main characters[ edit ] The show revolves around the misadventures of the multi-generational Brown family. They live in suburban Atlanta, Georgia. All main cast members are credited only for the episodes in which they appear.

David Mann as Leroy S. The show's main protagonistMr. Brown is a church deacon who's very proud about being saved. He has one brother, Larry "L. He was married years ago, but his wife died; in the original Tyler Perry plays, they had a daughter, but the character was never mentioned in the films and only shown in the play "Madea's Family Reunion".

Brown isn't overbright mentally, that is; the word more aptly describes his outrageous dress sense and he has the wiseguy role, making fun of characters like Edna and Reggie; but he is a nice, caring, giving man. He works part-time as a hospital janitor and also as a school enforcement officer he once beat up a teacher he thought had done something wrong. He is somewhat good at karate, busting out his "Kangaroo" move. His catchphrases include "Stop being nasty! In one episode Brown begins to deal with his diabetes.

Although he has used many variations to what the middle initial "S" is in his name, in one episode it is revealed his middle name is Sakagawea pronounced sah-kuh-jeh-wee-uh. However, this is not in the same continuity as the series. Cora Simmons is Brown's daughter with Madea.

She is a teacher and a praying woman who is very active in her church, but when angered, she shows aspects of her mother, Madea. A childless widow, she later becomes engaged to Reggie Brooks, the football coach at her school who lives with his mother, Thelma In the play and movie, Cora had 2 adult daughters.

Her age is never flat-out revealed in the series; she comes closest to blurting it out in "Meet the Big Wedding" "Mr. Brown, I am" [covers mouth] "years old! In the TV series' continuity, Cora has known for many years that Mr. Brown is her father, and he often references raising and being there for her; in the Madea's Big Happy Family movie, Madea claims that Mr.

It was also discovered that Cora may not be Brown's daughter after appearing on Mauryin the episode "Meet the Baby Daddy", a man claimed to be Cora's father but it was revealed that Mr. Brown was Cora's father after all. Will is Brown's nephew, a doctor who loves his uncle so much that he provides free medical services to the retirement-home residents.

He and his wife Sasha have become adoptive parents to Brianna and Joaquin Ortiz. Will never met his father; Vera, his alcoholic mother, met his father while she was drunk.

Sasha, Will's wife, is a nurse who decides to work for Brown helping to look after the retirement-home residents. Sasha and Will start their family by adopting Brianna and Joaquin Ortiz. In one episode Sasha becomes pregnant, then miscarries. She is also very good at giving advice. Tony Vaughn as Colonel Cleophus Jackson: The Colonel is a former military man who still lives as if he's in the military.

His motto is "Shoot now, ask questions later. His wife died several years ago and he's estranged from their only child, daughter Karen. He takes up with Edna Barnes; in Season 3 they moved out of Brown Meadows to a house down the street. He finally weds Edna in Season 5.

Most of her close friends and relatives have passed. She's extremely in touch with her sexuality—she can relate everything to sex—and acts like "late 60s" is the new A running gag involves Brown comparing Edna to various animals.

She finally weds the Colonel in Season 5. In the series pilot she had a crush on Brown, telling him to come in his bed with her plus showing him her full body naked. Brianna is a foster child who comes from a broken home and an unsafe foster environment.

What you looking at? It just needs a little work. This house don't need no little nothing. Can we please get out of here? I'm not trying to miss the bus. Could you just give me a minute?

Meet the Browns

Let me ask you something. What do you think about Harry coaching you? Oh, he cool with it. You know, I really wish you weren't leaving. Well, gotta get back to my life.

madea meet the browns quotes about death

Brenda, you leaving me so soon? Yeah, we got to be heading back. Okay, well, look, here's my number. I want you to keep in touch, okay? It's from me and Sarah. We wanted to bless you with something. You have to take it.

We wanted to bless you with it. It's just a little something. Ain't no telling when I'd be able to pay y'all back. Oh, honey, don't worry about that. If some of these fathers don't take care of these babies, then us single mothers have to stick together. This is the nicest thing that anybody's ever done for me. Well, maybe you need to change your friends. Stop it, calm down. Hey, don't you wanna hear about my trip, huh?

Did he leave you anything at least? You can't live in it. Compared to that, we live in a palace. Brenda, don't be selfish. Let's move to Georgia so I can find me one of those big old Jethro-looking papis so I can cucuchanga. Girl, you know what? I think I might have met somebody - who'd be just your style. What you doing here? I've been thinking about what you said, and I'm gonna help you out. So can I come in, please? Damn, girl, this how you live? You gonna give me some money or not?

What you gonna give me, huh? I ain't gonna give you nothing. You oughta wanna do the right thing and take care of your son. Damn, Brenda, do it. You need this money, don't you, right? So come on, baby, where's the bedroom? I don't sleep with men for money.

Well, your mama used to, didn't she? I ain't my mama. Get the hell out of my house!

madea meet the browns quotes about death

You all ain't getting nothing. I don't care if both of y'all starve to death. You would do that to your own son? I told you when you was pregnant I didn't give a damn about you or the boy. Mama, why you begging like this? No no, he ain't gotta help us. No, I know how to make some things happen on my own. You don't need to beg this motherf He's still your father. Look, if you ain't man enough to help us, I know how to make some things happen on my own.

Where are you going? That boy ain't my responsibility. It isn't my problem. Can I come in? Yeah yeah, come on in. I thought you were Michael. Did you tell him about the practice sessions I set up for him? You're just the man I need to see.

You can't win a game with your shoes falling off, dawg. I got money on this game, dawg. I need you on your "A. Hey, man, you hanging tonight? Yeah, show me what I gotta do. Who is this fool? Dude, what are you doing here? Your mother's looking for you. You got some nerve coming around here. I know you're about to make a stupid mistake. Harry, you don't know nothing about my life.

You don't know what we're up against. It doesn't matter what you're up against. You could make a stupid mistake and have everything in the world going for you. I was in the league. Lost everything, including my wife and kids. I made mistakes I'm still paying for today. I know a few things about going down the wrong road. And this is the wrong road. We're supposed to practice tomorrow at 3: If you show up, then I'll know you're as smart as I think you are. I'm gonna be here for two days.

Where you been all night, huh? I was with Calvin. Okay, so you're a man now. You gonna sell dope, huh? Now you think that makes you a man? We ain't got nothing. You talk about God making a way. Mama, I'm not trying to die to get to heaven. I want mine here on earth. Then you know what?

Tyler Perry's Meet The Browns () - Rotten Tomatoes

You gonna have to get out of my house then, huh? You think you're grown? Mama, where am I gonna go? I don't wanna hear it. I done my best by you. Who's gonna help you with Lena and Tosha? Don't you even worry about that, okay? You just get out. No child of mine is gonna sell dope, you hear me? I ain't sitting up in here waiting to hear that you done got killed. No, Mama, I'm not going. No, if I go, I'm a coward just like my dad. I'm not gonna leave you like them other dudes.

Mama, I'm just tired of seeing you hurt and struggling. We gonna be all right. I love you, baby. All right, let's go.

On the whistle, chest passes. Passer makes the shooter. Pass it like you want him to shoot the ball. It's good to see you. I won six large on you tonight.

You play with heart, son. Look, man, that's what I came to tell you. Calvin, I can't do this. Here, this is all the money. It's your cut and mine. You ain't got this in you, man. You go on now. You go play basketball. I'm gonna be a hood rat. That's all I'll ever be. Calvin, you can be whatever you want to be. Yo, son, you think you can just sell on my turf? I wish he was playing in my gym. What about your house?

What you gonna do with it? Let it do what it's been doing for the last whatever years. Oh, man, that's good. I don't even eat pork, and that's good. Brenda, I like talking to you. But this is about helping my son, right?

What if I also enjoy spending as much time with you - as I do coaching your son? I ain't going down that road, okay? It ain't so bad, is it? You'd rather live here than in your own house? Well, I know this. I don't know nothing about Georgia.

So it's friends keeping you here. If I could live here, I ain't afraid of nothing. We have to go to the hospital. I never had much of a mother, so I was determined to be the best that I could. When he was young, I gave him to the Lord. I said, "Lord, protect my baby.

Watch him for me. I can't feed him. I can't give him what he need. There are nights when I go to bed hungry 'cause I know they didn't get enough to eat all day. You know, I just Why did I do this to them? You know, I can't even keep 'em out of harm's way. Hey hey hey hey. You've done more than most. I know you have to go. No, I'm not going anywhere unless you want me to go. I'm here with you. Hey, Brenda, what's up with all these emergency phone calls?

But I ain't paying for no funeral. I gotta go to work. That's what you make? Can I buy an hour of your time to spend with your son? Don't you call my house again. You're pissing off my wife. Now we managed to get the bullet and stop the bleeding.

It's a miracle that it missed his vital organs. Is he gonna be okay? Yes, he's gonna be fine. I need to see him. Well, he's in recovery right now, but he'll be in I. Thank you, thank you. This life can make me so confused But it's all right Living day by day, I feel so used That ain't right I just want to run and hide But I don't have the time to cry It's all right It's all right, all right Many thoughts are runnin' through my head It's all right Wishing to be somewhere else but here And it's all right I can't wait to see your face I need a smile and your embrace I'm all right I'm all right, yeah Life can bring us through any changes It's all right - Never give up - Just don't give up Know that it's gonna be all right - People come and they go - They go It's just the way that it goes Everything is everything It's all right Sometime the rain It makes me sad and it's all right Some things in the world they make me mad And it's all right In the morning when I see the sun I know I'm not the only one And it's all right It's all right I can't believe you're leaving.

I know, but you're welcome to come. I don't think so. I'll come visit or something, but no. And anyways, look at that. You're in very good hands. I know, I can't even believe he stayed as long as he did. Ay, you know I don't like half the men you've dated, but this one I like him a lot.

madea meet the browns quotes about death

Uh, we ain't dating. Yeah, call it whatever you want. You might not be dating him, - but he's definitely dating you. Hey, beautiful, you mess with my girl, I come down there and I get you What are you doing with that bag? Everything is everything - It's gonna be - All right Life can bring us through many changes It's all right I can't believe this.

Don't y'all just stand there. Come on in this house! Oh, Harry told us what happened. Y'all come on in. Mama, I got my own room! Oh, God, thank you. How did you afford to do all of this? Well, I pitched in most of the money. No, we had a fundraiser at the church.

Always go up strong. You know, I think that Harry's a nice man. And I think he likes you. Where do these two lovebirds go? Come on, I'll show you. What are you talking about? Honey, are you that naive?

Meet The Browns

You haven't noticed all that attention he been giving that boy? What are you trying to say, Vera? Oh, not like that. He's being so nice to her because her son is a gold mine. He's trying to get in so he can get that boy to go pro so he can get some of them perks This is an investment. She better watch out. Why else would a man be this nice to a woman with three Well, you know, Vera, there are some good men in this world.

And Harry happens to be one of them. Why you think he got kicked out of the league? Don't sit there acting like y'all don't know this boy got a gambling problem. Well, I called it like I see it and smell it! Well, you're always smelling up some mess. Do your negative smelling somewhere else 'cause you're always smelling up a mess. I'm in the kitchen! Your mama done went crazy! Cora, you slapped your daddy?

I oughta whup your butt. A routine traffic stop turned into one of the largest and most bizarre and shocking police pursuits that we have ever seen. This old woman is driving like she has a lot to lose. Who could this be calling me right now? How you doing, baby? Madea, please tell me that's not you. Yeah, it's me, honey. Madea, why don't you just pull over?

Hold on, I'm gonna put you on speakerphone. Oh, Lordy, there's helicopters and everything now. I'm going all the way this time.

Madea, please pull the car over. They ain't gonna get me! I'm gonna be on "Cops. I love you, honey. Please just pull over. I can't pull over, Cora. I'm running out of gas. I might have to stop. If it's any "constipation," I love you. I always have and I always will. I love you, honey, please Yeah, I love you too. Harry took me to his lawyer to sign a contract with him. Yeah, I sent some footage to a pro scout. I don't know how the word got out, but next thing I know, there's bunch of agents at the gym pressuring Mike.

You know, I had him sign something Michael, why don't you go check on your sisters, - make sure they wash up? You been awful quiet the last few days. Harry, can I ask you something? What's in this for you? He's a talented kid. I don't like you spending all this time with him. And I don't understand why you're sending footage to pro scouts. What's in it for you? I mean, if he gets a million-dollar contract, you think you gonna get your cut?

Is this some kinda game to you? Whoa whoa whoa, hold on. Where is this coming from? What, have that many men hurt you that you can't trust one? This ain't about me, all right? This is about you. Now, how much gambling debt are you in? You didn't think I'd hear about that? Is that what you think of me? Should that be what I think of you? I paid all of my gambling debts. I don't owe anybody anything. Pull your car over to the side.

Go bail your mama out. It's for back child support. I owe it to ya. And there it is. But it still has gone down as one of the longest police pursuits in history. They gonna send "helichoppers" and all these police cars for a little old woman. I'm getting out of the car. They gonna lock your ass up. I ain't got no weapon. I ain't never do nothing wrong. All of this for me, huh? What the hell you got me surrounded for?

She got a gun! Get out of your vehicle with your hands up. Put your hands on the car, ma'am. I ain't finna put my hands on the car 'cause my hands is hurtin'. Put your hands on the car now. That's six more years. Get her off me! You giving me a mammogram! Hell, you ain't going Get in the car, ma'am. Get in the car. How may I help you? I'm looking for Brenda and Michael Brown. How'd you get my address?

I sent your son's tape to two professional teams. And they were very impressed. I've already got two teams that are interested in signing him right now. And I can make a really good deal for your son. So what do you want to do? What do you think? So what about college? We'll have you take college courses, - even help you get a degree.

Um, he signed a contract with someone to be his manager. Does that person have any legal grounds to any of his money? That contract didn't ask for money.

It was more of a guidance thing. He wasn't even trying to get paid. I guess with all of his knowledge of this business, he just didn't want him to be taken advantage of. Listen, Miss Brown, I'll be in touch in a week, okay? And you, young man, - you get ready. We'd like to say that the Thunderhawks are very happy to have him onboard. A million dollars is a lot of money Hey, son, how you doing? Look, son, can I holler at you a minute? When you had the chance to be in my life, you didn't want no part of me.

You should have thought about all this before. Hey, now, come on.

Don't be like that. I don't know why you here, man. What position is he going to play? Coach, what do you think Mike's gonna do with all the money? Why don't we let Mike answer that question? In an attempt to make money to help his mother's situation, he turns to his friend Calvin who is a drug dealer.

Harry sees Mike Jr selling drugs and counsels him. While Harry and Brenda go on a date, Mike Jr tells his friend that he no longer wants to take part in illegal activities and he is shot. This leads to a further breakdown in the relationship between Brenda and her ex.

Harry reaches out to the Browns to ask for help in getting her father's old place for her and her kids. They renovate the home and surprise Brenda. Despite this gesture, Brenda's insecurities and family gossip lead to her having doubts about Harry's motives and they split up. A league representative comes to visit Brenda and Mike Jr and offers him a million dollar contract. She finds out that it was Harry who referred Mike Jr to the league.

On signing day, Mike Sr.